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  1. Why are there no interludes between parts 4 and 5 of The Way of Kings? In the rest of the SA books there are five parts and 4 sets of interludes, while in TWoK there are five parts and only three sets of interludes.
  2. In the beginning of TWoK Syl dances "to some unheard rythm". Could this be one of the rythms that the singers attune to, the sound of Roshar?
  3. Kaladin, after Szeth's attack on Dalinar, didn't know he could heal his arm but it healed surprising him
  4. In the prologue to The Way of Kings it is said that Szeth's stormlight can't restore a limb "killed" by a Shardblade. However in Words of Radiance and Oathbringer we see several bridgemen doing just that. So why the inconsistency? Is it just that Honorblade stormlight healing works differently, but why shoud that be so?
  5. I had a theory. In Mistborn era 1 Sazed talks about a religious group, the Nelazan, who worshipped the stars, a god with a thousand eyes named Trell. Could it be that this religion actually originates from people who moved from Taldain to Scadrial, and the religion of The Sand Lord/Autonomy morphed into this.... And perhaps this exodus was led by Trell the construction foreman and somehow over time his name became associated with their god.
  6. extremities
  7. Do we know the name of Teft's Spren?
  8. Did the Heralds have Shardplate?
  9. That's what I thought. I just wanted confirmation before I changed it on the Coppermind. (and in retrospect, I should have put this in the Coppermind section)
  10. Is it one Knight Radiant or one Knights Radiant? Also are you a darkeyes Alethi or a darkeyed Alethi?
  11. Whoops! you are correct. I had thought, and on reflection I'm not sure why, that when it detected Investiture it would turn black.
  12. that's not for actual sand mastery that's just as an "Investiture detector". Actually performing Sand Mastery more than once is incredibly impractical
  13. I think Hoid knows that there are some magics he won't be able to get. For example there is no way for him to become a Full Feruchemist (short of 16 Hemalurgic Spikes which I believe Hoid is wary of, never mind the fact that that wouldn't actually make him a Full Feruchemist). And although Brandon has said that it's theoretically possible to alloy lerasium with "bavadinium" to get Sand Mastery, being as: a) there is no lerasium left, and b) it would be a waste of the lerasium since Sand Mastery only works when you have access to Taldaini sand, I think it is unlikely for Hoid to get his hands on Sand Mastery. My point is that Hoid realizes he can't have everything and that he knows when to cut his losses
  14. I think that since he fears Rayse finding out that he is around, Hoid would keep his distance from voidbinding
  15. Over time the grape juice fermented into wine and the fish evolved accordingly