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Just for fun, has no impact on the game, but which do you personally like more?   

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  1. 1. Truth or Dare?

    • Truth
    • Dare
    • I am not bound by your pointless restrictions, human (both)

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You all know what this is. (Unless you live somewhere where this game doesn’t exist, in which case here are the rules anyway.) Someone (my autocorrect keeps trying to say sOmEoNe and I don’t know why but I feel mocked :wacko:) says truth or dare. Whoever posts next picks one. Multiple can be going on at the same time. 

If you pick truth, you will be asked a question that you must answer truthfully. THIS QUESTION CANNOT BE PERSONAL IN NATURE. No asking for IRL names, where someone lives, etc. 

If you pick dare, you will be dared to do something. This may be on the forums or in real life. In most cases, screenshots or photos, or at the very least reports of how it went, should be provided as proof that you did it. NO ONE MAY BE DARED TO DO SOMETHING THAT GOES AGAINST THEIR PERSONAL VALUES, THE SITE’S RULES, OR COMMON DECENCY. No daring someone to insult somebody else without context or give compromising pictures of themselves to you, etc. 

I don’t think we really have to worry about people being bad, but just in case - if you wouldn’t want someone to dare you to do it or ask you that question, don’t do it to others. Golden rule. 

With that out of the way, let’s have some fun! Truth or dare? 

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13 minutes ago, Lunamor said:

Uhh... your opinion on Moash? (Also people please don’t get mad about whatever her answer is :P)

*hopes Luna's parentheses of protection work :P*

I didn't realize there was reason to hate him with burning passion before I met many Sharders. Sure, he's a bad person, but I always disliked Amaram more. 

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19 minutes ago, AonEne said:

Invo, lick a wall. You can choose the wall. 

Done. Dorm wall licked. I don't know what you were trying to prove because that is far from the weirdest thing that has touched my mouth.

19 minutes ago, ShadowLord_Lith said:

I'll take truth. :)

What's your favorite food?

Oh yeah, someone give me another. I don't care which it is, it can be both if you really want.

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22 minutes ago, AonEne said:

Kidpen, dare me. 

Invo, lick a wall. You can choose the wall. 

K then.

I dare you to make as many ideas for a new RP in the next 10 minutes as you can. Then post the list.

Edit: Oh and I would like a truth please.

Edited by Kidpen
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