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  1. It’s official folks - Stormlight Four has an confirmed title! First announced by Tor then retweeted by Brandon, the newest edition to the Stormlight saga has been confirmed to be named Rhythm of War. Brandon floated this as the tentative title back in February 2019 during the initial outlining of the book, and it appears it stuck firm. Like with previous Stormlight novels, Rhythm of War will also reflect the title of an in-world text. Brandon has confirmed that this text will not be written by human hand, which fits nicely with a Venli focused book. Will we see another piece from our spotlight character, like in Oathbringer? Or maybe we’ll see some historical singer writings? Like always, RAFO. Here’s what Brandon has to say about it: Along with a title confirmation, we’ve been given a sneak peak at what may end up being the end page art of either Rhythm of War or Stormlight Five. This gorgeous piece by Donato Giancola, depicts Talenelat’Elin, Herald of War, and has been described by Isaac Stewart, Brandon’s art director, as striking “...the right balance between realism and symbolism, and gives us a heroic, yet tormented, version of this beloved Herald.” This painting is the first in what seems to be a full set of Herald portraits, with multiple other pieces currently in the works. According to Issac, which Herald’s end up in each book will be depended on who best fits the novel’s theme and which artwork pairs well together. Isaac explains: Last, (but not least!) Tor's post has also confirmed that Michael Whelan will be designing, what we all know will be, a stunning art piece for the cover of the American edition of Rhythm of War. Many keen eyed fan’s have been quick to notice the symmetry in the book abbreviations - WoK, WoR, OB, RoW - and speculation has begun about whether Stormlight Five’s title will follow the same pattern and be KoW. Think this might be the case? Put your comments or title predictions in the comments below!
  2. I would like to take a moment to strongly remind everyone that it is the responsibility of all individuals to be courteous and keep discussion friendly and civil. If someone asks you to stop doing a particular thing or that you tone it down then check yourself and consider why they are doing so. Be considerate, be friendly, and be empathetic about how your own messages are coming across because ultimately, every individual is responsible for what they write and how they engage. The mods are here to overall facilitate discussion, not to dictate every instance of what engagement is considered okay. It is our expectation that all members are polite and respectful and abide by the spirit of the rules as much as the letter. While we do strongly encourage members to report posts rather than engage, this does not mean that posts that are not reported are mod approved. Someone does not have to be a moderator to ask for civility and friendliness.
  3. Quick follow up to Argent's post - just a gentle reminder for everyone keep in mind that people will define religious beliefs and lack of religious beliefs differently. There is no one objective definition to any of these beliefs and they can be highly personal depending on the individual. Please be respectful when discussing how religions are defined and remember that someone else’s definition doesn’t invalidate your own or vice versa. The different views and interpretations expressed here can be discussed and explored in regards to Jasnah without any one view being proven to be the most correct. My two cents on the topic at hand: I think the fact that the Vessel's of the Shard's can die would be enough for Jasnah to conclude that they're not the equivalent of God. Knowing that she's gaining information about the cosmere from Hoid as well, and likely will hear the story of Adonalsium and how the Shard's came to power, I think this would further her conviction that the Shard's are powerful but not divine beings. Overall though, I can see her not looking at the the Shards or Adonalsium in the context of religion and God. She's content with her beliefs and her conversation with Taravangian in WoK says to me that she isn't interested in engaging with the idea of disproving religion as she doesn't see the onus as being on her to do so. I think she'll be highly interested in the Shards from an academic standpoint, but not from a religious one.
  4. Chapter 45 - I think there is a 'the' missing from this sentence.
  5. Hey RAFO! From the looks of the article, Jofwu’s gone through and changed the wording, thanks for bringing it up! Both chapters five and six are now being referenced - there’s probably something in chapter five that’s also relevant to the sentence. There are definitely times though that incorrect reference are added - generally just a typo. It’s pretty easy to mess up the references by accident (I know that I’ve referenced the wrong book series entirely before.... whoops). If you come across any mistakes like this, as Karger said, feel free to edit the page yourself - we keep track of new changes so will see what comes through. A lot of the White Sand articles haven’t had much love due to the GN format being harder to search through and the series being less popular (though I know Jof is trying to right this wrong), so any help that can be provided for these articles is always deeply appreciated. I’ve seen a few of your videos and imagine they must require quite a bit of research - we would love your help with anything you come across that is missing or incorrect on Coppermind articles. Also just as a heads up - double posting is discouraged on the forums. If you could please edit your original post in future, if you have extra info to add, that would be great.
  6. Can you please provide the link to the page? We’ve looked at the history of the current Windrunner page and cannot see the changes you’re talking about.
  7. Is it on Arcanum for the specific event you went to in January? It might already be there if it was part of the event that was recorded, but might be worth checking just in case! If it’s not on Arcanum then I suggest adding it there so it’s recorded somewhere! Speculation is used sparingly, but does sometime get added to pages if it has some sort of basis and adds something useful to the page. If there is speculation that you think would enhance a page then please come and discuss it in the Discord server for the Coppermind. In this case, the Order of the Windrunner page already has information pertaining to what the fourth ideal might be based on content in Oathbringer. What was it you wanted to add? I’m having trouble finding the changes you’re referring to on the above page. If it was a proposal for the direct wording of the Oath then yes this will be removed.
  8. Blessings I'm not sold on the idea that Hemalurgy works the same way on humans and kandra. This is based on the following thoughts; There is something different about the creation of Blessings that that has hindered the creation of different types (besides those currently known). Blessings are not directly interchangeable without some (though seemingly minor) interference. In humans, Hemalurgic spikes degrade the mind leading to insanity, whereas in kandra, Blessings grant sapience. As well as this, I think the Blessing of Awareness and a tin Hemalurgic spike would not produce the same results. The way that I've interpreted this table is that a tin spike would steal all senses, however, which sense the recipient gains is dependent on which bind point the spike is placed in. The Blessing of Awareness, however, grants an overall increase to senses, similar to Allomantic tin. I see Hemalurgic tin as working the same way as Feruchemical tin - enhancement occurs to each sense separately. Atium I also had a thought on what 'must be refined' might be referring to in the table, but it hinges on several... contentious assumptions. Assumption 1: the table was created after the Catacendre/Sazed becoming Harmony Assumption 2: atium is the lost metal Brandon has said in the past that atium no longer exists and that it also does not regenerate because because Ati no longer exists. However, I could see it being that atium no longer regenerates in the form it once took (aka its pure form found in the geodes), and instead is generated as some sort of compound. This compound could be distilled, however, to give atium, hence why it needs to be refined before it can be used in Hemalurgy. To me, this would also satisfy Brandon's insistence that atium no longer exists, because this compound would not be considered atium. I don't necessarily think that this compound though is harmonium (it could be, but I'm not saying that it is). (I know very little about geology and probably used those terms wrong... ah sorry).
  9. That would make sense, I had assumed it was because I’ve never done anything under that account before and it was some sort of anti-spam measure.
  10. Youtube doesn't want to show my comment properly for some reasons so I'm going to post this here as well. CW: Blood, Decomposition process, Bodily Functions Re. This wob: I’m not a doctor, but can give some more information about potentially storing hemalurgic spikes in a corpse. I would estimate that you would have, comfortably four-eight hours, to a maximum of twelve hours (though you would really be pushing it), before the blood is no longer viable to store hemalurgic spikes. When the human body dies and the heart stops beating, blood will cease flowing and settle towards the bottom of the body, in a process known as livor mortis. The settling of blood cells is what gives the skin of corpses a blue/purple tinge, as the red blood cells are drawn away as they are no longer resisting the pull of gravity. Livor mortis begins immediately, with signs being visible from as early as twenty minutes after death. Lividity will become obvious between two-four hours and peaks between eight and twelve hours, at which time the blood has fully settled and will become ‘fixed’, no longer moving at all if the body is manipulated. Cells will also begin to break down immediately after death, as the body stops taking in oxygen and the blood stops distributing oxygen, which leads to an increase in carbon dioxide, causing autolysis or self induced cell death. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), produced in the abdomen, will react with haemoglobin to form sulfhaemaglobin, leading to the green hue seen beneath the skin of corpses, creating mosaic like patterns that are referred to as marbling. By the point of fixed lividity the blood will be largely unusable, and will appear gluggy in composition. Despite the breakdown of cells and the settling of blood after death, it does remain viable to be used up until a certain point. The exact point, however, is hard to pin down and there’s only so many creative ways I could think of to ask one of my colleagues about the stability of blood in corpses. However, successful transfusions have been performed from cadavers over the last 100 years by both Russian and American medical professionals. In the 1920s, Russian doctor, Sergei Yudin advised that blood from a cadaver could be considered usable up to six hours in warm weather and eight in cold. Less than a decade later, American scientists Dr. Donald Farmer and Dr. Leonard Charpier transfused an estimated 35 patients with blood taken from four hour old cadavers. So based on previous experimentation within this area, you could avoid hemalurgic decay by using relatively fresh corpses, though anywhere after eight hours post death would run the risk of loss of power. However, there are a *lot* of factors that would affect this time frame including, but not limited to, ambient temperature, humidity, and exposure of the corpse to the air. Cause of death would also play a factor - if your friendly neighbourhood Inquisitor has severely maimed you and you die from massive blood loss then you’ll hardly make a good incubator for those spikes, unless they’re really desperate. They’ll also want to keep in mind the movement of blood as it settles and place the spikes on the lower side of the body so the blood pools on top of them, instead of draining away due to gravity.
  11. Jebus, your Taln fan girl is showing But, wow. Way to give us hope then take it away D:
  12. In the ebook, Sadeas' men are listed as wearing red instead of green in the scene where Adolin intervenes in the marketplace. My paperback copy (UK edition) doesn't have this error though, just my ebook. TWoK Chapter 46
  13. The timing surrounding Taln's reappearance has never sat well with me. He turns up on Roshar just in time for the Listeners to discover Stormform, bring the Everstorm and start a Desolation, but their decisions and choices are made irrespective of his return. I might be misremembering, but they don't know of his return and despite what happens, they're not deliberately trying to bring back their gods. I mean, it may be possible that Venli only discovered Stormform after Taln's return (or if she was influenced/nudged into the discovery, it only started after that point), but, also, maybe not. And the way that Taln speaks is as if they have at least some time to prepare - to learn how to cast metal and train leaders and soldiers - yet there's only around two months between Taln's return to Roshar and the Everstorm, which just doesn't seem to be enough time. I like this theory, it solves the things that currently bother me. But with that being said, this is heartbreaking @Calderis D:
  14. I am excited to buy one of these. What better way to start my leather bound collection than will the last book in the trilogy? Perfect logic.
  15. My favourite ship <3