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  1. Oh! I did not realise that either! I was also just checking the Coppermind page and didn't think to check the actual book.
  2. That would be helpful SiMylo, thank you.
  3. @Honorless Unless there is confirmation that it was Ulim in these cases, we aren't able to state it as explicitly as you've stated. I've reverted your edits for now, you're welcome to re-add with other wording, we just can't state this as fact currently unless it's been confirmed in book or wob.
  4. Amusingly enough I never thought I would ship Kaladin/Moash and then I read a fanfiction with surprise!Kaladin/Moash and it drew me in. I was very mock outrage afterwards Oh my god how dare they make me like Kaladin/Moash (All joking in tone though). I don't ship them generally, but I do see the potential for an enemy to lovers or hate relationship. This is not a pairing I had considered but it resonates with me. My choice would probably be Rysarin (Your second response with the middle N dropped - it makes me stumble in the middle of trying to pronounce it)
  5. With the poly triad wob coming out last year, I now see Adolin as some level of queer - maybe not bisexual, but certainly not straight. I think it's quite significant that the questioner asked about a triad instead of a V hinge relationship as it indicates there is interest between Kaladin and Adolin, independent of Shallan. This makes me very happy, and I completely agree with you about how it would be nice to have a more openly prominent male character who is bisexual. (Wob below, hidden to conserve length of post). I think this happens for a few reasons, but the big one being that there is a massive under representation of queer relationships in mainstream media. When people don't feel represented in canon then I think it's natural for them to create a space where they can enjoy pairings that reflect their own sexuality and gender. I would also like to challenge the idea that the characters definitely appear as straight without interest in same sex romances. There is still a lot of stigma that, I think, leads to queer interactions still being subtly queer coded instead of made explicit. Because of this, interactions that may seem straight to some people appear very differently to others - I think the example of Shallan's bisexuality is a great example of this. Brandon didn't intend to write her as bisexual and I'm going to make an assumption that a lot of readers didn't see her thoughts on Jasnah to be gay, yet they are and Brandon has acknowledged that. I'm also very pleased that Brandon seems to have actively continued to write her character with this in mind - there's a description she gives of Azure in OB that reads to me as very gay. There are other interactions like this throughout Brandon's works (I find that Kaladin and Adolin have a lot of chemistry based on their interactions that also reads to me as very gay), that people will pick up on and then a ship is born. But also, as @revelryintheart pointed out, there doesn't need to be a reason behind a ship for it to be valid. Sure, ships can be created based on canon interactions (whether they be direct or indirect in their intention) but ships can also involve characters that have never met or aren't in the same series. I'm bothered by this as well, I would love to see more canonical f/f ships in mainstream media, and would love to see them eventually in the cosmere. In terms of where there are less in fandoms, I think it comes down to two things; underdevelopment and lack of f/f interaction. Brandon is good at developing female characters - other authors are not. I'm not going to be the best person explain this (I saw a very compelling argument about it and wish I could find it to link to it as it is a much better explanation than I can make), but a lot of authors/show runners etc don't develop their female characters much past a basic outline. It's like when you start a new game of DnD where you have a character sheet with attributes, abilities, some information on their personality, but the character is still rather two dimensional. As the game progresses, more aspects are added and the characters can become much more than what is on the player sheet and could become complex enough that they could be a real person. Female characters often get left at the character sheet level, with maybe a bit more of an addition, while male characters become complex enough that they are fully fledged individuals who happen to be a fictional character. I rarely ship f/f pairings because of this. Female characters I find to be boring and lack the complexity.. Male characters, however, are much more interesting and I want to see more of them outside of canon. I would very much love if more writers were able to develop their characters, irrespective of gender, to be highly complex like Brandon can. Then there's the aspect of interactions and this is something I think Brandon needs to improve on. How many female characters do we have compared to male characters in Stormlight? How many of those female characters have meaningful interactions with other female characters on screen? Are those characters related? Is there a massive age gap? Of course, these things matter to different people to different degrees, but I think that they can shape someones expectations regarding f/f pairings because the field of choices is so skeletal and the opportunity brought by on screen chemistry is nonexistent. Hopefully that helps give a bit of insight, though of course these are all my views and shaped by my own experiences, and will differ for others.
  6. Kadolin has always jumped out to me from their interactions. Maybe I'm just used to looking for subtle potential queer relationships (even if they're fanon instead of canon) but my fangirling hit hard from their first interaction in the marketplace and then was fully cemented at the end of WoK. It very much reads to me as an 'adversary to boyfriends' slowburn where they both need to learn how to interact with someone who won't treat them like the persona they present to the world. Adolin doesn't treat Kaladin as a leader or admire him the same way Bridge Four does - sure he grows to respect Kaladin but he never puts him on a pedestal. Kaladin, in turn, has to grapple with the fact that lighteyes aren't this class of awful people and that that Adolin is honorable and just a good guy. The scene in OB where the wall guard start poking fun of Adolin because he's a lighteyes is a great relationship growth moment for me - Kaladin's internal reaction of how they're wrong and that Adolin doesn't deserve that treatment really shows how much Kaladin has grown by having a relationship with Adolin. Shaladin I'm on the fence about. I think they could be good for each other but don't think they are currently good together. I think that they both need to tackle their own mental health problems and be able to deal with them individually before they could have a healthy relationship, otherwise they would feed into each other and ultimately crash and burn. As it stands, I think Kaladin's fear of losing people would evolve into him always putting Shallan first, and above his own needs, and lead into a really codependent dynamic. I think this behaviour would also come into conflict with Shallan's dislike of being controlled - as someone mentioned earlier, she got pretty defensive against Adolin, I think it would be worse with Kaladin. Adolin, I think, is able to step back when asked and not override Shallan's own control of her life, but I think Kaladin would really struggle to do the same because he's always been the leader who is in control of the lives of others and taken on the duty where he has to take care of people. Shallan also, is so used to withdrawing and avoiding things that if they ever had conflict then that's what I see her doing. Communication breakdown, (really anytime) but particularly during hard times can make or break a relationship and I think Shallan (and maybe even Kaladin) would end up stonewalling and not be willing to be open and vulnerable in order to establish those crucial lines of communication. But, mental health can get better and they can both gain the tools and resources they need to confront their own problems. Those problems won't stop existing, but I very much think if they are able to get to a place where they can individually manage their own issues, then any potential breaking points in their relationship could be effectively managed. Though, I think overall I would prefer to have friends!Shaladin. Male/female friendships are still so rare in media (whether it be books or other media) and I would really like to see a plot where a potential romance blossoms into a lasting and close friendship. They definitely have chemistry in the books (at least from my read), but I don't think that needs to remain as romantic chemistry. It would be nice to see a story which reaffirms not only that men and women can be friends without it being a prelude to romantic relations, but also that it's possible to go from having a potential romantic relationship to friendship. I don't think there's enough of these stories and it would be nice to see the common cultural trope that men and women can't really just be friends, start breaking down. I'm very on board with this ship. They are my power couple of the cosmere, they're both so badass and I think would stimulate each other intellectually while also be able to provide companionship and care. Another Jasnah ship that I love, which I hadn't initially thought of, is Jasnah/Azure. There's a fanfiction of Ao3 that really encapsulated how they might interact and I was smitten. Same thinking as Feather - I like Shasnah because of the opportunity it presents for Shallan to explore her bisexuality and see it more as a 'unrequited crush' relationship.
  7. There appears to be a contradiction in information between these chapters. It doesn't appear that this is happening specifically because of Syl like it does in the Physical Realm as Kaladin comments that her hair acts normally in the Cognitive.
  8. Not sure if this is an error or not, but both Thaylenah and Herdaz are later described as Vorin and both have Vorin leaders. Might just be that one of these doesn't get counted for some reason, but wanted to flag as it currently appears there are six Vorin kingdoms in total.
  9. Hey! Apologies that no one has been able to get back to you yet. I had a look at your edit and it looks good. When I double checked with someone, they indicated that it's hasn't been confirmed if Ruin deliberately crafted Hemalurgy with a flaw, though they themselves didn't think he created it. I think the ambiguous wording you changed it to is a good way to phrase that section to avoid having to address the question directly (and hopefully Brandon clarifies one day). Thanks for your help, it's very much appreciated.
  10. There's actually a combined Legion/Emperor's Soul Gollancz edition so it might have been this that was started with instead of each book individually.
  11. Interesting, I did a search for the chapter number and nothing came up so I assumed it hadn't been added yet. I think I remember seeing a discussion a long time ago about Nightblood and the gendering in OB - I think it's rather neat if purposefully done.
  12. Missing word between 'in' and 'vision'. Change in pronouns for Nightblood - this may have been deliberate, flagging just in case.
  13. I think the thing with silence is that, the it can cause that niggle of doubt as to why someone is being silent and can play into fears of the worst case scenario. At least for me, once that doubt is there, even if I believe it's wrong, it's hard to prevent the 'what if's' from intruding on my brain regardless of how else I might feel. So many people are looking for validation right now (as I believe they should be), and hoping that the person that they look up to, that they respect, will help to dispel that doubt and confirm that they matter. I found Brandon's responses to be written very eloquently and appreciate him acknowledging his lack of expertise on these issues, and his desire to listen to those better placed to speak out. At the same time, I am glad that he has addressed this. I think it does a world of good for the Sanderson community (regardless of whether they congregate here, or on Reddit, or Tumblr, or Facebook) to know that the person we admire supports those who are disadvantaged. I really appreciate how you have considered your own personal beliefs in the wider context. I'm not American so can't comment as someone who has lived experiences from within the country, but am aware of the long history of individualism and personal liberty that has been part of the society since its inception, and that it is still a strong value that is held today. But, and I do hope this does not come across incorrectly, I have also come across cases during my studies of the US, where individualism has been prized above all else and it has led to shutting out other issues and viewing matters are completely independent from each other. So it is welcoming to see someone who believes in individualism, but who also takes a holistic view of the world. @NattyBo - completely fine for you to post Brandon's responses. As you mentioned, not everyone is on Reddit, so publicising Brandon's responses helps to reach more of the fandom who are based here and don't use other platforms.
  14. The wob makes me think that it's akin to Anguish without being quite the same concept. I quite like the alternative suggestions put forth by @Pagerunner and @SirWolfe
  15. This is perfect and my shipper heart is all a flutter. I agree with Feather - adding in the logbook excerpts does so much to point out how much subtext is in their 'in book' interactions.