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  1. Also note that fandom member @Jazzy Kandra was nominated for best artwork of 2020.
  2. This is a better place to discuss things than on a talk page, and there's nothing wrong just using this, but if you want faster responses you are better off using the Coppermind Discord server. I myself am not expert on this particular subject and so I can't help you directly.
  3. Actually, I scored 54 points My responses: How many Radiant oaths will be sworn? 6 (3 points) Will we see a modern Stoneward in this book? yes (2 points) Will Kaladin swear the fourth Ideal? Yes (2 points) Will we see additional Bondsmiths in this book? Yes, bonded to the Sibling. (2 points) Name a side character who will bond a spren. Navani (10 points) How many Unmade will be seen? 3 (1 point) How many Unmade will be captured? 0 (5 points) How many Heralds will be killed by the end of the book? 0 (5 points) How many personalities will Shallan have at the end of the book? 4 (0 points) Will Urithiru become fully functional by the end of the book? Yes (2 points) Name a character who will die in this book. Lezian (10 points) Name a new world-hopper character who will appear in this book. Khriss (0 points) Name a character whose food Lift will steal. Kaladin (0 points) Name a new romantic pairing that will appear in this book. I left this blank (0 points) Five Characters, Primary Plot Dalinar, Venli, Hoid, Jasnah, Kaladin (2 points) Two Characters, Secondary Plot Shallan, Mraize (1 point) Two Characters, Tertiary Plot Navani, the Sibling (0 points) Who will Hoid tell a story to in this book? Kaladin (5 points) In what chapter of the book will the phrase "shameful ribbon" appear? 108 (4 points) Did you read the preview chapters? Yes Have you read the back cover copy? No Have you read the Dawnshard novel? No (I hope I'm not breaking the no double posting rule with this, I just think it makes more sense to have this in its own post)
  4. I did this after reading most of the preview chapters and I guessed, correctly, that Lezian would die
  5. In that case, my score is 45 points. I can provide a breakdown later if you want.
  6. Does Navani count as a side character swearing Ideals?
  7. Didn't Navani swear an oath to the Sibling?
  8. There was supposed to be a post somewhere but I can't find it. I'm pretty sure I know most of the answers, but not all of them.
  9. Where can I find the "official" answers?
  10. In WoK and WoR breachtree is spelled with an a: while in chapter 15 of RoW it is spelled "breechtree" without the a: One of these is likely a typo
  11. Brandon said in a livestream a little while ago that he expects to have all of the Shard's names canonised by the time Rhythm of War is released. At the time (and I still hope it is true) I thought he meant that the book would tell us, but other Sharders thought he meant that he'll just have decided on what their names would be and not that we would know what they were.
  12. Art is subjective. Different people will like different styles more than others. Also, as an aside, in this specific case this is the only depiction of that scene we have on the Coppermind. I can't speak for the exact intentions of the people who put this together, but based on the way things are often done on the Coppermind I'd guess that one of the things they thought about when choosing art was to try to use art of diverse styles and from different artists to promote them and their work as well as to appeal to different people's tastes. (to avoid double posting I'm putting my question here too) Would it be possible to make it so you can either open the images in a new tab/ window by right clicking on them? Or preferably, make it so if you click on the image its Coppermind file page opens in a new tab.
  13. I noticed this a while ago and then forgot about it. A quick google search later it seems that the translator is dead/down and there is no replacement, and so I've removed that line from the page.
  14. Hm, while I'm pretty sure we already knew that from an earlier wob, it is indeed not mentioned on that page. Thanks for pointing that out!