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  1. I noticed this a while ago and then forgot about it. A quick google search later it seems that the translator is dead/down and there is no replacement, and so I've removed that line from the page.
  2. Hm, while I'm pretty sure we already knew that from an earlier wob, it is indeed not mentioned on that page. Thanks for pointing that out!
  3. Of course, I just want to get a feel for what most people do so I can take that into account when I try to figure out if it is worth it for me to get them.
  4. Or if you just want the ebook you can get it with tier 1 for $10
  5. The only possibly "positive" use of this would be to spike attributes out of people who are about to die anyways. Of course the possibilities for abusing this are endless and are almost guaranteed to happen. Kind of like charging for organ donations. It starts out nice, but eventually you have cartels capturing innocents to harvest their organs, or in this case their attributes.
  6. I, and I suspect many others, have never bought one of the leatherbounds before and while I made pledge for the Way of Kings Kickstarter I am unsure whether or not I should go through with it. I am not sure if the cost will be worth the amount of value I will get out of them. So I have made this poll to give myself and anyone else who is considering buying these leatherbounds or any others an idea of what sort of value and usage to expect to get out of owning one of the leatherbounds. Hopefully this will help me and anyone else who has the same thoughts I am having come to a decision. So if you are the owner of a leatherbound please select the option in the poll that best describes how you use your leatherbounds. Thank you! (Of course, if you do not own one of the leatherbounds please don't vote in the poll. That would defeat the purpose)
  7. The ebook will eventually be available separately but you may as well get it from tier 1 of the Kickstarter. It's only $10 and it might not be available outside the campaign until a while after it ends.
  8. The ebook should be available before RoW. Yes that is a picture of a Larkin.
  9. Continuing the explosive theme until a highstorm hit
  10. The theaters were wrecked
  11. You are a stick but you can't be fire I wish to be able to use Summoning Charms (i.e. Accio from Harry Potter, the most useful spell in the series)
  12. @Rowroad They actually have, though only somewhat recently.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out. I've gone ahead and fixed this. For the future, the way you fix something like this would be to change the word/name inside the double brackets to the correct one. For example, in this instance, I changed [[Allrianne]] to [[Allriandre]] which links to the correct page. P.S. This is my 100th post on the forum!
  14. Fun Fact: those are written by the Sleepless. IMO it's too early to say who it is because we don't know what will happen in the end of the story. My guess is that Dalinar is the redeemer, and come to think of it maybe the destroyer too. Though since it says "may redeem" and "will destroy" I don't think it makes sense for them to be the same person.