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  1. Hi, just de-lurking to mention something that occurred to me. Apologies if someone has already discussed this. So... Is it just me, or do the remains of "domes" really seem like the remnants of enormous speed bubbles subjected to years and years of crem? Okay, going back to lurking now.
  2. I like to imagine once souls hit the Beyond, they can reincarnate. That way I can mentally unkill anyone whose death I want to be in denial about. (Warbreaker spoiler) I am certain this isn't what Brandon has in mind, but it's fun for me nonetheless.
  3. A small thing; it's the Dysian Aimians (the Sleepless) that are composed of Cremlings. Siah Aimians are different, like Axies. ETA: as for orange blood, the above linked article has this to say:
  4. I'm not expressing myself well, but I guess it doesn't matter. I'm sorry for disagreeing. I didn't mean to irk anyone. I apologize.
  5. I think it would be entirely doable, depending on how you mount the blade. But I feel like I'm going around in circles here. (PS: I hope I don't come off as argumentative, I'm just musing on this line of thought and I don't mean to antagonize anyone.)
  6. @Calderis I agree that you would need a very special tool to cut them.
  7. On a quick whim I twittered a tweet at The Great and Mighty Peter: Here's a link to the tweet.
  8. Not necessarily. It just means that he was a guy in posession of an Honorblade.
  9. Pretty sure I'd sunburn either way, but at least Darkside would be easier on the eyes. And the biology would make for amazing study. (I'm a big zoology enthusiast). At least Dayside culture in the graphic novel is waaaaay better than in the prose. If I never see another "treat women like crem because GRITTY REALISM" again it'll be too soon. (Realized the colloquialism might be odd for non-native English-speakers. It means I abhor that trope and never ever want to read more of it.)
  10. That's a good observation, I think. Spren are named by humans, and we are super prone to conflating correlation with causation. That being said, musicspren seem fairly well known to our viewpoint characters, music being a traditional feminine talent in Vorin culture. And simply being viewed as musicspren, written about as musicspren... I think that would influence their intent (for lack of a better word). At least to a small extent. Spren are weird. Cool. But weird.
  11. See, I imagine the blade as being stationary in this particular instance, and the gem as the object you're moving. Chips still have to be well-cut to hold stormlight. I'm also thinking of this exchange: MS-07B-3 So what you're telling me is that not only my first edition Words of Radiance, but also my first edition Way of Kings are Dragonsteel guaranteed to be worth at least a sapphire broam in ten years time. Peter Ahlstrom I wouldn’t go so far as that! Looks like 2-carat cut sapphires are going for about $2000. They printed tens of thousands of copies of Way of Kings. They’re not that rare. MS-07B-3 Ah, so is that the Canon size of the gem in a broam? Peter Ahlstrom Yes. 2 carats. RShara Oh, I've been curious about this for a long time. One of my hobbies is working with gemstones, so knowing the sizes (and cuts, because of how light is affected by the cut) of the gemstones in spheres and Soulcasters would be wonderful! PeterAhlstrom I'm not sure about the cuts, but broams are 2 carats and the other sizes are proportional to their value. RShara Thank you, that helps a lot! would be happy to offer input on cuts, should that ever be wanted Peter Ahlstrom The canonization of the cuts is being worked on, just not by me. Argent This is great to know, thanks! One last clarification though: is this proportionality linear? In other words: * Since there are 4 marks per broam, does that make marks 0.5 carats each? * Since there are 5 chips per mark, does that make chips 0.1 carats each? Or is there some wonky formula with diminishing returns? Peter Ahlstrom Yeah, that's it. Phantine Just to clarify, as a jeweler I think those numbers might be a bit on the small side. A 2 carat sapphire (assuming a standard well proportioned round cut) is going to be about 8 millimeters in diameter. A 1 ct sapphire is going to be around 5 mm ish. A 0.1 carat sapphire would be really tiny. Like, about 1 mm in diameter ish? Depends heavily on how shallow the cut is. It just seems way too tiny (and imagine the poor high-precision lapidarists working on making pennies - diamonds require specialized cutting equipment because they're WAY harder than anything else) Peter Ahlstrom Those sizes are pretty much right. source
  12. For what it's worth, I imagine them as being mostly like honeycreepers or birds of paradise. Some are showy and some are less so, but they like remote tropical islands.
  13. Yup. Honestly that's where my biggest doubt lies. It's easy to hide a Shardblade, except for when you're actually using it. That being said, a bulky super tool would still be superior to no super tool. And the more I think about it, the more I suspect Shardblades (say, fixed onto a table like you might a saw or laser-cutter) are the secret to how chip-sized gems are cut in spite of their otherwise prohibitively small size.
  14. Brandon has actually answered this, and it's to do with the fact that the spren based what they were doing on the Honorblades. Magically enforced thematics, if you will. I agree with @ReaderAt2046 that it's implied that there should be far more Blades in existence than modern Rosharans are aware of.
  15. If it's modern Dalinar, I think Raodin would admire what he is trying to build, and I think Dalinar would admire Raodin's determined optimism and nobility. Past-Dalinar, though, would have seen Raodin as weak and Raodin would have seen Past-Dalinar as unpredictable and dangerous. Siri and Marasi
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