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  1. A bit redundnat don't you think though it would have Gold/Gold Twin characteristics. An aluminum fering with forgery would be potentially very interesting since from that they could acquire virtually any form of investiture or skill permanently through identity storage.
  2. When Emily promises you a copy of Lost Metal over a year ago and are disappointed that she seems to have forgotten.
  3. I cleared an icy ridge and a pristine valley lay before me with a broad deep blue lake around which was a volcanically heated green valley. An urgency possesed me to reach the the perpendicularity with utmost haste. In that lake was the begining of the next chapter of my life. A chapter where I could potentially begin to heal a world in sore need of help.
  4. With regards to the Nahel bond and the added connection it provides. Could an AA twin absorb the portion of the Identity from a dead shardblade restoring it once bonded to the blade? If so then that person could potentially acquire multiple Radiant bonds gaining access to all the surges. Just food for thought.
  5. Aluminum Feruchemy is particularly interesting to me since identity stores all of a persons attributes, connections, and investiture. If utilized like soothing or rioting it could potentially be used to enhance desired attributes, connections, and investiture of the feruchemist. I also speculate that an AA twin might be able to absorb identity from others since all that investiture needs to go somewhere when they burn it, and based on how it works feruchemically I wonder if it just doesn't store the identities of the metals out of reach when burned, but perhaps not for a twin. Hemalugically Aluminum blanks investiture which could be related Identity as well. So an AA twin might also act sumwhat like Peter or Silar in Heros, storing or copying parts of identity from others into their own Identity. We see something like this produced with Forgery. They could also potentially use full blown hemalurgy without the debilitating effects through mix and matching parts of Identity. Even the use of forgery on an AA twin could potentially be a means of adding additional types of investiture permanently. Yes I know this is just speculation, but what do you think?
  6. I wasn't aware, but I have been corrected. Sorry.
  7. That isn't entirely true. Harmony himself has two investitures. Allomancy is of Preservation, and Hemalurgy of Ruin, while Feruchemy relies on their interaction, so many on Scadrial use both, and anyone could use any kind of investiture through hemalurgy since that is how Autonamy gave her followers additional powers, but using her own investiture spikes. Hoid is just the most extreme example of Mixed investiture. Of course he is also virtually a Shard, or at least a part of their society, which might explain why he was aware of how to add different investitures for himself.
  8. After reading several pages of this topic I think something may be missing, but since I haven't read every post I might have missed seeing what I was thinking as reading. Premis one. All Radiants are devoid of 2 of their main advantages in Shadesmar, Plate and Blade, regardless of oath level. Premis two. The Ghostbloods would be able to give advanced warning in case of invasion and provide movement into and out of Shadesmar to Scadrial in addition to provideing additonal alies to them. Premis three. The rosharan bond is not planet dependant, but character dependant, so it is reasonable to assume that Scadrians could bond Spren if their character was right for the particular Spren. Since Scadrian weapons and tech are superior and can be brought to Shadesmar they could both break through a Rosharan blockage and decimate Rosharan forces even the Radiants all throughout Shadesmar, making the Elsecaller, Bondsmith type of strategy very unworkable. The Scadrians also have a ready suply of fuel for their metal art regardless where they go in the Cosmere meaning they can fight at near peak magical potential. Allomantic grenades would neutralize all the Radiants in a force requireing them to consume far more stormlight just to retain their abilities, and yes the Scadrians would know this from the Ghostbloods. It might not just be Trellium that could be used in conjunction to Harmonium to create WMD's (anti-investiture weapons would probably be a more appropriate term instead of Nuclear or anti-matter though with similar destructive potential). Since we saw that the Allomancers were able to consume and use alternate investiture in TLM, it is also reasonable to assume that all the metal born could fuel their powers with stormlight at a very high level giving them another advantage, and since Scadrians seem a little more highly invested than normal, exposure to stormlight might provide even a regular Scadrian enough additional investiture to activate their powers en mass, shifting the balance towards Scadrial in any combat engagement. Rockets, Grenade launchers, grenades, bullets, vehicles, etc, which could all be brought to Shadesmar, would ovewhelm and destroy even KR's let alone any other regular troops. The rare twin combinations also add a wild card to the mix that could potentially be near unstoppable depending on the interactions. Wayne is just one example of the insane power a twin can have. At this point my opinion is that Scadrial could win both an offensive and defensive war, but given the revelations in 6th of Dusk it seems as if there is not a clear victor between them. Instead a kind of balance of power, and cold war. Oh one more thing Hemalurgy might also be able to steal Nahel bond in much the same manner that a Bondsmith can. As strong and resiliant as KRs are the idea of restraining them long enough to destroy them is still a workable strategy and one well within reach of the Scadrians.
  9. If you are obsessed with the idea that an aluminum twin can evolve through a combination of Hemalurgy, Forgery, and contact copying of any and all forms of allomancy and feruchemy into a Fullborn.
  10. I suspect that we may have already seen some of the materials or weapons used against 4th oath radiants. As of yet we really haven't seen how either Aluminum or Raisium weapons interact with shard plate and the Spren that create them. It could be materially different than how it interacts with Shardblades since lesser spren have been shown to act adversely to aluminum and Raisium has a major affect on Stormlight and voidlight even in gems so it might in Shardplate. I can also see population and advancement levels making a difference and like in the Sword of Truth seriies Richard could do things thought impossible by others simply because he was ignorant of supposed limitations. Another thing is that even in the old days we have no Idea how many radiants progressed to even 3rd and above, they could have been very rare so not much of an issue in the distant past. I personally don't think there is that much of a power difference between Radiants and Odiums forces since the vast majority of both are very inexperienced so are just learning what they can do.
  11. I found Ander at a corner table. He seemed to be taking reports. He looked up as I approached with a puzzled expression seeming to wonder why I was there. Before he could ask I grinned and told him that their operations had drawn to much attention from both sides of the upcoming major conflict and regardless which side prevailed it would be advisable to become scarce. Then I turned and left as he and the others spluttered. Traveling is a very interesting thing when you have both stormlight and metal at your command. Stormlight could get me into and out of the cognative, while any number of metals or pseudo metals could propel me once there to cover large distances. I could also forego the cognative and use any number of light and metal based abilities to travel quickly at will. All that aside once I stepped out of sight I concealed myself in a light illusion and walked away. When Ander and the others burst from the Pub in search of me I found it very amusing seeing them scatter to find me. Hours later and miles away as dusk approached my Spren and I were discussing the problem of them leaving the system to travel with me. They couldn't be carried in a gem through the cognative because as we approached the limits of the system their mass increased exponentially and the pull of the system increased. Though we could break our bonds and I could leave the system on my own that seemed like a very poor choice for either them or me. So as we walked and discussed the issue I hit on an idea that I might be able to swear one final oath that would fully bind all of the Spren with me such that not only would the bond be part of my identity, but for all intents and purposes they would too. The oath went like this "In truth and compassion I will seek balance, liberty, and justice for myself and all who enter my sphere of influence." There was a blinding surge of power around me as the as a sixth level binding formed between me and all my Spren. In that moment I stored them and that part of my identity into a bracer metal mind along with the surge of power that came with it. The illusion vanished and I was once again revealed. I burned steel and Iron dropping iron spikes and flew toward the peaks with alternating push pull surges. While I did that I stored both weight and speed for later use.
  12. I have been thinking for some time now that Reconers seems like practice for era 3 Mistborn or modern Mistborn, and with the skyward series if that is practice for space age cosmere books. Rhythmatist also seems to be practice for era 3 Mistborn stories. From what I have heard era 3 Mistborn sounds like it will be a world with Superheros similar to Reconers and of Course Space travel in Space age Cosmere and Skyward seem way to on the nose. What do y'all think? Oh and I am more excited for Era 3 Mistborn than any more Stormlight books which, even though I enjoy virtually all his stories, far out weigh the non cosmere off shoots for me.
  13. Yeah and I would like to see him revisit the world of Shadows for Silence. Because shadows minimal coverage I think it might be ripe for fan fics.
  14. When I look at a map of Shinovar I don't see any ports or cities to trade in on the map unlike other locations in Roshar so trading in a Meadow since it is open space and wild seems reasonable. That implies that the information is available to one that takes an interest in Shinovar, but their best protection from that is to seem uninteresting. There are actually a number of items like metals that they want to trade for, but few take the time to learn what they are after and what might be best to trade for. Of course trade is done on the edges since the interior is devoted to the farms and is restricted. I could potentially grant that, but the rule among them seems to be that People who pick up weapons are of the very lowest caste even if they only picked one up once. Coppermind says that Truthless are exiled from Shinovar and cursed to be a warrior to outsiders. Held may not mean actually holding the blade, but instead having custody of the blade. I am not sure Szeth's Father was bonded to the blade just that it was in his custody or he stored it. Or you may be right that there are special rules for honor blades or it might be using a weapon not just picking it up is what takes you from whatever to warrior. Szeth trained with weapons and so was Warrior Caste regardless the rules.
  15. I didn't say they gave it to him because he was truthless. They possibly let him keep it because he was. The fact that he had it already meant he was already of the lowest caste in Shin. I don't recall where it has ever said Vistim has never seen their cities, of course if the cities are surrounded by farms visiting them would be difficult. However cities don't need to be near farmlands, in fact having a city near farmland could be detrimental to the farmland. Small towns, villages, hamlets would likely have nearby farms, but cities, that seems questionable. Of course Shin may not have any cities at all. Given that farms are sacred there would be no soldiers or warriors there and perhaps not even nearby. Sorry I don't accept the premise that they are so isolated that no one from outside has a clue about what goes on there, not if there are people like traders who travel there regularly. I saw nothing in the books to support that idea, and much that implies otherwise. Besides soldiers and weapons training is viewed by Shin as an embarrassment and dishonorable so would be kept very covert even from locals, so again only limited practice with what is known and now overt experimentation of what might be possible given that combat is the lowest most disgraceful profession in the land. Why do you think Szeth is the exception? I don't get that impression at all. Oh and if Szeth's father had picked up the honor blade even once he would no longer be a shepherd so he never touched it, but Szeth did and so lost almost all respect, which might be why it was so easy to name him truthless. Picking up a weapon even once costs all status for life in Shin society.
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