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People you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley


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3 minutes ago, MacThorstenson said:

He’s some random guy that TUBA thinks is the leader of the DA for some reason. I’m trying to snag him for the DA but he’s pretty dang committed to TUBA. 

Yeah that darn Sudiov. He'd be such a thorn in our side if he ever managed to join with TUBA, let's just hope that they don't let him in or we're all done for. :ph34r:

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27 minutes ago, Gancho Libre said:

Can I be added?

I specialize in creating extremely dangerous explosives and placing them in highly inconvenient locations.

Are you a member?

If not, just offer someone a cookie in the intro threads. 

EDIT: The cookie does need to be spiked.

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Where is the updated List these days? @Voidus, I know you put it somewhere, but there was that period of time when all transcriptions had been corrupted while we were working on that deification project, and I stopped paying attention to anything transcribed.

Edit: Nevermind, found the corresponding coppermind and located both the original and current iterations. Forgot that I was the originator of the list. How time gives the illusion of flight.

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