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  1. Yeah, we can’t use pictures of books, it must be that the artist/Dragonsteel/other official source posted the actual image online.
  2. So, I actually have put a bunch of work into scouring the internet trying to find all of the art from the leatherbounds so we can use it on the wiki. However, a handful of the artworks do not exist online, or at least as of a few months ago. Have you found any of the missing ones?
  3. Most of it comes from notes I took while rereading books, but many other people have also contributed to that page.
  4. I have a list at regarding integration into pages that is something that can be worked on
  5. That is incorrect. It is mentioned in the epilogue of Shadows of Self.
  6. Here:
  7. What is it a depiction of and who is the artist? (If it is an artist we do not already have art from there are a few more steps that we need to take.) It would also be helpful if you could post the piece here for us to see.
  8. Meaning something you made or something you found online? There are separate processes depending on the situation.
  9. Book summary pages are intended to only contain spoilers up to the end of that book. If you find something that spoils a later book or other series feel free to fix/remove it.
  10. Happy birthday! Thanks for supporting us!

  11. I would strongly recommend reading Mistborn Secret History before RoW. Not strictly needed, but it will make some parts more enjoyable imo.
  12. So to upload images to the Coppermind you need to have the 'editor' permission (which you can get by asking an Admin for it). I've gone ahead and uploaded these files you posted. Thanks for finding and making these.
  13. Note that the TWoK Prime audiobook will be free for everyone, not just backers.
  14. Asking here is good enough, though either of the two Discord servers (the Coppermind server or the #coppermind channel on the 17thShard server) will have faster response times and are more conducive for such discussions. To address your question, which I think LadyLameness misread, theoretically I think this might be a good idea, but in practice I think it would require a great deal of manual work and might not be so feasible.