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Stormlit Hunger Games - RP

Ookla the Believer

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The day of the games has arrived.

The sky is cloudless, and such a bright blue it almost looks fake. Which, of course, it is. Rather than being lowered from the 'sky', the tributes have been raised through the ground. Each is standing on a small stone circle raised slightly above the golden sand below. Around them in all directions are tall cliffs, the dark silhouettes cutting sharply into the pale sky. Several small paths branch off into the stone and suddenly it's clear that you are in a field of chasms. 

Directly in front of you, in the center of the circle, is the cornucopia. It's solid black, and completely empty. A cool wind rushes down the chasms, blowing up sand and twisting through the tributes' hair. Everyone gives an involuntary shiver. And then a person flickers into existence on top of the hollow cornucopia.

"GOOOOOOOOD MORNING TRIBUTES!" A voice booms through a megaphone held by an elderly lady with hair the same shade of blue as the sky and a golden dress (the same color as the sand below) that looks to be more jewels than fabric. "Who's ready for the games?" There's a pause. "Trick question, sorry, you don't get a choice."

"It's your favorite gamemaker here to start you off today, Eddie Forlin!! And I must say, you all look absolutely gorgeous! Which is good, because for all but one of you, it's the last time in your lives that you will. Oh, I'm so excited to watch you all die! We have popcorn and everything. I haven't had this much fun since the 30's! Oh, and do you like the location? We've had so much fun designing it just for you. It seemed fitting, somehow, to have it here."

Eddie takes a pause to look around at the tributes and sighs contentedly. "I can almost feel your hearts pounding. I see the fear in your eyes, see the determination in your hearts..." she licks her lips. "Oh my dears, you're fighters, I can see it. But only one can win," her eyes start to glitter, "And I can't wait to find out who it is. So, enough chatter. Please remember, foul play is both expected and rewarded. We're always watching. We. See. Everything. Happy hunger games! And remember...

"May the odds be ever in your favor." Eddie throws her head back in a cackle that echoes through the chasms. A robotic voice begins counting down.






At 25, the voice pauses. A horrific sound comes from the cornucopia, drowning out Eddie's cackle. She disappears, still laughing. The cornucopia suddenly explodes, and thousands of animals of every shape and size burst free. Birds fly into the sky, huge beasts rush off into the chasms, and smaller ones climb the sides. Some look deadly, some look edible, and some are completely bizarre. In seconds, they're gone, and the voice continues, slow and steady.



And, eventually,




As the voice reaches 5, it pauses again. The shattered pieces of the cornucopia begin to quiver and glow. They reform for one terrible moment into a horrible black flame...and then they fly outward, clanging against the cliff walls before falling limply to the ground. In the center of the circle, where the cornucopia once stood, a swirling vortex of white light arches up as high as the tributes can see. It's a perpendicularity.






A horrific cackle echoes through the arena. "Let the games begin!"



Allied non-careers:

(Lotus Blossom) Aymra Ay

(Canada Lover) Ezrium

(Channelknight Fadran) Kelni

(Justice Magician) Sharp


(Lightweaver2) Rolen

(Witisthebest) Kaa

(The Honorable One) Sage

(Silver Phantom) Komadori



(Luxury) District 1 (Career) - Kaa 

(Masonry) District 2 (Career) - Ezrium

(Electronics) District 3 - Fen - Fylf

(Fishing) District 4 (Career) - [Redacted]

(Power) District 5 - Cthaelth - Oradin

(Transportation) District 6 - Rayan - Ninddle

(Lumber) District 7 - Kamadori - (Ryn)

(Textiles) District 8 - Bob - Aekelohanar

(Grain) District 9 - Sharp - Kelni 

(Livestock) District 10 - Rolen - Wren

(Agriculture) District 11 - Amyra Ay

(Mining) District 12 - Sage

@Ravenclawjedi42 @Channelknight Fadran @ΨιτιsτηεΒέst (so sorry, can't get it to summon you) @The Honorable One @Silver Phantom @The Sibling@S. Stormy @Lightweaver2 @Lotus Blossom @Aeoryi @Cinnamon @Justice_Magician @shortcake @Experience @[Redacted] @Canada Lover @Authorspren @TheRavenHasLanded @Lord Spirit @Ancient Elantrian @SmilingPanda19

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Sage scanned his surroundings and cursed. He had hoped for a forest. He runs over to his teammates.

 “Okay, I did not expect this.” Sage said. “I say we get away from those larger beasts, then try to find some food.”
@Silver Phantom, @Lightweaver2@ΨιτιsτηεΒέsτ (the Greek letters mess up summoning you.)

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44 minutes ago, The Honorable One said:

Sage scanned his surroundings and cursed. He had hoped for a forest. He runs over to his teammates.

 “Okay, I did not expect this.” Sage said. “I say we get away from those larger beasts, then try to find some food.”
@Silver Phantom, @Lightweaver2@ΨιτιsτηεΒέsτ (the Greek letters mess up summoning you.)

Rolen hops the chasms and reaches Sage. “What’s your  game plan? I was thinking we go through the perpendicularly, we’ll be safe from whatever those beasts are.”

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alr cool

Wren (my character) is really good with knives and stuffs tho, so there may or may not be a little fight. i'm fine with my character being knocked out, but i wanna see how long i can get them to survive in this

Wren dicides to go after Ryn, all while being careful to stay hidden. Wren did not want to be the first one to die in this.

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