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Found 50 results

  1. Something interesting that I noticed while read Arcanum, and if this has been talked about already I apologize. In the "Knight Radiant" symbol or the "Double Eye" for the Rosharan system it has multiple swords and dead down the middle is unmistakably Sunraiser, Elhokar's shardblade. We know from pictures and descriptions that it also has all of the basic A.K.A. Radiant glyphs etched onto it. We know this wasn't done later because it's a storming shardblade. So I raise the question, who's blade was it? My first thought was Melishi, the last Bondsmith, but I then remembered that Bondsmiths don't get shardblades (Assuming Dalinar isn't weird) and if it has enough importance to be the symbol for the Radiants and Roshar as whole, why is it so significant and who's blade is it????? Just throwing something out there, but maybe it was made by Honor. Thoughts? Edit: This is what I'm rambling about
  2. An intriguing question. Seekers detect kinetic investiture, not innate investiture; for example, they can detect someone using Allomancy, but they can't detect whether someone is an Allomancer, so the obvious answer seems to be no. After all, if the Surgebinder is only holding it and not using it, it isn't very kinetic. However, it is constantly being consumed, strengthening the user, removing their need to breath, etc. and it is always draining out of them. What do you think?
  3. Here's a WoB from earlier this month. There's been a lot of talk about the Unmade corresponding to heralds because their numbers are so close (9 and 10), but this WoB suggests the Unmade have more to do with Radiants. What if the Unmade were made (or un-made) from the souls of Radiants who died during desolations? There have always been theories that Recreance was partially due to Radiants learning that some awful fate awaited them after death. Maybe this was it. Maybe the investiture in their Nahel bonds allows Odium to trap their souls when they die. The same way he turned dead Dawnsingers into the Fused, he's turned dead Radiants into the Unmade. One Unmade for each order of Radiants. Except Bondsmiths, because it probably takes hundreds or thousands of souls to make an Unmade, and there just haven't been enough Bondsmiths to make it work. The "fuzziness" Brandon mentions is because the Unmade aren't 100% from each order. Re-Shephir might be 99% Lightweaver souls, but it's possible that some Elsecallers got mixed in. The Unmade with more humanity and intelligence might be the ones with the most souls, representing the larger orders.
  4. What if the Radiants didn't willingly break their oaths? They found out the truth about the voidbringers which was devastating. This truth created a conflict within them thus automatically breaking the oaths and killing the spren. They then give up their shards because they're dead rather than the spren dying because they gave up their blades.
  5. Hi, just made the account for this question. So we know that surges might have been responsible for destroying Braze( from the words of Odium so specifics and truth are not yet certain) Because of this , or because people jut couldn't be trusted with such power, or combination of these reasons Ishar decided to place some requirements(checks) on the bonds/surges, i don't remember the exect quote but i think there was talk of killing this proto-Radiants if they didn't agree to this check(or mayebe spren, depends which side of the bond had to agree, maybe both). So my main question is, how do this "checks" work. Do we have any information? Was it magic based? Like are the Spren physically unable to bond without those checks now? or is it more like they were unwilling to bond without those check fearing some divine asswhooping, wich after centuries devolved into spren believing they can't do it any other way? I think its safe to assume that this proto-Radiants didnt need to say oaths. So how did the spren bond people? Because i assume spren types didnt change, like Honorspren are still Honorspren so they would have wanted Honorable person to bond. And most important, if it was magic based, it was done by Ishar= Bondsmithpower, so can Dalinar remove these constraints(if he is the correct type of bondthmith out of three(but he is supperBondsmith now anyway so mootpoint)? or by anyone holding Ishars blade. P.S. we know that 3 bondsmith(s) don't have identical powers, but there are 10 Honorblades, meaning one for Ishar, so does ishars blade grant different/weaker/stronger bondsmith powers?
  6. So this is just an open question, to see if anyone has theories or knows of WoB that pertain to this. It's been bugging me for a while now how, for lack of a better term, special the Kholins seem to be. To my knowledge, becoming a Knight Radiant is not a matter of genetics (again, unless there's a WoB somewhere about this). This makes sense given how the magic system is essentially sentient; the spren choose the humans they bond with, and I don't think there has been any mention of them being limited by or drawn to different bloodlines. So why the Kholin's??? Dalinar is a Bondsmith, Renarin is a Truthwatcher, Jasnah is an Elsecaller. Elhokar describes seeing Cryptics in WoK (and keeps making obvious references to searching for the pattern of how things work, in both books - it is actually a defining, and very whiny, character trait), implying that he at least has the potenital to be a Lightweaver (maybe he is or was on some kind of shortlist of candidates :P). Beyond that, before Dalinar was chosen by the Stormfather to receive Honor's video diary, it is heavily implied that it was shown to Gavilar first. It is mentioned that he told Taravangian just before his death that he had visions about the Almighty and a storm. So yeah, that's a lot! Of the six Kholin's we've seen in the books (not counting Navani, since she is Kholin by - double! - marriage), five are either Knights Radiant or in some way special. No real theory on my part yet, still thinking it over, but it strikes me as very odd and I'm wondering if anyone has a theory or WoB to help shed light on this.
  7. I was processing books for the library at my school, and I decided to take a look at the beautiful endpaper maps and diagrams for the copy of The Way of Kings that had just come in. I noticed that on the "Double Eye" diagram of the radiant orders, the two orders in the center were the Bondsmiths and the Truthwatchers. This interested me, and got me to start wondering why the Truthwatchers are in the center with the Bondsmiths, who we know were the leaders and generals of the Knights Radiant. Here are a few of my theories: Truthwatchers are close to Cultivation like Bondsmiths are close to Honor - Some problems with this one: We don't really know if the Bondsmiths are specifically closer to Honor than other orders like the Windrunners. All we know is that Dalinar is bonded to the Stormfather, the godspren of Honor, and I think the prevailing theory is that there are three Bondsmiths, each bonded to a different godspren. We also know that Truthwatchers aren't bonded to a godspren - Renarin is bonded with a spren named Glys, not the Nightwatcher. A different direction with this theory would be that the surges, not the orders, are what's important on this chart. This would mean that some surges are more associated with Cultivation, and others with Honor, i.e. Feruchemy with Preservation and Hemalurgy with Ruin. This would just mean that Illumination and Progression just happened to be the most closely associated with Cultivation, and Adhesion and Tension with Honor. This still brings up some interesting thoughts about what this could mean for Truthwatchers. Like Bondsmiths, Truthwatchers are a key support Order - So far, what we know of the Bondsmiths' abilities seem to be providing support for other Radiants Following this idea, it would also seem to fit with the few details that we know about the Bondsmiths from Words of Radiance. According to their epigraph, they were the generals of the Radiants - leadership, but also support. From this, we can infer that by their placement on the chart, Truthwatchers are also a powerful support Order (although, the "powerful" part may just be wishful thinking about Renarin - wouldn't it be awesome if the character that everyone thought was weak turned out to be one of the most powerful?). Another thing that may hint at this is The key here is that it's not something that directly relates to Renarin - more so to Adolin. Therefore, it could be reasoned that this is a kind of "support" ability. It doesn't really mean anything and it's just how the diagram happened to be laid out - This is unlikely, considering it's Brandon we're dealing with here. Everything means something. E V E R Y T H I N G. As Kelsier would say, there's always another secret. Please tell me what you guys think, and if you have any theories about why the Truthwatchers are in the center of the Double Eye - I would love to read them!
  8. We all are excited for Oathbringer to come out and with that I was wondering who everyone thought will be the new radiant's and what order they will be in. I think The Lopen will be a dustbringer.
  9. I suspect that when Radiants who have reached a certain degree of progress in the Nahel bond die, they go to Braize. Several points of evidence have led me to to suspect this: The Nahel bond was not designed by Honor, but was an attempt by the spren to imitate what Honor had given to the Heralds. In WoR chapter 87, Syl clarifies to Kaladin that the Nahel bond was specifically based on the Honorblades. The Prelude to the Stormlight Archive tells us that one of the conditions of the Oathpact is that the Heralds would return to Braize to be tortured if they died, and were expected to return willingly if they did not die during a Desolation. To abandon the Oathpact, they had to leave their Honorblades behind, willingly and intentionally giving them up. They did so by slamming the Blades into the stone ground. This suggests that the Honorblades was the basis of their connection to the Oathpact, and thereby to Braize. The coded passage from the Diagram found in the WoR Chapter 84 epigraph references "the secret that broke the Knights Radiant". Apparently there is such a secret, and obviously it would need to be a very significant one. When Dalinar observes the Recreance in his vision (WoK Chapter 52), he sees the Radiants slam their Blades into the stone ground, as the Heralds did, and as Dalinar does when he relinquishes Oathbringer to Sadeas. This is clearly how the Bond is broken, though why they needed to leave the Plate behind as well is unclear, mostly because we know so little about what Shardplate actually is and whether it has any connection at all to the Heralds (whom so far have never been shown wearing Plate of any kind). Nale believes, following Ishar, that when the proto-Radiants "naturally discover the greater power of the Oaths"..."without Honor to regulate this, there is a small chance that what comes next will allow the Voidbringers to again make the jump between worlds." (Edgedancer, Chapter 9) This suggests that the Radiants are connected in some way we do not yet understand to Braize, and could potentially (though by no means certainly) bring a Desolation the same way the Heralds do. Whether Ishar is correct in this belief or not is not yet known to us. To bring these points together, the Nahel bond is based on the Honorblades, and severed by the same means that the Heralds severed their ties to the Oathpact. Is it possible, then, that by copying the Honorblades, the Nahel spren inadvertently recreated the not-so-desirable aspect of the Honorblades that connects the Heralds to Braize? If so, it is possible that when Radiants die, their soul(?)/Cognitive shadow/non-material aspect goes to Braize, as the Heralds do, instead of going through the usual afterlife? This would be an extremely serious side-effect for the Nahel bond to have, and it's hard to imagine anyone, least of all the Radiants who were all broken people in some way, stoically accepting more-or-less-eternal torment after their death. As others have theorized, we already have reason to believe that the afterlife is messed up in some way on Roshar, but if the Radiants suddenly found out that they were more or less guaranteed to go to Damnation, that would go a long way toward explaining the Recreance.
  10. Hey there Sanderfans, I just want to let everyone one know that there is a Brandon-themed Humble Bundle available now. It will be running for the next two weeks and features most of Brandon's novellas, a selection of Mistborn Adventure Game sourcebooks, as well as the Graphic Audio editions of Elantris and Warbreaker. Check it out here! The Bundle is broken up into the following tiers: For those who pay $1 or more Firstborn / Defending Elysium Omnibus The Emperor's Soul Legion Legion: Skin Deep Warbreaker Part 1 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 1 - Graphic Audio Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $8 or more Sixth of the Dusk Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Perfect State Warbreaker Part 2 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 2 - Graphic Audio Terris: Wrought of Copper - Mistborn Adventure Game For those who pay $15 or more Snapshot Dreamer The Hope of Elantris - Graphic Audio Warbreaker Part 3 - Graphic Audio Elantris Part 3 - Graphic Audio White Sand volume 1 Alloy of Law - Mistborn Adventure Game All told, if you pay $15 you are getting $174 worth of stuff (that's over 90% off). For reference, just one Part of the Graphic Audio adaptations ordinarily costs $14. It is also important to note that The Emperor's Soul, Legion, and Legion: Skin Deep are not available in regions where Gollancz has exclusive distribution rights (pretty much anywhere that used to be part of the British Empire). Also this Humble Bundle is currently (as far as I can tell) the only place to get the solo ebook release of Dreamer and the Graphic Audio edition of The Hope of Elantris. In other news Amazon.com has a listing up for preorder for a solo hardcover release of Edgedancer. Previously, Edgedancer was going to be exclusive to Arcanum Unbounded for five years but it looks like Tor is amending their contract with Brandon in order to give it an individual release in October 2017. Just in time for a re-read before the release of Oathbringer in November! Nauvoo Games, who are making the Reckoners board game, has also posted some pictures on Twitter, from an event they did last month: I do not know for sure if this is the actual art style they are planning for the game, but I really hope it is. I think it captures the feel of the Reckoners trilogy perfectly. I also love that they used the Superman symbol, presumably as the symbol of the Faithful. Unfortunately however, I doubt that will remain in the actual release due to licensing reasons. Especially since the pendant in Abraham's portrait uses a different design for it. Edit: Since the people over at Nauvoo Games are awesome they just shared on Twitter that there will also be minis included in the game and posted a mock-up of a mini for Abraham!
  11. Hypothesis: The Shin worship Odium in the same way that much of Roshar worships Honor through the auspices of Vorinism. Looking at things through this lens allows for some very intriguing and entertaining possibilities. There is very little evidence to directly support or refute the idea, and so it remains mere speculation. But the more I think about it, the more sure I am that something very, very odd is going on there. With Stones Unhallowed likely to explore that a lot more, guessing what may come is a fun game for me. I started this thread in a sleep-deprived frenzy, and am slowly getting it cleaned. Also, this is a ridiculously massive wall of text, and so I'm using spoiler tags to hide it. There are also several sub-theories that I'm developing based off of this thought that are included, which contribute to the size. Edit: Heavy edits to introduction and point 1. Supporting reasons! Problems with the idea! Thoughts? Comments? Responses? I have edited some points, in order to rectify mistakes and confusions! Thank you all who have posted so far! Keep posting. I know this is a bit ridiculous, but I find myself enjoying this idea more and more as time goes by, even if I don't think it's actually true. Adding spoiler tags just to hide some of the post and make it less likely to accidentally give someone a coma when they run into it.
  12. Ever since we discovered that the small circles on the rear endsheet of The Way of Kings (what I call the Voidbringing chart) are symmetric around their centers, I've been looking for things to help me figure out how Voidbringing works - because it felt clear to me that there should be strong parallels with what we see on the front endsheet (the Surgebinding chart). The two are far too similar, so I believe they must be opposite in many ways. I think I finally have an elegant solution. But before I present it to you, a quick primer. Surges and Surgebinders We now know a lot about what the Surgebinding chart illustrates. There are ten Heralds around the borders. Each Herald corresponds to a big circle, enclosing a glyph - an Order of the Knights Radiant. Each big circle is connected to two small circles - the primal Surges members of that Order have access to. We now know the names of all the Heralds, all the Orders, and all the Surges, so there is no point talking about them, you can find the information elsewhere. I will provide only a list of all the Orders and Surges for quick reference. Voids and Voidbringers The most important part of my theory lies here. At this point it's pretty reasonable to say that the Voidbringers are the Parshendi. Or, more specifically, the creatures of destruction remembered by the people of Roshar are the Listeners when they embrace certain forms. In other words - and this is a part of my claim - when we saw Eshonai take on stormform, we only saw one type of Voidbringers, the same way Kaladin is one type of the Knights Radiant. Windrunners are an Order of the Radiants; stormforms are a... something... of the Voidbringers. If this is true, then there are nine other types of Voidbringers we are yet to see - one for each big circle on the rear endsheet. Eshonai represents one... let's call them Voidorders (we really need some words other than "void"...) of the Voidbringers, but unlike the Knights Radiant, she has the option to switch her Voidorder. She can go out during a highstorm, discard her stormform, and embrace decayform, nightform, or smokeform, for example. So far those are the only voidforms we have seen, I believe, but my gut tells me there should be a total of ten of those. So far so good. Now, let's tackle the small circles on the Voidbringing chart. Just like the big ones stand for Voidorders and are the opposite of the Radiants' Orders, the small ones are probably the powers, the Voids, each Voidorder has access to. These Voids would have to be something similar to the Surges, but can't be the same - but like much else, they can be their opposites. In fact, the way the Voids' glyphs are written supports this even further. Those glyphs are not just some asymmetric shapes, they are the Surges' glyphs, broken in half, and then put back together with one of the halves inverted, made its opposite. Considering how much emphasis is put on symmetry in Roshar, this looks like a pretty powerful symbol of not asymmetry, but of anti-symmetry instead. We've taken the Surges, something divine (as represented by their symmetry) and natural, and have turned them into an anathema. Still with me? Good. I won't speculate on what the Voids might be, though I suspect they will somehow end up mirroring the Surges. Instead, I will look at the different voidforms and make the claim that they stand opposite of the Radiants' Orders. Stormform, with its control over the winds (and lightning), sounds like the more hateful counterpart of the Windrunners. Nightform shares some of the future-telling capabilities Renarin, as a Truthwatcher, exhibits. Smokeform, "for hiding and slipping 'tween men," seems very similar to what Shallan can do with her Lightweaving. Decayform... will have to be put on hold for now. The Listener Song of Secrets is not very clear on what this form does, but it's possible that it opposes the Edgedancers ("watch where you walk, your toes to tread") or the Willshapers ("destroys the souls of dreams"). The Edgedancers are a good candidate because of Nale's remark about member of that Order gracefully running along ropes, but the Willshapers' name is more appropriate for the good counterpart of something that destroys the souls of dreams. Whatever that means. The colors on the two endsheets' big glyphs also match, so we could treat that as a piece of extra evidence that we are thinking along the right lines. So there you have it, folks. Voidbringing. I wish I could figure something out about the Voids, because they feel like I should be able to see them... but I can't. Not fully, at least. If Stormform is the counterpart to the Windrunners, then its powers should be somewhat similar. And in a way they are - we see Eshonai & co. call a highstorm (which involves strong winds, which are created by - among other things - difference in pressure; so there's a different form of Adhesion) and throw lightning around (which could be the Voidbringers' answer to gravity - Windrunners get Gravitation, Stormforms get Electromagnetism). The other Voidorders' Voids kind of sound similar, yet opposite, to their respective Orders' Surges, but we haven't seen enough for me to come to a conclusion. Is Smokeform (anti-Progression & anti-Transformation) the form creating illusions, blinding enemies, and summoning darkness? And even if it is, how would the Transformation Void even work? This is not to say that I don't like those anti-Surges, but we really need more information for a more conclusive theory. TL;DR The forms of power the Parshendi received from their gods are what transforms them from Listeners to Voidbringers. Each form (stormform, smokeform, etc.) opposes one Order of the Knights Radiant; Stormform, for example, seems to share the same abilities theme as the Windrunners. The powers those anti-Orders, Voidorders as I call them, also seem opposite to the Surges, but we don't have enough evidence. The term "Voidbringer" is about as descriptive as the term "Knight Radiant" - both are used to denote only one type of the entire category (all Windrunners are Radiants, but not all Radiants are Windrunners; all Stormforms are Voidbringers, but not all Voidbringers are Stormforms). I keep wanting to rename this thread to something more descriptive, but everything I come up with sounds like the name of a research paper. Voids, Voidbringing, and Voidbringers: The Nature of Odium's Investiture and its Applications to and by the Listeners...
  13. The war against the parshendi has been going for four years and the great city of Kholinar is starting to fall. There are rumors on the streets about Elhokar and because of this the brightlords are trying to claim the throne. The city consists now mostly of women, children and elderly. The few able-bodied men left are either guards or cowards. More crimes are committed now than ever before because there just aren't enough guards to enforce the law around the clock and because of this it's really dangerous to go out in the dark. So... This rp would take place before The Way of Kings and would start in Kholinar. Your character would be an ordinary citizen at first but would find their spren soon. After the initial start your character can leave kholinar if that seems like a decent choise. If you want to join, post a little synopsis about your character's personality, looks and abilities before bonding with their spren. Also which order of the radiants they'd be in and the extent of their powers in the surges of that order. p.s. This is one of my first rp:s so feel free to criticize and give me ideas to make this better.
  14. Soooooooo while i was re-re-reading SA i remembered something about the radiants all being "broken" as people , meaning that if someone has had hardships in their past and kept on living they are more suitable to become radiants,(propably because the first three ideals mean so much more to them) BUT we've all been lied to , they took us for fools I SAY !!! (too dramatic? ... yeah propably ) well as i was reading this masterpiece something dawned on me , no they are not ! most of our characters have lived adequetly good lives up until the spren showed up Lets take them one at a time starting with the easier one :Shallan Davar , now u might say , hey she hasd the whorst life imaginable her mother tried to kill her dying by shallan's hand in the process her father covered it up to protect her but it ende up turning him into a violent monster that treated her brothers horribly, and you would be right if it wasn't for the little fact that it was patern's apearance the trigger that started this domino effect if he hadn't come her mother wouldn't have a reason to kill her and the whole crisis would have been averted . She even blames him directly for her life at the end of book two ... umm spoilers i guess? next we heve stormblessed him self :Kaladin he describes being great with the spear from the first time he picked up one ,which would predate tien's death. apart from that he lived a happy life . Yes he didnt have any friends apart from Laral who became a stuck up b...bad person and got bulied by the citylord for two years it is exteemly mild as far as disasters go Renarin Kholin we dont know much about his life the only tragic thing that we know is the death of his mother and maaaaybe not being able to live up to his father's (initial)expectations due to his blood weakness . but those dont seem good enough reasons to break a person considering that he is a prince and... well he is a prince! plus his father loves him and his brother adores him , it seems to me like a relatively good life as for Jasnah Kholin from her hatred of the thiefs and killers that she soulcasted we can assume the same thing that Shalan observed that something was done to her but apart from that she had her spren before her father's assasination and she is a very stoic person to think that she would let any tragedy scar her as much but at least i can see it as possible Same goes for Dalinar he forgot his wife so ... no scaring from there and he is a warrior , he has definately lost many allies to think that even his brother's death would fase him so i am not mentioning lift cause she definately had some crazy bad things happen to her , for her to be the way she is so what if the spren are not looking broken people only resilient ones and the breake them either as a test of strength or to fit the requirements of being broken(which might sound like the same thing but it isn't . since it means that spren aren't all that "good " but would ruin lifes to form people into soldiers against odium . where you could say that this is ultimately good since they strive for the survival of roshar , but that would make them kinda like Taravangian and that would make a boring class of ideologies ) i dont mean to undermine their traumas i am just saying that if you are serching for tragedies in roshar , Teft and Wikim Davar seem like far better cadidates any way my head is muddled and my eyes droppy so i rest my case , what do you think ? NOTE: in the case that this has been discussed before (which it most definately has ) plz send me the link cause i couldnt find anything
  15. From the end of WOR, it seems we have two groups who are or will grow to be the main powers on Roshar: the Taravangian led Diagram; and the Dalinar led Radiants (I know that he does not truly lead them but he is the closest that they have right now). While I am sure other groups will come into play, I am not sure that they will be able to match these groups easily. What I want to discuss is the different plans for weathering the coming storm. It seems to me that the Radiant strategy will rely more around fighting their way through the desolation. I know many orders were not necessarily fighters (although they all seem to possibly get a shardblade anyway) but in my mind, the strategy is more directly confrontational. They want to protect as many people as they can while also fighting back against the voidbringers. This is what they have done in the past but never without the Heralds. It may not work well to use this same strategy, with or without them. Taravangian, on the other hand, seems to be more about survival by any means. This may be what is required to make it past the desolation this time but one wonders at the cost. It seems to me (from the quote above) that he believes as long as enough of humanity survives to allow them to repopulate, he has done his job. But this may even mean sacrificing all other humans besides this necessary seed population. The Diagram would likely see no difference between using all remaining humans to fight/protect this seed or slitting their throats themselves as long as it served their ultimate goal. Obviously, I am somewhat skeptical of the morality of the Diagram. Like I said, it may offer the best hope for Roshar but the sacrifices of the innocent that it could allow makes me wonder. I am also somewhat biased towards the glory of Radiant battles (how Alethi of me). But I do know that the Radiants will have to be and do more than they have in the past if the hope to actually make it through this fight. What do you guys think?
  16. What did Szeth see that caused him to raise the alarm? This quote seems to say that it was more related to the Voidbringers than surgebinding. I really don't think he had any surgebinding before the honorblade.
  17. Hey guys here is a song that I wrote! I am working on composing soundtracks for various cosmere stories, and this is an example of what I like to do with music. I'll post various soundtrack ideas as I complete them, right now I am working on a couple songs for both Stormlight Archive and for Mistborn, although hopefully I can also get some Elantris and Warbreaker in there too. https://soundcloud.com/alex-watson-12/the-lightning-boy Also here is the Wav file if you are interested. Feedback please!! The_Lightning_Boy.wav
  18. There's a question to be asked: Why Nalan hunts Surgebinders? Or rather: Why does he believe that Surgebinders may cause Desolation? Let's get a timeline. I'll be puting quotes in spoiler tags. There were no Desolations before humans were on Roshar. At first, Heralds were the only Surgebinders. At one point, spren figured out what Honor did and started bonding humans which resulted in Surgebinders. Heralds became patrons of the Orders, at the same time imposing organisation on them. We know that between Desolations Radiants fighted with some monsters (Dalinar's vision with Midnight Essence). We know that Heralds are sent back to Roshar before Desolation. We know that if they stay too long after Desolation ended, another one will start. Aharietam and Recreance: The Last Desolation was 4500 years ago. There is a connection between Heralds tortured and Desolation. Kalak seems to believe that if Odium cannot torture them to break them, he can't cause a Desolation. After Heralds walked away from Oathpact, Knights Radiant did not leave their posts. Steel stores physical speed. When Recreance happened, one of the soldiers in Feverstone Keep mentioned that Radiants should be fighting devils on the front line. So even after Last Desolation monsters showed up. After Recreance there were probably no Surgebinders (or next to none, since spren turned away from humans). Honor was Shattered after Recreance (or maybe Tanavast survived Shattering long enough. It is nor clear or known.) since it is in one of the Dalinar's visions Modern times: Taravangian believes that Desolation happens when Heralds break under torture and that spren came back because it was to happen. Stormfather forbidden spren (or maybe only honorspren) bonding with humans in fear of Recreance happening again. He has to accept Words, though. Stormfather sent Dalinar visions as demanded by Tanavast. These visions request Dalinar to refind Knights Radiant Spren started bonding humans at least ten years ago (Shallan's childhood) Nalan hunts Surgebinders down because he believes that Surgebinding may cause Desolation. Voidspren started showing up en masse after "Taln" returned to Roshar. But Venli is suspected to bear stormform earlier. True Desolation seems to be triggered by chain reaction: stormspren start hijacking Listeners -> large number of stormform Parshendi exist -> Voidbringers summon Everstorm -> Everstorm circles Roshar carrying more voidspren, triggering more Voidbringers out of formless Parshmen But Radiants existed for a long time after the Last Desolation, until Recreance. When Heralds abandoned Oathpact Jezrien said "There is a chance we might end the cycle of Desolations." But that wasn't their intention, they wanted to get free of the torture. They seem to consider End of Desolations as a side effect, not the primary goal. They know that Odium is somehow bound by their torture and they're afraid he will find a way around them not returning to the Damnation. True Desolation seems to be different to the regular Desolations, but we do not know why. The question is, why would Nalan hunt Surgebinders since they existed before without triggering Desolation? Why is the True Desolation different from the previous Desolation? How is it different? What is the exact connection between Herald's torture and breaking under it, their return, release of voidspren and start of Desolation? Do spren sense Herald's coming near to point of breaking? Discuss, provide more quotes and WoBs you find relevant.
  19. I just had a bit of a jolting realization: Spoilers for Mistborn first trilogy
  20. So in one of Dalinar's visions in Way of Kings he sees Radiants who have helmets on and then all of the sudden do not. It seems like a silly thing to be an effect of the vision as there are no other weird discrepancies and Brandon is not one to add details for no reason. Also the fact that after the battle of the Tower where Dalinar is betrayed by Sadeas he loses his shardplate's gauntlet. He then says that the Parshendi could hold that gauntlet and regrow it into a full suit if Dalinar did not have the rest of the shardplate. He borrows Adolin's gauntlet and says his shardplate will regenerate the hand piece with stormlight and time. So if shardplate regenerates like some kind of organic coral type thing could modern shardplate also be made of dead spren stimulated by stormlight? Are we seeing the Radiants in Dalinar's vision drop their visor mentally with a thought? If shardplate is made of spren is it the same spren as the blade or a different one that becomes the armor once they reach the 5th ideal or something like that? WILL KALADIN BOND A damnation GLORY SPREN FOR THE SHINIEST ARMOR AWARD ALREADY!!! Sorry... got carried away. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  21. Theory: Nightblood exists enough in the cognitive realm to act as a spren and facilitate a Nahel bond. It sounds a bit out there but I want to see peoples thoughts on this.
  22. One thing I don't understand is are all radiant's spren able to turn into weapons? Can Lift's plant spren turn into a weapon ? I mean all spren seem to have different abilities and obviously give certain abilities but is turning into a weapon something all spren should be able to do. Does shallan's and jasnah's spren sword debunk this theory? I'm getting the feeling that they all can but I hope that they don't. Lightweavers spren (shallan's) should be able to solve puzzles and detect lies but turn into a flying weapon doesn't make sense because IT CAN'T FLY and it doesn't seem to shape shift (based on pattern). I think giving the different spren different abilities would make it more interesting and more diverse. ** and by all spren I mean ones that bond to radiants
  23. So recently I finished my re reading of SA, and somewhere into WoK I got into a discussion with some friends about shardplate, and it got me thinking. At this point probably stop reading if you haven't finished Words of Radiance. I'd like to see what people think about shardplate, since it seems it doesn't get as much attention as the other various shards. I had been thinking about the workings of plate, it started with realizing that if shardplate was really made out of metal, it should dent, except it doesn't, it shatters. When I brought this up to my freinds they seemed to think treating plate like a fabrial was silly since doing that in the past turned out to be false (i.e shardblades being spren). They believed that construction of plate was in some way related to the Nahel Bond, as shardblades are. Despite this, I'm pretty sure they are just fabrials. We know the gemstone in a shardblade isn't actually related to its function, but shardplate requires them AND a steady supply of stormlight. If the gemstones aren't infused then the armor is anything but light. And, probably most importantly, everything shardplate does can be related to the surges. Shardplate is metal, yet it shatters instead of deforming, I imagine that is is related to the surge of either tenstion or cohesion, but I can't say for certain since we don't yet know much about those surges. Progression or transformation would allow the plate to regrow from a single piece. The misting of the visor due to illumination. Obviously there's some pretty advanced fabrial science that is beyond our current understanding but as we've seen, the ancients had some pretty wicked knowledge in that department. This brings me to my second topic. History. Recent and not so recent. The vision where dalinar meets Nohadon seems to imply that Bond granted surgebinding was present long before the founding of the Knights Radiant. This is important because I believe shardplate was the hallmark of the Knights and came into existence around the same time. In fact I think this time was one of the few where it's construction was possible given the level of technology at the time. That they managed to construct something as sophisticated as the oathgates makes me think they could manage shardplate. As for recent history, both Kaladin and Renarin seemed to have no problem touching shardplate, which doesn't help the assertion that shardplate is of the spren. Something both my friends were eager to prove. tl;dr: Shardplate is just a very advanced fabrial that was made at the same period as the founding of the KR and the construction of Urithiru.
  24. Brightlady Istow, highjudge of the dueling ground loves the law. She is so focused on the law and the rules she is not willing to stop Adolin's duel with Relis and friends. Though she has enough compassion she tried to make sure Adolin knew what he was getting into. I can think of no other characters who fit the traits the Highspren are presumably looking for more than Istow. I have no idea how that fits with Nalan's plans.
  25. I think Brandon has told us how the Oathgates are locked. It struck like lightning this weekend on my re-read. After the Radiants stopped using the Oathgates, the purpose of the plateaus was eventually forgotten and the plateaus (except on the Shattered Plains) were built upon. There are many people and buildings to move, requiring an astronomical (if not infinite) amount of Stormlight. The locking is not intentional. Check out these quotes: Shallan has been mostly moving people from the warcamps, we don't know how physical matter affects the amount of Light needed. It's possible that physical matter is unimportant, only the number of "conscious" minds impact Light needs. We may see what happens if/when the palace in Kohlinar is emptied of people. A co-worker of mine pointed out: The Everstorm may take care of these "locks" by scouring the plateaus clear of buildings; inadvertently helping via destruction. Thoughts?