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  1. the 115px links are generated by the chapter icon template stuff
  2. I personally would be ok with chapter summaries being written as long as there's a sufficient spoiler warning on that page. Otherwise I think it's both safer and more prudent to wait for the book before the rest of the pages get updated. Thanks for wanting to get on top of the summaries !!!
  3. it would be awesome if you could integrate this information into the various chronology parts of the coppermind (for example this section would be useful of all your references)
  4. it's not gonna get an acronym, similar to Elantris... well other than sa3 this is mostly because the person that added/formatted that detail was just trying something, and ended up not continuing passed wherever they got to. similar to the separate pages per chapter, that's just @WeiryWriter wanting to make things better but not having time to finish everything, still experimenting with it. EDIT a fourth time: I just made a chatroom specifically for the book summaries on the copperminds chatroom, please come by to check it out
  5. this is something the pre-readers can help with, I remember @WeiryWriter and @Chaos created some lists last time around of things that wouldn't need updating for WoR so were worth finishing off pre-WoR. They should/may be able to make up lists for Oathbringer too (if you bug them enough for it...)
  6. because when the logo was designed we didn't have the Feruchemical symbols, and nobody has given us a better logo since.
  7. don't worry, I understand what you mean
  8. I can see the appeal of your template, but I also think it's worth having either a standard navbox or something like wikipedias 'lists of articles on topic' that they sometimes have as or below the infobox. that lists all the important help articles. or maybe a top-of-the-page 'toc' like banner kinda thing.... *strokes chin in thought* Edit: I went ahead and just tried it out... then have added it to the tops of pages
  9. having to maintain two separate frontends is probably too much to ask... given that it's already kinda fiddly to keep mediawiki itself up to date, and given that the skin should already be fairly adaptive to mobile screens I'm probably not going to get around to putting effort into trying this out,....
  10. watch out, Eric likes discussing categorisation in excruciating detail XD
  11. if it's a subsection of the Glyphs page, it can be 'Numerals' ? I'm happy with that. maybe add a redirect [[glyph numerals]] -> [[Glyphs#Numerals]] ?
  12. They get somewhat aggressively cached, please make sure to purge that page's cache when you upload a new file. it looks fine to me tbh. And afaik extracting images is fair use (and hopefully they'll eventually be uploaded to Brandon's site) thanks for doing the sketching and uploading!
  13. the question is if we want to group all space things together as a 'type' over grouping the cosmere (or other series specific) space things together. I kinda see the latter being more useful compared to the more-generic categories?
  14. I'd still rather have the picture front and center, and yeah the 1024px is just chosen because of my screen, I wanted 100% but it didn't accept that.