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Possibilites of Aluminum?


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Aluminum Feruchemy is particularly interesting to me since identity stores all of a persons attributes, connections, and investiture. If utilized like soothing or rioting it could potentially be used to enhance desired attributes, connections, and investiture of the feruchemist. I also speculate that an AA twin might be able to absorb identity from others since all that investiture needs to go somewhere when they burn it, and based on how it works feruchemically I wonder if it just doesn't store the identities of the metals out of reach when burned, but perhaps not for a twin. Hemalugically Aluminum blanks investiture which could be related Identity as well. So an AA twin might also act sumwhat like Peter or Silar in Heros, storing or copying parts of identity from others into their own Identity. We see something like this produced with Forgery. They could also potentially use full blown hemalurgy without the debilitating effects through mix and matching parts of Identity. Even the use of forgery on an AA twin could potentially be a means of adding additional types of investiture permanently.

Yes I know this is just speculation, but what do you think?

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17 hours ago, voidlight said:

I had a similar thought about what would happen if an aluminum feumachist had a nahel bond and then stored Identity.

With regards to the Nahel bond and the added connection it provides. Could an AA twin absorb the portion of the Identity from a dead shardblade restoring it once bonded to the blade? If so then that person could potentially acquire multiple Radiant bonds gaining access to all the surges.

Just food for thought.

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