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  1. Happy birthday! I love your banner, it gives me a real sense of wonder.

  2. I see a way around this. It's that Devotary is lying. At this point I think you, Devotary, and probably Karnage are all evil and if you can get me killed, the game is probably all but over. I don't see why Devotary would make something up like this otherwise, as now as soon as I die you'll pile on them. My guess would be Devotary is about to become Master and they have at least a Bodyguard so they're not worried about becoming a target. Just in case though, Devotary Devotary. I know my defense is probably weak since I haven't done anything concrete in thread to clear myself, but isn't this a little too perfect? Devotary plum bob's Bard and gets the very player who was just attacked by a villager(I'm fairly certain it was a villager)? It's an easy way to set that players mind at ease about attacking me and getting them to do it again. Also the fact that Devotary only got one Skindancer name? At his rank he'd have to have been very unlucky to only get one or two questions off before Bard went into a rage. And the fact that neither Experience or Karnage will reveal their fields at this point in the game just screams that the Skindancers really don't care how they look in thread because the game is almost over.
  3. While not too unexpected, have to say I am disappointed if it was a villager who attacked me(and it seems like it was unless the elims have Naming they haven't used until this point). I feel like Karnage or Experience were better targets, but I guess I'm biased. As far as how I survived, I think that's probably not a good idea to share with the thread. Well I am a Master now, so I get to choose who to pickpocket instead of pickpocketing only those who target me. So I didn't end up pickpocketing my attacker. Anyways, I'm back at home! If I'm still alive next round, I'll purchase an Assassin and let the thread choose the target to sort of set up a 2nd lynch that can also hit Masters. I think that's the most useful thing I can do for now.
  4. Yeah, a bit of it. Got a decent chunk right now, but I thought I'd wait until I had a better grip of the game before I tried assassining or passing out protection. Not sure what the prices are right now, although Burnt told me Bodyguards are like...120 Talents??? So no chance of that.
  5. Actually because I'm a Noble. I thought I'd go for the richest player award. LG18 I was super powered Master Archivist with 2 Names, so I thought I'd play a bit more passively this time around so I'd be less stressed out about using my abilities effectively. >>
  6. Ok, so very cool. I'm master! Wasn't positive I'd actually get it. I guess I can reveal. Master Arithmetician, at your service. I'd like to offer free hugs. You'll come away feeling lighter afterwards, freed from your burdens of this material plane. Uh, votes. I know I'm not in a position of trust, but I want to still do what I can. I think Burnt and Araris are as close to being cleared as we're gonna get for now, so no voting on them. Karnage and Experience are masters, so it's pointless. That leaves...Devotary, Elandera, Fura, Elkanah, um, anyone else? I don't know. I'll focus on those. Devotary, voted on by Hael. Otherwise, idk, hasn't said much AI stuff that I can think of. Elandera, is there any reason to trust them? I remember they posted a lot of what Walin and Hael said, but their conclusions based off of that were that me and Fura are evil I think, and now they're casting doubt on Burnt who I think is most likely village. I would definitely lynch Elandera based off of these things. Fura, very active, apparently would rather be expelled than roleblocked is what I remember. hard for me to go back and check a lot of interactions since I don't have much time, but is there any solid reason to trust them? Like, voting patterns and the like? Anyways, last is Elkanah, who I don't really know much about. Protected Xino apparently? But then Xino went insane from making a Gram? I think that's a good point in his favor though, and since no one has counterclaimed him, sounds like the truth. My top targets would be Elandera, Karnage, Experience, Fura, and then Devotary. And so: Elandera Elandera If I missed something about Elandera, @ me and I should have time tomorrow to reconsider. Or if we want to try and stall and not have a lynch or something, I can remove them, but that seems dangerous with how low the amount of attending players are left. And that's all from me y'all. Thankfully I'ma be back home tomorrow evening, so if I'm still around, I hope I can be a much bigger force in the thread in terms of analysis and breaking down our win cons.
  7. Eh, I don't think it's rude. Sometimes life gets busy but that doesn't mean I think the game should stop for me. I'm still around, just can't do any big walls of analysis. I'm certainly not on the streets. Fura or Karnage then. I'm certainly not voting on myself. I said I'd vote on the top target, which seems to be Karnage, so I'll stick to my word. I think I'd prefer that anyways, because I've really only let my gut decide about him, whereas I swear I had legitimate logic for why I read Fura as village. Karnage Karnage Let's see if this works
  8. So yeah, I'm pretty dead ( irl :P) I wanna post stuff, but also it's a pain on my phone and I don't have my notes with me. Feel like I have a lot of things to say but can't latch on to one specific thing. Not sure how busy I'll be tomorrow, but if anyone @ me I probably can find time to answer them so I can contribute that way I guess. I would also appreciate vote tallies throughout as I'm only skimming. I think Karnage and fura have votes? I don't like fura last minute voting me(like, c'mon guys can we chill) and if Hael was hoping for mastery maybe furas vote on him would have been meaningless? I was thinking there was something else villageish about Fura though, but now I can't remember. Karnage has felt village to me, but also new player so who knows at this point. I'd take you up on your offer to pm you but on my phone I just can't be bothered to do anything like that. I believe Hael voted Devotary last round so that's probably not a good option. Doubt he'd risk Devotary getting expelled at this point. IDK then. I'll probably just vote on top target tomorrow. I think that's the best I can muster. My brain is signing off now.
  9. Just can't post right now sorry peeps. Still helping my parents move, otherwise I'd be all up in this as this is when things get fun. Just have been very busy last few days. I don't know if I should vote, but if consensus agrees somewhere I could pile on someone to help. I may have some time to look at posts tonight, but I also might collapse in bed lol.
  10. Ok, not much time. I kinda feel like kynedath is a wasted lynch at this point. I said I'd lynch Devotary before, so I'll put my votes where my mouth is. Um, mobile voting...GMs might I ask your mercy and let you imagine these words are colored correctly. Kynedath(green) kynedath(green) Devotary(red)devotary(red)
  11. They'd finally done it. Leo didn't know who, but someone had finally revealed a Skindancer. Strangely enough, this actually made Leo feel a little better. I'd been starting to worry it was all some strange plot to make us all paranoid, but now that we've actually found one, I feel much more resolve to find any more there might be. At the very least I feel less guilty about all of the finger pointing going around lately. Leo finished his breakfast and made his way to class with a bit extra pep in his steps. I'll still need to be careful. It's unlikely one Skindancer could have caused all of this. No, I need to take a look at my fellow Students that much closer now. Hadn't Lin Wa recently been appointed Master? It seems the list of people to trust in the University just got much shorter. With that in mind, Leo didn't even bother to pretend he wasn't watching everyone very closely. At the end of the day though, he felt frustrated. I don't know enough about these people to be able to tell if they're acting strangely or not. Looks like I'll have to get closer to them in order to catch them slip up. So yes, well done! Unfortunate all 3 of the others with votes were expelled, but hopefully at least one is a Skindancer? If so, we may have just taken out 2 of them, which would be huge. It at least starts narrowing things down a good deal. Such as we'll know someone still attending the University sent in the sabotage if it hits someone also still attending. Here's the list of attending students left: That's 15 total. So just over half of what we started with. With the sabotage apparently hitting Xino, I'm even more inclined to trust he's village. Other than that, whoever killed Walin. I suppose one of the expelled could have been the one? That would be really unfortunate. Regardless, things are really heating up. At this point, not sure who I want to lynch. I think we should maybe be careful about mass expulsions though? I mean, it was unlucky how it happened this time with Zillah dying on the streets, but still. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make any sort of big reads list post any time soon. I'm going to help my parents move over the next few days, so my activity will be a bit lower than usual, and my posts will probably be a lot shorter as well as I'll likely only ever be on my phone during that time. Ninja'd...Elandera, I honestly didn't remember much of what Walin had posted, so him becoming Master was the first time he really became any kind of focus of mine, which is why I didn't have any sort of read on him. I'm not sure I agree with your suspicion of Fura either. I think I agree more with Araris' assessment that Walin wasn't actually trying to be misleading about his reads. I realize you suspect me and Fura so this might not help, but hey, that's how it be. I like the initiative to give links to everything about Walin though. I also think Rover's Plum Bob idea could be interesting. Not sure what kind of info that can actually give, but worth looking into I think. If there are any high level village Alchemists that is. At this point I would think there'd be at least one though. Anyways, I should probably put a vote or two down. I'd be down for a lynch on Kynedath again, although they've been pretty inactive so I don't know how useful it would be. I'll go ahead and drop them on him, but I'll try to do some reviewing and see if I find anyone that seems like a better target. Kynedath Kynedath
  12. "Oh, Cadici, it's you," Leo shuffled his feet uncomfortably. "Right, sorry about that, it's just that, well...no offense, but it's not too common for Ruh to attend the University. Not to mention all of the skipping classes and such. Just seemed to me to be a peculiarity, and in these times peculiarity makes folks, me included, a bit on edge. I do apologize if I'm leaping to conclusions here, but hopefully the Master's will know whether to listen to me or not. I'm sure they'll have a better idea of what to think about your activities lately. Uh, anyways, where am I headed you asked? I've actually just come from the Rhetoric and Logic class. Quite an interesting lecture I must say. Not that I understood it completely mind you, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Ah, but I'm getting sidetracked again. I'm currently on my way to get some lunch. After that I might take a short nap. It's been hard to get a good nights sleep with everything that's going on." At that, Leo started inching away. "So, em, I should probably be on my way. Good luck to you in the Archives. Try not to get lost. Felt like a maze last time I went wandering about in there." Leo made another quick bow and hurried away, obviously not wanting to stick around. That's just great Leo, just bump in to the very person you just complained about. Or...maybe he was waiting for me? Leo glanced behind him to see if Cadici was watching him. Ahhh, I'm definitely not sleeping tonight either.
  13. Sure, it's not 100% that Bard is evil, but Xino has apparently scanned him twice and he was lying both times. He has yet to explain his second lie, or even really post anything since he was expelled. I feel like it's very likely Bard is an elim. Would be nice if we could get his alignment to make sure, but at this point I'm willing to make some assumptions based on him being evil. Again, there's some amount of proof about Bard. Do you think Xino is lying about his scans? I guess it's possible, and Bard has just given up trying to convince people he's innocent, but that doesn't seem likely to me. I'm not going to assume everyone we expel is an elim. That doesn't make a lot of sense. If any of the players up for the lynch right now get expelled, I will absolutely not assume any of them are evil. It's just a very unique circumstance in Bard's case that I think makes it fairly safe to assume he's evil. In response to Experience, the self-preservation is fine, it's simply that his choice of vote was Xino, who is imo, the most cleared player in the game currently. It's possible Cadcom was just genuinely suspicious, he certainly doesn't feel the same way about Xino I do, but it's my best lead right now. Anyways, some RP! Leo hadn't been sleeping well the past few weeks. He'd started leaving a small lamp on in his room after more and more of his fellow Students had been cracking. It seemed to help ease his mind from worrying over what could be in the shadows. It's like I'm a little kid again. he thought to himself as he groggily made his way to the University for his classes. He'd almost decided to just stay in bed for the day after hardly sleeping at all, but class was really the only time he could get his mind off of the situation he was in. He enjoyed the numbers in Arithmetics, as well as the logic side of things in the Rhetoric and Logic class. The Archives were a bit dull to him, as he'd never had much of a passion for reading. He found many of the arcane classes especially fascinating though, but was content to be more of an observer rather than an active participant. As he was trying to figure out a particularly interesting puzzle the Master Rhetorician had given him, he bumped into one of the other Students. "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I really need to keep my eyes open." he said as he made a small bow. "I haven't actually run into many people here, figuratively or literally. That's probably a mistake on my part. I think getting to know a few more of my colleagues is probably a good idea. Oh, but I haven't even introduced myself. The name's Leo, if you don't know. What's yours?" If anyone wants to get bumped into, feel free to respond. I think I'd be more motivated to RP if I'm not just doing introspective stuff lol.
  14. So Kynedath was brought on the Horns. Makes more sense lol. Anyways, at this point, besides thinking Xino is likely village for revealing Bard(unless they're just passing on the scans from the real Linguist), I feel like I need to re-evaluate my reads at this point. Coda could have gone insane naturally, but if so, there would have been no sabotage. At least I can move on I suppose. If he breaks out, we can deal with it then. Not many votes once again. Zillah(1): Haelbarde Stink(2): Xino, Xino I guess I'd be fine with either of these? I don't really remember much of what either player has done, except that Stink did sorta defend Bard. I was surprised at Cadcom's votes last Month, especially putting one on Xino. If Xino is a village Linguist, maybe Cadcom was trying to take him down(or at least roleblock him) with him? Kynedath seems so inactive now I'm not sure it's worth going after him again. Hm. I'm just gonna post a player list with what info we know about each player and hopefully it helps me get a better grip on our current situation. Nobles: Commoners: Edema Ruh: Phew. So yeah, at this point I think Cadcom would be my preferred lynch. Cadcom Cadcom If we end up needing to consolidate votes, I'll try to get on before rollover to move somewhere else. I'd prefer it if we get more votes down before the last hour though? Updated vote tally: Zillah(1): Haelbarde Stink(2): Xino, Xino Cadcom(2): Lopen, Lopen I haven't really figured out the numbers, but how many people is too many people up for the lynch? I'm thinking anything over 5 makes it sorta unlikely anyone gets expelled?
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