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QF15: Death Note

The television flickers into life.  As expected the leading news article is about more deaths contributed to the mysterious Kira.  The police are baffled as to how Kira is killing people without being anywhere near the victims.  Murderers huddle in fear of being brought before the ultimate judge, Death, while civilians rejoice at being able to walk down dark alleys without fear of being attacked.  Thankfully Interpol has sent their best detective to track down and stop the killers no matter what realm they are from and restore the chaos that is everyday life.

Welcome to QF15 where the pen is truly mightier than the sword.

Cycles are 24 hours long.  Rollover is at 5pm NZT, 5am GMT,  11pm MDT

Sign ups will last one week.
PMs are only allowed to be one on one. GM to be included.
Shinigami and Death Note Holders have a google doc for communication.
Investigations will only reveal if they are involved in murders.  It will not distinguish between Shinigami, Murderers or Holders.
Ryuk will start with a Holder chosen randomly.

Failed attacks will not be revealed in the write up.

Win conditions:
Shinigami and Holders: Kill L and outnumber rest
Village: Cleanse the world of the Shinigami threat

Order of actions:
Death Note Kill (This death will negate the vote of the one killed.)
Lynch/Murderer Kill


Ryuk:  You are a shinigami, a death god.  You have grown bored with ‘life’ in your world and have come to the realm of the living for some fun.  Each cycle you may recruit another player by giving them the Death Note.  You can only have one recruit at a time.  Should your follower die then you can recruit another the following cycle if you want.  Either you or the Death Note Holder can send in orders to kill another player but you cannot recruit and kill on the same cycle.
Note: If you are killed then you will also kill your follower as your final act before heading back to your realm.

Death Note Holder:  You have been given the Death Note and can use it to kill one player per cycle. Note: This is a shared kill.

L:  You are the greatest detective in the world and have taken it upon yourself to discover the means by which the criminals have been killed.  Once per cycle you can either protect someone or you may investigate someone to see if they have anything to do with the murders.  Your protections don’t work on the Lynch.  Investigations will show up as either Guilty or Innocent. You are also immune to the influence of the Shinigami.

Police Officer:  You have served in law enforcement for most of your adult life and have a strong sense of justice.  As such you are immune to the corruptive influence of Ryuk.  If Ryuk tries to convert you they will fail. Each cycle one random Officer will be chosen to lead a protective detail and will be able to protect one player from one kill attempt including the Lynch.  Can self target.

Civilian:  You are a normal player and have no special abilities.

Murderer:  You are a murderer hiding from the wrath of ‘God’.  If investigated you will show up as Guilty.  Each cycle one random murderer will be chosen to make a kill.  It is possible for a murderer to get the kill twice or more in a row.

Write ups:

Edited by Alvron
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Reserved for player list and rule clarifications.


Can L protect himself with his ability? 


Do the murderers get a doc? 
Do they know they're murderers?
Are there secret rules?
Does anyone die?

That I'll leave up to you lot.


If a Shinigami targets L or a Police Officer, is the targeted player made aware of that?
I assume you mean by the conversion, in which case, no.
If there's 2 or more Shinigami, does that mean they could kill 2 players? Or is it just one "shared" kill between all evils?
There is and only will be one Ryuk.
Are protected attacks shown in write-ups?
Are murderer attacks and Death Note attacks differentiated in write-ups?



Player list:

1: Metacognition - M

2: Elbereth - Elbe Oniel

3: The Only Joe - Joseph Busshu

4: Mailliw73 - Maokani

5: Master Elodin - Alexander Notlimah

6: TheMightyLopen - Frank B. Ingram

7: Burnt Spaghetti - Sumiko

8: Haelbarde - Hal Heatherlocke

9: AliasSheep - Kai Lo

10: Cloudjumper - Huko

11: Conquestor - Con

12: Trelagist - T

13: Amanuensis - Yushi Kurimura

14: ThatTinyStrawMan - Straw

15: DeathClutch19 - Mello

16: Hellscythe - Ryuzaki

17: Weaving Webs - Near

18: Mark IV - Mitai

19: Arraenae - Rikku

20: LUNA - Tsuki

21: Bugsy6912 - Akiyama

22: RippleGylf - Gylf



Alvron - GM - King of Death
little wilson - Mod - Nu
IrulelikeSTINK - Armonia Justin Beyondormason
Seonid - Zellogi
OrlokTsubodai - Sidoh

Edited by Alvron
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While I'd love to sign up for this game, I'm going to be GMing the next LG, so I don't know that I'd have time for this game, LG20, and GMing. Sorry to miss it, though.

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Alv, can L protect himself with his ability?



While I'd love to sign up for this game, I'm going to be GMing the next LG, so I don't know that I'd have time for this game, LG20, and GMing. Sorry to miss it, though.

Would you like a link to the Spec Doc?

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