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Missing Leatherbound Art


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I noticed that Coppermind seems to be missing various pieces of Leatherbound Warbreaker Art, the ones that come to mind are Nightblood Unsheathed and the coloured version of the T'Telir Map, and Vivenna in the D'Denir Garden. I feel these should be in the Warbreaker Interior Art section, and on the relevant Gallery pages. As it feels weird that just those are missing, and rather annoying given I know that the art exists and should be there, I don't like things being incomplete (part of why I find the spoiler policy annoying, even though I perfectly understand it, lol). 

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Makes sense, I guess we can try scans, but those are going to be lower quality and require someone to damage their leatherbound, either stretching the binding or removing the page. So not worth it... too big a cost, mixed with low quality. 


And I can find Nightblood Unsheathed and Vivenna in the Gardens online, but none that take up the screen. Just pictures of the book. 


https://imgur.com/r/Fantasy/QKWOIq7 (compendium of all the Leatherbound Art)

http://www.magali-villeneuve.com/?page_id=1380 (Vivenna in the Gardens)


So, not really the best images, sadly.  

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37 minutes ago, King of Herdaz said:

Yeah, we can’t use pictures of books, it must be that the artist/Dragonsteel/other official source posted the actual image  online. 

Thought so, was just saying that is basically all I could find myself. 

Rather irritating it isn't anywhere online. Find it even more annoying considering the artist of the Garden image has normal images for the Heralds up, just not the Garden art, strangely enough. But tis life. 

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