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MR12: Turf War

Calamity has risen and Epics have begun to appear throughout the world. Luckily, Portland hasn’t been touched by much yet, though you know it can’t last long. Three gangs have begun fighting over territory in the city as the government begins to collapse. But the government isn’t giving up yet. Government Agents have infiltrated each gang and are trying to bring them down and establish a cohesive government again.

The Blood Tyrants are a violent group, one that’s been around for some time, since before Calamity arose. The members of the gang are harsh and unforgiving, almost bloodthirsty. Their headquarters are in an Abandoned Warehouse.

The Pearl District Neighborhood Watch is a group that formed to keep their neighborhood safe. They are very protective and loyal, always watching out for each other. Lately, they’ve begun to try to keep the entire city in order. They are based in the City Hall.

The Evanescents were your stereotypical high school nerds. But when the government grew weak, they used their knowledge and began studying Epics and producing weapons and technology. They are based in an Underground Laboratory.

The Government Agents are here in Portland, trying to take down the gangs so that they can establish a single, strong government over the town so the Epics can be dealt with and punished by the law. They have spread out and infiltrated the gangs in Portland. They are hiding in each one, trying to take them down from the inside.

Win Conditions

Condition 1: To win, each gang must eliminate the Government Agents within their own group.

Condition 2:
Blood Tyrants Win when all of the PDs Neighborhood Watch’s Epics die.
Pearl District Neighborhood Watch wins when all of The Evanescents’ Epics die.
The Evanescents win when all of  Blood Tyrants’ Epics die.
(This is not a secondary win condition. Both conditions must be met.)

Government Agents win when everyone else is dead.

General Rules:
Hellscythe and I will be co-GMing this game. 
Standard Elimination Rules and Etiquette apply.
48 hour cycles (24 hour day and 24 hour night)
Please include both of the GMs in all PMs.
Sign ups will last a week, but due to scheduling, will end on either Friday, March 11th or Saturday March 12th at 4:00 pm MST. You will be informed 12 hours before, which time signups will end.
Rollover will be at 4:00 pm MST. (5 minutes after this was posted)
A new player list and countdown clock will be included at the start of the turns.
If a player doesn't post in the thread for three turns, they will be MIA and they will be assumed dead. At that point, they will go straight to the dead doc, without entering Limbo.
Because of the Tough Guy and Harmsway, there will be a one-turn period after death where players will be in Limbo. They will not be able to influence the game or access the dead doc in that time. After 24 hours, their role, gang, and alignment will be revealed and they will enter the dead doc if they do not come back.

Roles -
Banker - Cannot gain their own Points. Can only use points from the Bank to gain actions.
Gang Investigator - Learn random person in your own gang or learn target player’s gang membership.
Thugs - Each night, Thugs may protect one player from death. (Does protect from the Hit Man)
Drunks - Can’t remember their role, alignment, or gang at the beginning of the game. They will sober up at some point in the game.
Snitch - Give the gang membership, alignment, or role(randomly chosen each time) of one target player to another target player. (Night Action)
Hit Man - The Hit Man can poison one player every night. Because the poison takes time to come into effect, the kill will come into effect as soon as the first vote of the next day is placed. Until the vote is placed, it will not be known if anyone has been targeted by the Hit Man. The Hit Man can be protected from.
Sneaky Messenger - The Messenger can dodge one kill attempt on them per game. They can also make a PM with another player every cycle, aside from their free one.
Regular - You’re a Regular with no abilities. However you have a higher probability of becoming an Epic.
Angry Gang Member  - Win condition is to be lynched. If lynched, the Angry Member can choose one player that voted for them and kill them at the end of the next cycle.
Gambler - Choose one person during Night Cycle. If that person has an even number of votes by the end of the next cycle it adds one vote. If that person has an odd number of votes it subtracts one vote.
Tough Guy - The Tough Guy is able to fight off the pain of death any number of times. But because of the effort this takes, they end up a different person than they started. When the Tough Guy fights off death, he switches gang membership. There is a one-turn time where he is struggling to survive. During that time, the Tough Guy is essentially dead to all the players in the game. If the Tough Guy is killed by either the lynch or a member of the team with the win condition to kill the Tough Guy’s current gang, he does not fight off death, but gives in and dies. He can still be brought back by the Reviver. If a Tough Guy is attacked by the Government Agents, he will die permanently.
(Ex: Wilson is an Evanescent Tough Gal. She is attacked by a Blood Tyrant. She goes into Limbo for a turn, where she cannot interact with the game. After that turn, she will come back into the game as part of either the Blood Tyrants or the Neighborhood Watch. She maintains her position in the command structure.
Ex 2: Wilson is an Evanescent Tough Gal. She is attacked by a member of the Neighborhood Watch. She dies permanently.)
Harmsway - One of the first pieces of Epic tech that has been created. A player with a Harmsway may target another player that is still in Limbo and bring them back from the brink of death once per game.
Epics - Epics will appear throughout the game. Any player who becomes an Epic will still keep their original abilities along with any new ones they receive, but only be able to use one ability per turn, unless otherwise stated.
Bodyguard - Protect one player from death each night. You may not target the same player two nights in a row.
Angry Guard - May protect one player from death each night. When their target is attacked, the Angry Guard will attack the attacker, killing them unless there is other protection, the first time this happens. The second time the Angry Guard protects from a kill attempt, he dies along with the attacker.
Watchful Tail: The Tail follows around one player every night turn and watches for Snitches. If a Snitch tries to Snitch on the player being Tailed, the Tail will replace the note with a blank one.

Some roles may not be in the game.

You gain points(Except for the Banker, who does not earn their own points):
0.5 pt: First post each cycle
1 pt: RP-first time per cycle.
0.25 pt: Subsequent RP in a cycle.
0.5 pt: You have a vote placed at the end of the cycle.
0.5 pt: Using an action.
0.5 pt: Switching location(Getting placed on the Streets doesn’t count)
2 pts: killing or taking part in the lynching of an enemy Epic.(Only the gang linked to your win condition)
3 pts: killing or taking part in the lynching of a Government Agent in your own gang
-2 pt: Not posting in the thread for a turn.
-2 pts: Killing/Lynching a loyal member of your gang

Every turn, players must tell the GMs if they would like to keep their points or donate them to their gang’s Banker. Each gang’s Banker is guaranteed to be a loyal member of that gang. If a player does not inform the GMs, the points will be kept to the player. The Banker is not informed who donated points or how many each donated. The Government Agents do not have their own Bank.

The Banker may use the Gang Bank points to:
3 points: Give target player a random role/gang when snitched on for two cycles
4 Points: Learn a random player’s gang membership(not alignment).
5 Points: Create a PM that lasts two cycles.
7 Points: Kill or protect target player (Cannot self-target)
9 points: Scan to see if target is Government Agent

Only one point-based ability may be used each Night or Day turn(if used during the day your vote will not count) except for the Banker’s PM ability, which may be used twice in a turn.

Any Gang Member can use their points to:
5 points: Learn a random person in your gang
5 points: Create a PM that lasts one cycle.
10 points: Gain protection from one kill attempt that cycle.

Every third cycle a heavy rain comes and flushes out the banks. Any points left in the Gangs’ Banks will be destroyed. Player-held points will be kept.

Every even numbered cycle, each player will be allowed to create and keep 1 PM with a player of their choice.


Each day turn, players must tell the GMs where in the city they would like to move to for the night. Anyone who does not inform the GMs will end up on the streets and be targetable by anyone(except those on the ferry). You will move at the end of every day. Players may only use their actions on players who are in the same location as them or on the streets.
You will only know the people who are in your location. Players on the streets will be revealed in the thread at the start of each cycle.

The Pub, Government Building, and Warehouse are on one side of the Williamette River and the Lab, City Hall, and Pool are on the other. Spending a turn on the Ferry is the only way to get to the other side of the River. Certain locations may have special bonuses and drawbacks for Epics.

Government Building
Abandoned Warehouse
Underground Laboratory
Portland City Hall


Here is a Map if you would like a visual version.


Room Point-Based Actions
Can be done during the day or night, but your vote will not count if during the day, and no other action may be taken at night. You can only do these once per full cycle.

Warehouse: In the Warehouse, you may sell on the black market. There is a chance of not selling(20%) and chance of selling for 3(50%) or 4 pts(10%) or losing 3 pts(20%)

City Hall: In City Hall, you can attempt to steal any number of points from another target gang bank. There is an X% chance you’re caught and put in jail where X is based on the number of points attempting to be stolen. (Actions for the next cycle will not go through if you are jailed.) People voting during the lynch residing inside the City Hall will count twice.

Laboratory: In the Lab, you can create a new science experiment and immediately hand it to your supervisor. It has a 65% chance to explode on impact, immediately kicking you out of the Laboratory and losing you 2 points,  35% chance to become pure gold, making it sellable, earning you 3 points.

Government Building: In the Government Building, you can apply for a government job. You will get 2 points without fail.

Command Structure
The gangs all have their own command structures, but due to the secrecy in the gangs, each member only knows the people who directly report to them. Captains know their Regulars and Commanders know their Captains. The Government Agents do not have this.

Example Command Structure:


Captain sfasdfsdfaCaptain

Reg Reg Reg   sfsfasdf    Reg Reg Reg


Write ups:

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Q: Do Epics gain random powers that aren't in the rules?
A: Yes, their powers will be known only to them, unless they decide to share it.

Player List:

  • Irulelikestink: Skunk-man
  • Kynedath: Damien Wayforge
  • Clanky: Mr. Nameless
  • Phattemer: Perseus
  • Elbereth: Lady E
  • Silverblade5: Pony
  • Wonko the Sane: Dr. Walker Curtis
  • ThatTinyStrawMan: Taniel Two-Shot
  • Master_Elodin: Savien Ctheath
  • TheMightyLopen: Matthew
  • Burnt Spaghetti: Sienna Ghetti
  • Paranoid King: Lamoni
  • Sart: A Smart Guy
  • Shallan: Citona Vinid
  • Danosaur: Tee Wrecks
  • The Honor Spren: Syl
  • Mark IV: Makow
  • Dowanx: Mr. D
  • Elkanah: Hank Ale
  • Metacognition: Megan Definitely-not-Tarash
  • Arraenae: Pam
  • Amanuensis: Aman
  • TheSilverDragon: Star Thief
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It's pronounced Scat Wheat.


No, that's how it translates (at least according to Google Translate). The Korean is transliterated as kas-imil, and sounds a little like 'han-EE-me-ay'.


His member title, by the way, is in Chinese. It's written as yóuxiá, which sounds like 'YO-shah', and translates to 'ranger'.

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I will sign up as.. Give me a minute. Keeping up with my fire related names theme gets tricky. There aren't really that man fire related names tbh... uuuh... meh stuff it. Burnt sienna is my favorite brown paint colour. So. Yeah. Lets just roll with that :/



Signing up as Sienna Ghetti

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