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  1. Lift can touch Wyndle because she's been pushed a bit into the CR by the Nightwatcher. The spike, however, wouldn't be pushed into the CR, so I don't think it could spike a spren. Basically, stuff that Lift holds doesn't have the same ability that she does.
  2. I don't think so, because smoke naturally drifts, whereas meat doesn't really move naturally. I would imagine somebody soulcasting meat would become the bland sort of meat that souldcasters produce. Creepy, not only are you dying, but you taste bland.
  3. This is a complete guess, but I would imagine that the inside of the tooth, where a human would have white bone, would be red bone. The outside would be coated with white enamel. So red on the inside, white on the outside. Just my guess though, I could be wrong.
  4. True, but he certainly felt responsible for Elhokar. He feels that he failed when he was killed. In a sense, he probably feels like letting Elhokar die was a failure in his duty of protecting and helping Dalinar. He certainly feels responsible to Dalinar. In general I think that in large series like this, characters don't need to end their arcs until the end of the series. In this case, it should probably be resolved before the back five, but my point is that just because Kaladin didn't succeed much in OB doesn't mean that his eventual arc won't be a successful one.
  5. “Light in their pockets” = gemstones?
  6. Welcome to the shard! Why no graphic novels? Are you not a fan, or will you start on them later?
  7. Welcome to the shard! I'm a huge stick fan as well, and really irritated many of the admins by submitting "the stick" as a character in "Whose that Cosmere Character" in one of their shardcast episodes! It really is the most poetic line in the series. Glad that there is finally a tenth pancake! Tashi will be pleased.
  8. Did you just say that nobody has head of the higgs boson? DIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEBOSONSPRENREIGN!!!!!
  9. I really like the in-world pronunciation of Kelsier (Kel-see-AIY). He sounds like a really cool sort of demon, which is (SH) Also, Elantris. I actually pronounced Elantris the in-world aonic pronunciation originally, changed it when I heard how everybody else pronounced it, then changed it back when I learned it was the correct in-world pronunciation. As a result, I really like the aonic pronunciation of Elantris, and am probably the only one. It sounds less imposing, but I like it more. Also, like @HipsterStick, the name Steel Inquisitor is freaking terrifying.
  10. Me: Man, those shardcast guys are easy to irritate! They’re annoyed with either the Cosmete at something somebody says each podcast! Brother: Hey, maybe you could submit a really annoying Whose That Cosmere Character! Me: What if I submit the stick! He’s not even a character! Brother: Yeah! Let’s do that! Shardcast: Me + Brother:
  11. @StrikerEZ complete agreement with Aonic pronunciation and pronunciation in general. It’s partially because I think that pronunciation is important to worldbuilding, so for me, saying that kelsier is pronounced KEL-seer instead of Kel-see-AY (confirmed by WOB) is like saying that Nightblood is actually not sentient. It’s a fine head cannon, but it’s just not true. You can say that, and think that, your head is your own, but I wish people would understand that there is a canon.
  12. I really don't want there to be an ultimate antagonist. This might just be me, but that just feels to cliched, something that Sanderson had done a fantastic job in my opinion of avoiding.
  13. Zane. He felt like a generic love triangle creator in the beginning, but I started to love how seriously disturbed he was. He's technically a prophet of Ruin, and I loved discovering that he was spiked through the chest.
  14. Order of the programmers: 1: High-level code before assembly code, assembly code be binary, binary before hardware 2: I will destroy bugs of any sort, wherever they may lurk 3: I will decipher the convoluted comments and functions of my fellow programmers 4: I will eliminate any and all infinite loops 5: I will stay indoors, hiding in a basement under a tarp under a couch for all eternity, emerging only to go to the bathroom and eat instant ramen.
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