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  1. That is incorrect. It is mentioned in the epilogue of Shadows of Self.
  2. Here:
  3. What is it a depiction of and who is the artist? (If it is an artist we do not already have art from there are a few more steps that we need to take.) It would also be helpful if you could post the piece here for us to see.
  4. Meaning something you made or something you found online? There are separate processes depending on the situation.
  5. Book summary pages are intended to only contain spoilers up to the end of that book. If you find something that spoils a later book or other series feel free to fix/remove it.
  6. Happy birthday! Thanks for supporting us!

  7. I would strongly recommend reading Mistborn Secret History before RoW. Not strictly needed, but it will make some parts more enjoyable imo.
  8. So to upload images to the Coppermind you need to have the 'editor' permission (which you can get by asking an Admin for it). I've gone ahead and uploaded these files you posted. Thanks for finding and making these.
  9. Note that the TWoK Prime audiobook will be free for everyone, not just backers.
  10. Asking here is good enough, though either of the two Discord servers (the Coppermind server or the #coppermind channel on the 17thShard server) will have faster response times and are more conducive for such discussions. To address your question, which I think LadyLameness misread, theoretically I think this might be a good idea, but in practice I think it would require a great deal of manual work and might not be so feasible.
  11. I'm making this post to preserve a conversation on Discord (that began here) about this topic. Isaac Stewart is the artist with the most art on the Coppermind (well over 500 files) and as such, his artist page will have to be organized in a different way than usual. The current plan (originally suggested by @Argent) is to organize the art into subpages (using DynamicPageList) and include highlights of each type on the main page along with all of the art that does not fit into any of the subpages. This is a list of the types of art that we have from Isaac (not that we should have a subpage for each one, just a preliminary list for us to divide up): Leatherbound covers Novella covers Maps Cropped Maps Annotated maps (there aren't very many of these) Interior art Cropped interior art Annotated interior art Metal symbols (there are several versions of each metal in each of the Metallic Arts) Aons Glyphs Phonemes Heralds Radiant Surgebinding Voidbinding many more Women's script (letters and words) Thaylen script Stormlight chapter icons Herald faces World icons Dragonsteel logos Random stuff like Doomslug Concept: My current idea is to have subpages for maps, interior art, Stormlight symbols, (possibly an Aon subpage as well, but maybe Glyphs/index can be used instead of that) and Metal symbols. All of the covers, world icons, logos, and random stuff would go on the main page (organized accordingly). I think chapter icons should probably go on the main page, but I'm not so sure about this. The maps and interior art subpages would be divided by series (all on the same page), with each of those sections split between cropped/annotated and original images. Execution: We will need to make sure all of Isaac's art is using |artist=[[Isaac Stewart]] instead of |#artist=Isaac Stewart . This will stop the gadget from automatically adding them to the artist page every time someone edits it. Most of the art is already using |artist=[[Isaac Stewart]], but there are a handful (I think 61) that are using |#artist=Isaac Stewart. A Keeper can easily fix this using Search and Replace. We will also need to apply a category (probably manually) to all cropped art to make that part of the plan work. For the next step we have two options: Option 1: A side effect of all of the art using |artist=[[Isaac Stewart]] is that it will all be included in Category: Manual artist link. We can easily use this category with version of DynamicPageList that is currently installed on the wiki to create lists that update automatically. The downside of this method is that it is kind of clunky and that it is possible that files from other artists will slip through. Here is a simple sample code to generate a list of all metal symbols that have a manual artist link (and are presumably from Isaac) using the current extension: <DynamicPageList> mode=gallery category=File with manual artist link category=Metals category=Symbols notcategory=Meta imagesperrow=7 namespace=File imageheight=150 order=ascending </DynamicPageList> Option 2: If we install the expanded version of DynamicPageList on the wiki it will let us use the linksto= parameter. (it will also give us some other nifty features, but this is the most relevant one) Here is a simple sample code to generate a list of all metal symbols that link to Isaac Stewart: <DynamicPageList> mode=gallery linksto=Isaac Stewart category=Metals category=Symbols notcategory=Meta imagesperrow=7 namespace=File imageheight=150 order=ascending </DynamicPageList> Note: with this extension there are a couple other ways to format this, I chose this one because it is the most similar to what we have now. For full documentation see here. I've been playing around with this in my sandbox, if you want to see what this looks like. (I made it all collapsable temporarily for convenience.) There are still some more things to be worked out, such as what will go on the main page, but for now here's this.
  12. Yeah, that WoB is what made us decide not to merge the Nahel Bond page with the Knights Radiant page. And yes, now that we know this the page should probably get a rewrite, or at least a major update, to reflect this information. This will likely not be an easy task to complete, but any help updating it would be greatly appreciated. And in general, as far as the wiki is concerned, WoBs are considered to be canon unless/until there is a newer WoB (which we are sure wasn't a mistake) or information in a published book that contradicts it.
  13. I am of the opinion that it is Adonalsium. The Heralds name drop Adonalsium several times so it seems like the people of their time, Fused included, knew more about him/it.
  14. Also note that fandom member @Jazzy Kandra was nominated for best artwork of 2020.
  15. This is a better place to discuss things than on a talk page, and there's nothing wrong just using this, but if you want faster responses you are better off using the Coppermind Discord server. I myself am not expert on this particular subject and so I can't help you directly.