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    It's spring! I really like seeing things sprout and grow, and especially when it flowers and/or bears fruit. Metamorphosis.

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  1. Koloss

    Natural History of Roshar

    Sketches of stuff around Roshar from a nature enthusiast.
  2. @Sishal I have thought about it Although I'm not sure if I can get to them - there're so many sprens they're a whole category on their own
  3. @Hentient Thank you! I'm glad you find these little details as interesting as I find them!
  4. @Yellow Cremling Thank you so much for your kind words! Sorry I saw your reply so late... really appreciate it!
  5. @Channelknight Fadran @revelryintheart XD it's okay they're too far away from Roshar to hear @I Am A Fish Thanks Fish! @Krox Thank you Krox
  6. Koloss

    Rosharan orchard

    @Honorless Gotta take that midnight train to Alethkar~
  7. Lol ShawnMC I just finished Reckoner series too and I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislike the main character. It's not that he's awkward or weird, but his other personality trait just seriously doesn't vibe with me. I just keep telling myself this is written as a typical American comic book, hence the generic stereotype (like a xipao with splits or a subservient Indian, etc)
  8. I have planned to make some villager houses to see how it looks like, it's... it's on the horizon somewhere Recently I've been quite stuck creatively!
  9. Thank you hoid! I am not working full time yet as a concept artist. I'm getting less timid and applying a lot more though! Here's hoping someone will hire me
  10. @Snorkel Thanks! @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Thank you hoid! I can never quite decide whether I'm imagining these art work for a show or a game, because the photo realism of doing artwork for shows kind of bores me, even though I would love to see roshar visualized for a show
  11. Awesome how you got all those colors working in there
  12. @ILuvHats They don't This is how I imagined their Art Form might look like - if Art Form is even an actual thing and not made up by Venli to keep Eshonai distracted. I gave them 4 arms based off of the function art form would have - which is largely drawn from my own life experience. Usually when I create designs I try to have their form follow their function.
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