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  1. I suppose it would depend in part on a few factors. 1. How widespread is this ability? Does everyone of this region have it, or is it something that they acquire, say via some kind of ritual? 2. What abilities does the burning of one's own blood provide? Destruction, healing, or some form of conjuration via manipulating the blood's form? 3. What beliefs do the culture have about this power based upon the prior factors. For instance, assuming that one only gains blood magic through some kind of ritual, and that blood magic allows someone to heal another of their wounds. I could easily see it becoming some kind of holy magic in which those practitioners are viewed as saint like entities. If however the magic something that people are born with and it provides some sort of combat effect. Say for instance the blood can solid as a weapon and gain traits such as being corrosive. I could see it becoming somewhat taboo, or perhaps a favored power for assassins. As the more wounds they take in theory the more power they have. As a random aside, if you want blood to potentially be used simply as a kind of magical battery. I would then say it could depend upon how other regions in your world utilize magic. Say for instance in other places you need magically charged crystals to cast spells. These blood mages could in theory be seen as having a closer connection to magic via their ability to seemingly utilize it at will without such crystals. If so, they might at one time have been the dominant force in the world, albeit somewhat limited by the blood within their body. However, if say your world has advanced to a point such crystals could be mined easily. They may now be in decline, as the ease of use may have fostered a kind of negligence in exploration of better ways to utilize their power. I do hope this helps and I want to thank you for the thought experiment.
  2. I have every leather-bound that has released currently, plan to display them more when I move. Hoping I can get some new crazy theories as that was what I originally did a lot here on this forum.
  3. I am very curious where Winds of Truth will go after all the stuff that was found out in Rhythm of War. That book will be massive and I look forward to adding it to my library...then buying it again in the leatherbound version...I don't have a problem I swear.
  4. Amazing art as always. Kaladin has had a complicated relationship with happiness for 4 books now. With any luck, by book 6 he will be in a much better place. Granted a recent revelation may give some hope for Winds of Truth showing some scenes of happy Kal.
  5. TheWanderer

    Max (Profile).png

    Art a friend of mine made for our modern D&D game. This would be my PC.
  6. Tarot card art a friend of mine made for our modern D&D game.
  7. I need the book now!!! In all seriousness though I am quite hyped, particularly as I get more of my friends into the cosmere.
  8. Just posting this because I am excited. I finally am going to play a mistborn TTRPG game. Looking forward to it. We will all be nobles in Era 1. 

  9. Looks awesome, reminding me of a friend who has about 30 renditions of her D&D character in our wednesday game. I am always amazed how people can think of so many things for the same characters.
  10. Happy belated birthday, to paraphrase a certain liar, I am glad to hear you are warm again. Always delighted to see another piece from you, these all are so wholesome.
  11. I am perpetually unsure as to my order, when I first read book one and I was younger. I thought for sure I was a windrunner, as I got older and learned more, I honestly thought I may be a lightweaver. A few friends and my mother said I seemed more like an elsecaller at the time, further contributing to my confusion. But I finally settled more on lightweaver due to my love of stories and DMing. Recently though with the release of the radiant order videos. A friend of mine who read book one of stormlight and is very good at taking called shots pointed out several things in my personality that would imply I am a dustbringer. Suffice to say, I am perpetually unsure, which I think would point to me being a lightweaver but I cannot say for certain.
  12. Beautiful art of a great scene. If you do a certain scene from book 3 involving the oathgate between the two I will be quite sad.
  13. Another incredible bit of art, so nice to see Kaladin happy for a change. Happy holidays everyone.
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    Glad I was able to help.
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