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  1. @Koloss that's true AND there is so much to draw in the physical realm (but I can't help myself, my fingers are crossed )
  2. Wow, love your whole artwork, it really is absolutely amazing. (Are you planing to add spren to your natural history collection? That would be awesome^^ )
  3. Sishal


    This is absolutely lovely. You really captured her perfectly with that mischievous grin ^^
  4. What is the connection between the small number of new (known) Truthwatchers and that the Spren changed by Sja-anat are only Mistspren (so far as we know). Is there even a connection? Can a bonded spren be changed by Sja-anat? How many newly bonded Stonewards and Dustbringers are there at the beginning of RoW? Are there new bonds outside of Urithiru? At one point Brandon said that some spren are more lenient in choosing their bondmate than others. So except highspren and proapbly honorspren, which ones are especially discerning? Which ones are more lenient?
  5. Just found this thread and am totally blown away by all these amazing drawings. I'm not even trying to pick a favourite, those drawings are just all to good for that!
  6. Hard to tell really at the moment as we know so little about this. But my thoughts where on a similar line to @Ixthos that it has to do with their nature. Though I thought it could be because they are the one most likely to change and that makes them open so Sja Anats thoughts or something on that line.
  7. Oh that's so cool. I was preparing something similar, though haven't quite finished yet (damnation exams coming closer ^^). Can stop doing that now and just enjoy your results. Thanks so much!
  8. My top three where a bit of a surprise, but I like it... though I guess I've to change my profile picture now ^^' Truthwatcher 76% Windrunnter 75% Willshaper 70%
  9. and another Soother... can you soothe yourself? That would be really helpful for me xD fun quiz though!
  10. I think the Old Magic is... maybe not really soft magic but a bit of a wild card regarding the rules.. they are not as obvious as with many of his other magic systems and I kind of enjoy this. It is just so different ^^ And letting evil win.. well for me it feels like Sanderson is taking a step back from the traditional good vs evil by making me think about what really makes someone good or evil? What does it mean to be evil? Are the Singers evil because they want to punish those they've suffered under? Was Ruin really evil? Did he even have a choice?
  11. Raoden is just a good guy who fights of the despair he finds himself in and does something about it. I find that hugely admirable. On the other hand I didn't really care for Hrathen most of the book... but that ending... oh wow
  12. One of my biggest hopes is that we'll get a Stoneward POV. I'm so curious about their spren after we got that short glimpse in Shadesmar. We've probably met one already but I'm still a bit clueless who... though I do hope that Taln will join them and maybe be the first Stoneward in millenia. Edit: Just realized that I really need to know what happened to Thude and the other Listeners who refused to accept Stormform. Really hope that Rlain will meet them again...
  13. So one short break in the Elsecaller row (even though I'm definitely a nerd ) Wow what a tough choice... it's really hard to tell at the moment as we know so little about some of the orders, but I went with Stoneward for my favourite. Everything I've read so far, especially everything we know about Taln, just speaks to me on a level I can't really describe. What let me choose the Dustbringers as the order I would probably join was something Isaac Stewart said about them, that resonated with me: "But I identify with their relationship to responsibility, learning to keep the passion and rage at bay because that is the responsible thing to do." (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/396/#e13167) (As a side note... everyone I know who's read SA says that I would probably end up as a Windrunner. Not sure if I have that in me though...) ok Elsecallers, continue... I'll be quiet again
  14. @Krandacth thanks for the link And for the part Adolin as a Edgedancer. I never saw him not as an Edgedancer because he has no similarities with Lift, but because of the loving and healing attributes that define them. When I read his parts it always struck me how he follows the orders of his father, even if he doubted him. Probably that's because I always saw him more as a Releaser. But you make good points that got me thinking: As to he part with the ten heartbeats... Didn't it say somewhere in WoK that the heart beats faster if you need to summon your Shardblade very quickly? But I don't have my book with me, so I can't look it up
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