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  1. Cal: IRL nickname I don't want to disclose Dragout: Shortening of "knock-down-drag-out" Downer: Double meaning: partially a mocking name in reference to my sarcasm, boredness, and general unfun-ness, and partially a cocky name, implying that I'm good at "downing" the enemy Spur: Wild-west related name because I live there and I love the concept
  2. Rules: -You still have your own mind, but with some characteristics of the original character tagged onto you -You can transform into that character and back into yourself whenever you please -I'm not talking about living out the story of that character, just having some of their characteristics I would pick Nightblood Because what's more awesome than being a huge, evil-destroying, sentient sword? The problem with that is I can't really do much on my own But Nightblood is really cool Barring Nightblood, I'd probably go Elend or Wax.
  3. 1. I'm not 100% sure. I'm gonna have to give a suite; Glynda, Yang, Ironwood, and Taiyang. 2. Emerald 3. Oh... I don't really know. Probably Tyrannopotomos Rex 4. For what?
  4. The problem is thus If I ever become a full-time writer, I want to never, ever bring back someone from the dead. I want everyone who pays attention to my work that if someone should be dead, they are dead, and dead for real. However I also want to play a trick like this at least once-someone thought to be dead returns, only it turns out the person really is dead and the returned person is an impostor I'm sure you see the problem, but I'll spell it out anyways: If I always kill my characters for real, then everyone's immediately gonna know something is up when someone returns from the grave. I won't get the proper, "WHOA, THEY'RE ALIVE AFTER ALL" reaction, but instead, a "okay... what sorcery is this that someone who is obviously dead is back? the author is obviously messing with us" reaction.
  5. I'm honestly shocked that no one has mentioned Zuko from A:tLA yet, but he's the first villain from my favorite series(that's plural there) that came to mind as really compelling. As I think about it, I also really like Makishima from Psycho-pass. He's a very interesting character, partly because of how terrifying he is as a sadistic genius and partly because you find yourself sometimes agreeing with him when he talks about the way the Sibyl system holds people back from being their true selves. The only book villain I can add to this list is the final villain of the Heroes' Guide books, because he manages to be hiarious and genuinely threatening at the same time.
  6. Stereotypical Shonen Anime Protagonist Hi, I'm a young male who has powers rivaling those of the strongest beings in the world/universe! I never give up on anything or anyone, even when what I'm doing is super dumb. I'm also invincible, because my power always grows according to how powerful my opponent is! Oh, and I'm also invincible because I have friends. Not like anyone else has those. Also, I'm always cut as heck, whether I'm a skinny and five feet tall or ripped and seven feet tall. You can call me Sun Natsu.
  7. Well the Allomancers burn all of the metal(unless they're semi-suicidal and/or Zane) before it gets through their stomach, and they usually put it in something digestible.
  8. And besides, IIRC drinking blood causes digestive issues.
  9. I very much doubt it. It doesn't seem possible for Lurchers or Mistborn or iron in their own blood, though we do know via WoB that the metal just has to be inside of you, not necessarily eaten. Then again, perhaps it is possible and no one has ever tried just due to the sheer inefficiency of doing that.
  10. Alloy of Law Edit: Darn, BitBio beat me to it
  11. This is actually a really complicated issue, because 1) Brandon has said that he intended for it to be center of mass 2) But the lines are from the chest, IIRC because Brandon thought that was center of mass when first writing the books 3) also I believe there are some instances of mistborn and coinshots accurately shooting coins from the hand, which would be pretty difficult using actual center of mass but not too hard from the chest. I don't remember any specific instances of this, however, so it's possible that they always use shotgun-like sprays of coins
  12. Well of course Actually I think Warbreaker is the only Cosmere book I haven't read
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