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  1. I imported them
  2. Wow, that is great. Kind of reminds me of Chaos' proposal on the home page of the wiki.
  3. Gem archive in thaylen city?
  4. Urithiru?
  5. Major inconsistency I've noticed while writing White Sand articles for the Coppermind: In Volume 1 chapter 2 we see Drile refuse to drink from the ceremonial water bowl. Kenton brings this up again in chapter 6 of the same book, saying again that Drile did not drink the water. In Volume 3 chapter 6 Drile says that he felt weak during their duel- the same way he felt weak during the battle with the Kerztians in the Kerla. The two of them then put two and two together and realize that Elorin poisoned the water they both drank. So in Volume 1 the we see Drile decline to drink, sand in Volume 3 he says that he drank. What exactly is going on over here?
  6. Um, what about Baon using sand mastery?
  7. What do you mean?
  8. Does it ever change from zero after the first 4 terms??
  9. If you want a hint:
  10. I came up with this sequence in math class a couple of months ago when we asked to make up a rule, write down a sequence using that rule, and pass them around the room. When you figured out the rule you were supposed to trade with someone else and try to figure out that one. Afterwards the professor put the sequences that stumped people on the board and we figured them out together. However the following sequence which I made wasn't solved and stumped the whole class, professor included. So here it is: 0,0,3,16,45,120,280,624,1323,2720... Try to figure the rule for this sequence.
  11. The spreadsheet is out of date. These objectives aren't there.