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  1. I think that this WoB implies that it would take some time for it to show up as anything but empty space.
  2. Bands of Mourning chapter 11
  3. For example, illogically, the cognitive realm is flat while the worlds it reflects are all round. (grumble grumble, it's a pet peeve of mine. There's a topic i started on the subject)
  4. And I guess no one bothers to/theres no point in removing them
  5. While looking at today's birthdays I noticed that there were many more than usual and that many seemed to have similar names: If i'm being silly please say so. But this seemed off to me.
  6. Welcome to the Shard! There is a long thread about this New Reputation Levels. People can give upvotes on your posts which raise your reputation score. The more reputation you have the higher your rank will be.
  7. do you mean with squires?
  8. Yeah, for that you should bring your dog with you...
  9. and pine needles
  10. Welcome to the Shard!
  11. Here you go:
  12. which was on thin air, as he'd just walked off of a cliff. Stick promptly started to fall
  13. which had just been taken away by The Ones Above right after he walked in the door
  14. And unfortunately everyone believed him without bothering to check
  15. I believe it's been confirmed that the unmade are all named for ancient middle eastern gods. I've figured out 7: Ashertmarn= Asherah Ba-Ado-Mishram= ? Chemoarish= Chemosh Dai-Gonarthis= Dagon Moelach= Moloch Nergaoul= Nergal Re-Shephir= Resheph Sja-Anat= Anat Yelig-Nar= ? And some of these, notably Asherah and Moloch, appear in the Torah.