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  1. I have an alternative for you that bypasses starting items and making Pepper a free action, though Schrodingers Curse can prevent it if you’re willing to fudge the 50% odds. Cycle 1, the March Hare attempts to attend the Tea Party and become uncursed. Based on his position in the attempt order, he would have been successful — except that the Mad Hatter blocks his attempt that same turn. At the same time, the Hare is invited into the Cards doc. Cycle 2, the Hare redirects the Hatter’s action onto another player; due to the curse, this happens Cycle 1, redirecting the block, allowing the Hare to attend the party, curing the time curse, and thus preventing the redirect from working. But like I said, this is solved by a 50% time curse, or really any rule that says “you’re still Cursed by Time, but the action where you try and prevent the original cursing won’t be time traveled”. I have a number of these paradoxes, by the way. You’re lucky I didn’t understand the curse earlier, or I would’ve been tempted to throw my win condition and spend all my social power trying to engineer a paradox.
  2. Listen, I'm constructing a thought experiment here, quit it with your confounding details. Suppose Stick didn't attend the tea party in the first place, but someone else did. My point is, it is possible for situations to arise where a player can use their Time Curse to prevent said curse from existing, so paradoxes ARE possible in the game.
  3. Ah, fair. Then we weren’t actually close, but the situation can be tweaked to create an actual paradox. If, instead of Ash, it was Stick who stopped Sart C1, allowing me to be cursed, and I then used Pepper on Stick in C2 (this again assumes Stick eats some food to trigger the Pepper RB), preventing her from preventing Sart, I think that resolves the issues caused by Ash's Time Curse, and ACTUALLY causes a paradox.
  4. @Fifth Scholar In the spec doc you said you wargamed scenarios and were unable to cause a Paradox, so you thought the game was safe. I believe you're incorrect, and that the game was actually perilously close to such a paradox. If, in cycle 3, I used Pepper on Ash (assume Ash attempted to eat something in cycle 2), then Ash wouldn't have been able to prevent Sart from attending the party c1. This would have meant that I was unable to attend (since I was the seventh attempt) and thus I was never cursed by time. But if I was never cursed by time, my Pepper applies in c3, and doesn't change anything; thus, I am cursed after all. Paradox. We are very lucky I wasn't motivated to try and RB Ash.
  5. There’s a real rules doc hidden on the bottom of the score page of the GM spreadsheet. I’m pretty sure you’d have been able to use that contingency action when moving other pieces, too. Though it seems like your team didn’t realize that you could do that until near the end of the game? I’d wondered why your pawns were moving so much.
  6. Alright, @Fifth Scholar @JNV, I can’t find it anywhere in the rules doc: why on Earth wasn’t Drake also Haigha?
  7. Rules doc: Oh, what the… Fifth, I swear, if this had happened, I would have torn my hair out. XD
  8. Bandersnatch doc: Hah! I knew it would catch people. @_Stick_, see, it wasn’t obvious how to lie through it.
  9. You had at least one; your Bishop, who we assumed was Aman because we thought Aman was Time-Cursed, but it turned out to be Sart.
  10. Wow, seriously? That would have been INCREDIBLY useful if we’d been able to get it. Our only pawn advancement bonus was “Sheep’s Store”, which I’m still fuzzy on the mechanics of. I’m so sorry about that, man.
  11. A tie between Quinn and TKN; I like that. Let’s call it a tie between communism and capitalism, eh Red Team? GG everyone. This might just be my all-time favorite SE game. I had a blast.
  12. Bold of you to start a sentence with “Bold of you” in a game where you’ve lost nearly half your team without taking a piece. Also, bold of you to assume you have any idea what we do and don’t know, given that you’ve seen practically nothing of our team until this round — and you still don’t know where half of us are.
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