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  1. @Kurkistan this is what I get for listening to you... @RShara Thank you so much for seeing that.
  2. Also looking at the same event page: Looks like we are in the same boat as we were during the Oathbringer signing. This is why the time was moved up by an hour.
  3. In the past I would have taken the day to be there super early, but this year I had work obligations that i could not miss, but I will be there as soon as I can... If anyone has question ideas for me to ask feel free, I will try to ask as many as possible along with my own small list.
  4. I will be there along with the audio equipment I usually bring to the Chicagoland signings. Hopefully we can get access to the location's audio equipment this time, that would simplify it for everyone.
  5. Hey Arcanum peeps, So it has come up on the discord that people who upload sources to the site, but do not have further access can see an "edit" button for their sources (see screenshot). When this button is clicked, they are brought a login page that does not accept our credentials. Starting this thread since discord mods did not think that we should be seeing this button.
  6. Awesome, glad it worked out. If you need any help transcribing I'm willing to throw my hat in the ring to help out.
  7. If you are going through my audio (awesome), I should warn you that I had a few minutes downtime between STE-003 and STE-004, I had to change the batteries in the recorder. in the FLAC and MP3 versions I just lumped them together without a transition.
  8. So here is a link to my copy of the audio from the event. I did my best of separating the audio into sections, but I have not done any cleaning up of the audio. I have uploaded the relevant parts to Arcanum already. Be warned, there are Oathbringer Spoilers in some of the audio files. You have been warned. 11-21-2017 Oathbringer Audio
  9. The signing today was a lot of fun, even though Brandon was under the weather and we did not get as many questions answered as we would have liked. I know several of us have recordings, look for those in the coming days. Here is a photo of the dedicated few that stayed until the very end. P.S. If anyone is missing a hat and water bottle, it was left outside after the final questions. I have them and am willing to work with the owner to return them.
  10. Thanks for spotting the update, I have updated the first post in the thread with the details.
  11. I have been thinking for awhile what questions I would like to ask Brandon this time around, but seeing as I have only gotten about half way through Oathbringer at this point, my Stormlight knowledge is still incomplete. I am not sure if my questions have been asked before, or if they have been answered elsewhere, but I appreciate any input. I do not think there are any spoilers in these questions, but I am hiding them in case there is anything in Oathbirnger that I am unaware of at this point. The questions I have so far are as follows:
  12. I have preordered books from Anderson's a few times now without issues. You should have one or two confirmation emails from them, one for the completion of you order, and one for payment confirmation. If you are still worried, I believe that you can call them to confirm the order.
  13. I plan on being at the event pretty early and I am also bringing my copy of Mistborn: House War for Brandon to sign. If anyone would like to get a few games in while we wait in line, that would be awesome!
  14. For people who are new to Brandon's signings, being at the event is free and open to the public, but if you want to get anything signed, you will need to purchase the book from the host store. It looks like this time, the event will not be in the actual store, but at a local church about 2.5 miles away from the store. I have spoken with the store, and they will have on-site copies of the book to buy along with a few of Brandon's other titles, they could not tell me exactly what titles, or what number of books they would have at this time. You can preorder a copy of the book and look at the full details of the event here: http://www.andersonsbookshop.com/event/brandon-sanderson-2
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