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  1. Just stepping in quickly to give a general reminder to the room about being respectfully when talking about mental illness, as dismissing or demeaning them is harmful and you never know who might be lurking and being affected by your words. Otherwise y’all look to be having a great dialogue so far, have at it. Kudos to you all for being respectful of each other’s opinions even when they differ.
  2. The Coppermind board isn’t the best place for these questions. I’ve moved this topic to the Cosmere board instead, please just remember this board is ROW spoiler free (including in spoiler tags). Have fun!
  3. Congratulations on your marraige!

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      Thank you! 

  4. It's generally a mixture of people who are working on the articles or who find neat art and have been given permission to use it. There are a few dedicated editors who focus on art, but largely it is a combination of people.
  5. Okay your comment came across as quite directed hence my response. Either way, if you’re talking generally then I feel like the conversation needs to move on from this thread as it’s not related and we shouldn’t get into a draw out discussion about legal theory. But to touch on what Kaymyth mentioned, places on the internet do exist that are freedom driven - largely the dark web - and they are unpleasant and contain a lot of quite horrific behaviour and dealings.
  6. I think is is fair to say that if someone is going around threatening to kill other members even if we knew they did not have the means (and with this being the internet we don’t really know that) it would be prudent for the staff to step in. We have a duty of care to the people here and need to take these things seriously. And if someone was doing it as a way to ‘prove to staff that they can’ then that would be a very good way to piss off a lot of the staff and also isn’t a very good faith way to interact with people.
  7. Thank you! We're not quite there yet but hopefully in a few months! I am very excited.
  8. I hope so! I am super pleased how much people seem to enjoy this
  9. Hey! Are you referring to the very top of the page? That section just lists the series for Skyward instead of the individual books - it’s a bit confusing because the Skyward (series) double in name with the first book. Defending Elysium’s mentioned explicitly because it was not clear that it was the same universe until the first Skyward book came out and DE can easily get lost/forgotten as being part of the series. Hopefully I’ve understood what you’re asking about, apologies if I’ve gone off in the wrong direction.
  10. Rlarin would be my choice
  11. Aww thank you! Happy New Years to you too!
  12. Oh man I feel ya there. @Chaos lured me (happily) in alright - got myself a husband out of it! (Soon!)
  13. This is beautiful and I love it and I'm going to go and cry now cause it hit all the emotional buttons. Kadolin supporting each other is something I both knew I needed in life and am thankful that you provided it xD I laughed so hard at this and it was the perfect nugget of humour to offset the super sad of this fic.
  14. I think I've found a timeline error for Adolin's trial. Both of these conversations happen on the same day. Maybe Kalak just overruled the honorspren timeline though?
  15. Y'all are so nice