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  1. thanks for the info! I've added a disclaimer to that table
  2. I think I found something, along the lines of this WoB: in chapter 55 Eth curses by Kalak rather than Kelek. The only other usage of Kalak is in the "Kalak will teach to cast bronze--" quote that Taln spouts
  3. thanks, I fixed it... and yes the chart stuff is fairly arcane. thanks for the heads up
  4. the date is usually displayed at the top of the entry, and the entry is the number after the #e in the url (or the share url)
  5. And that applies only to the article text, for any art on the Coppermind you should ask the original artist (or Dragonsteel for official arts) and any longer quotes from the books themselves are Dragonsteel's rights
  6. no worries about the ums or errs, they pale in comparison to the pen squeak, or to the majority of people who ask no questions and Brandon saying thanks for reading, or (at least in this one) Isaac tiredly saying "I'm the map maker" in various different ways. XD you're all good!
  7. Hey Joy, you'll be finding that we've been putting things in Arcanum already, I've been snipping the audio into parts and I've got about an hour in so far. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/312-orem-signing/ fyi. It seems nobody's quite got around to transcribing that particular snippet. but it'll be done soon
  8. strap yourselves in nerds, buckle up for some wild revelations: So we have the Shin, a bunch of pasty white, wide-eyed people who like to collect swords, and use Japanese-style honorifics.. yup they're all weaboos.... which leads me to my conclusion: Rayse, their native (to Ashyn) Shardy-boi, who seems to espouse being Passion, once got slighted by something inconsequential, and became the whiny-peebaby we all know and love/hate.... yus that's right Rayse is the god of the patriarchy
  9. in this context RShara I believe the humidity may lead to molds and spores and such things, which is what the fecundity is about. see similar efforts at museums etc to keep pieces cool & dry to stop destruction through growth.
  10. that's on the list to create, sometime in 2018 I think. you could, if you wanted, keep a list of URLs to questions in either a text file on your pc or a coppermind user page or some other place until then!
  11. Yes, it's especially important for questions that Brandon mentions not quite knowing or wanting clarifications from Peter, or ones that we think might be contradicting previous answers. Brandon and his team have wanted to get a copy of the transcripts so that they can make sure to keep their continuity straight with anything Brandon might say (or, more probably in the other direction: making sure Brandon hasn't said something that contradicts their plans).This process might take Peter a long time to get around to doing, so the "pending review" warnings are a compromise so that all these entries can be used with the proviso that they may be rescinded because of continuity problems. Hopefully all of the questions that you can see will survive the review.
  12. You should be able to upload the files to Arcanum, and then we'll go through and snippet it and then let people transcribe it. thanks for grabbing the audio, I hope you have a good time at Glasgow too!
  13. Thanks for the audio you could catch BlackYeti! Brandon at one point said that he'd said something cool at some point (as in I mentioned Arcanum to his publicist and he said he might have caught something good) so it's well worth it even if it did die part way through.
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