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  1. Jebus, your Taln fan girl is showing But, wow. Way to give us hope then take it away D:
  2. In the ebook, Sadeas' men are listed as wearing red instead of green in the scene where Adolin intervenes in the marketplace. My paperback copy (UK edition) doesn't have this error though, just my ebook. TWoK Chapter 46
  3. The timing surrounding Taln's reappearance has never sat well with me. He turns up on Roshar just in time for the Listeners to discover Stormform, bring the Everstorm and start a Desolation, but their decisions and choices are made irrespective of his return. I might be misremembering, but they don't know of his return and despite what happens, they're not deliberately trying to bring back their gods. I mean, it may be possible that Venli only discovered Stormform after Taln's return (or if she was influenced/nudged into the discovery, it only started after that point), but, also, maybe not. And the way that Taln speaks is as if they have at least some time to prepare - to learn how to cast metal and train leaders and soldiers - yet there's only around two months between Taln's return to Roshar and the Everstorm, which just doesn't seem to be enough time. I like this theory, it solves the things that currently bother me. But with that being said, this is heartbreaking @Calderis D:
  4. I am excited to buy one of these. What better way to start my leather bound collection than will the last book in the trilogy? Perfect logic.
  5. My favourite ship <3
  6. I'm pretty firmly in the 'Vax is a planet' camp from the mentions we've had of it so far, but if turned out that Vax was a person then I agree with your thinking.
  7. I agree with you here - I also think that each worlds CR would look distinctive, but there are some overlapping features between Roshar and Scadrial. They both have the inverse solid/not solid ground with the physical realm, though this manifest's different on each world, and they both have the weird sun. There might be other things but those are the two I remember off the top of my head. I was very deliberately being vague with my wording on how he knew he was in the CR in my original post. I think that in this case you would be able to tell that you're in the CR, but you might not know which world you're currently on until you're eaten by a giant worm To be honest, if it wasn't for the 'Vax' line then I would firmly believe that Ati was too out of it to notice anything substantive. But the 'Vax' line obviously throws a spanner in that thought.
  8. Listening to last week's Shardcast I had a pretty baseless theory on Vax. Theory: Vax is a planet* where a majority or at least large number of humans live in the Cognitive Realm. In Secret History, Ati, while confused, made a comment about Vax, which I believe is because he saw humans and also recognised that he was in the CR, leading him to assume he was probably on Vax because that's where you would expect to find people hanging out in the CR. So a similar concept to Silverlight, except not entirely based in the Cognitive, and on a distinct planet** *I'm taking Vax to be a planet as a base assumption, which it may or may not be (and Brandon has neither confirmed or denied), but is kind of integral to this entire theory. **I am unsure whether or not this is a contentious point or not but I don't believe Silverlight corresponds to a planet based on this WOB. Poke, prod and spike away!
  9. That is such a wholesome answer @Toaster Retribution
  10. Nah, @Juanaton he definitely gave it to her. They might have left it behind but I doubt it.
  11. There's the theory that they're the two spren associated with the surge of transportation, so an Inkspren and Lightspren
  12. But have you considered Moash x Kaladin? Because that definitely already exists... Frantically shoves age difference between Jasnah and Shallan in a closet to hide from @CrazyRioter
  13. Hmm, I disagree that if Gavilar had Sja-Anat then he gave her to Eshonai. If he did, then surely the Alethi would have seen more corrupted spren on the Shattered Plains during the entire war? Szeth was also given a sphere as well. If Gavilar found Sja-anat, I'm more inclined to agree with OP that she was stuck in Kholinar. Depends on what you think the purpose of him giving the sphere to her was for. I don't think he was giving her something to try and bring back her gods, I think he gave it to her as a reminder of the power that the Listeners were denying themselves. But the corrupted spren that we see in Kholinar are still recognisable as what they once were, where as it's never mentioned that the stormspren look the same (but corrupted) as windspren and Syl notices them several times before the Everstorm but never says anything about them being similar to windspren. Though I have no answer to your question about how they had enough stormspren.
  14. I'm thinking Dawnshards Though I think that whatever was behind it did more than just shatter the plains - it destroyed whatever was protecting Stormseat from the storms. All the structures are now buried in crem and the entire area exposed so there must have been something that protected it.
  15. I read this the other day when you first posted but didn't have a chance to respond to it. It's a cool theory though I don't necessarily agree with it. The one thing that does jump at to me though; From the way he speaks, it seems clear to me that Gavilar Kholin has seen the Everstorm. In the visions shown to us that Dalinar has seen, the Everstorm is not directly present in any of them. Honor mentions it, but we never see its effect on the world or the parshmen. The complete destruction of the world, yes, but not the Everstorm. Even when Dalinar goes outside the boundaries of the vision, all he sees is the light representing Odium, and the Champion with Nine Shadows. I came across this accidentally in my reread but the Stormfather did have the capacity to show the Everstorm to people. Between this and what White Leeopard pointed out above about Dalinar's visions referencing the Everstorm makes me think that Gavilar wasn't seeing the future. Which now has me slightly alarmed as to why the Stormfather is showing people things that had not yet happened. I think that he learned about BAM and the capture of the parshmen (though I don't think it's ever stated that he knew it was BAM, just that it was a 'crucial spren') through one means and the Everstorm through another and came to the conclusion that the storm could reverse what could be done.