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Top 10 Cosmere Characters

Toaster Retribution

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Quite self explanatory, dont you think? I’ll start:

1. Kelsier - My favorite character ever. He is complex, funny, charismatic and cool. He has great plot twists too. 

2. Meridas Amaram - Most people probably knows that I really like Amaram. I find him interesting, and I am also quite attached to him since I have spent so much time defending him. 

3. Pattern - Pattern is the best spren, the most hilarious character, and should get to rule over everything. Period.

4. Mraize - I have a thing for villains. Mraize is cool, and very intriguing. I am defenitely interested in where he ends up. 

5. Vivenna - A very nice character, with an interesting power-set and a great arc in Warbreaker. Really enjoyed her in OB.

6. Dalinar Kholin - A fantastic character. From an objective standpoint he might be Brandons best. He has the best arc in any Cosmere book in OB in my opinion.

7. Nale - I am fascinated by his obsession with laws and his flawed justice. 

8. Taln - Because he is Taln. 

9. Jenet - An incredibly insignificant character, but I loved her scene in WoR a ton. And I often get very attached to minor characters over major ones.

10. Marsh Ironeyes - He is just an incredibly cool guy, with an interesting arc. Bonus points for being an Inquisitor. They are pretty badass. 

I love a ton of other characters, but these are my ten. What are yours? And you dont need to write why you like them if you dont want too.

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1. Jasnah - Major crush

2. Khriss - Other major crush

3. Pattern - adorable

4. Dalianr - Perfect as both a mentor figure and and amazing general and "You cannot have my pain." still gives me the shivers.

5. Hoid - Mysterious

6. Taln because he is Taln

7. Lift- because she is Lift

8 Rock - because he is His Royal Highness Rock.  King of all the horneater peaks and this kitchen.

9. Taravangian - such an interesting character concept

10. Navani - She is just great

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1. Dalinar - Who he was vs. who he has become and how he got there.

2. Hoid - His mysterious history and goals coupled with his persistent presence.  He is also a joy to read

3. Wax - His history personality and ethic.

4. Gaotona - Arguably the main character of Emperor's Soul despite not being the POV character.  He's the character with the more compelling arc.  Shai's story is an artist's journey in creating a masterpiece under extraordinary pressure.  But Gaotona experiences change, growth, and evolution of perspective, character, worth, vitality, and preconceived assumptions. 

5. Lopen - His personality and humor.

6. Vasher - His internal character under his external presentation.

7. Marsh - His journey.

8. Hrathen - His faith crisis and the growth he underwent as he pushed through his crisis.

9. TenSoon - His journey.

10. Steris - The peeling back of a one-dimensional exterior to reveal a complex and intriguing interior.

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1. Elend - He’s so endearing, even as he becomes a stronger King and Emperor over the course of the trilogy.

2. Steris - Her growth over the course of Bands of Mourning (alongside Wax) is wonderful to watch

3. Renarin - I just feel for this kid so much, and am very intrigued by where his character is going.

4. Rysn - She’s always been my favorite of the interlude characters.

5. Dalinar - His arc in OB is INCREDIBLE.

6. Vivenna - Great arc, really interesting.

7. Vasher - Love this grumpy, old, super cool man.

8. Vin - She’s pure awesome

9. Sazed - Feruchemy is awesome, and watching his conflict and growth was very enjoyable.

10. Shallan - The SA character I connect to the most, besides Renarin.

Honorable Mention: Hesina

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  1. Taravangian - Even on a bad day conversations with him are deep and insightful.
  2. Denth / VaraTreledees - He was one of the five scholars and somehow over time he went from one of the most influential and powerful people alive to become a not-so simple sell sword.
  3. Lift - At first I didn't like Lift, but over time her attitude and humor eventually got to me. as Wyndle says her attitude can be both endearing and insulting.
  4. Rysn - I just love Rysn, she's my #1 favorite Thaylen and for some reason I relate to her a great deal in real life considering how little we have seen her.
  5. Wan Shai Lu - Shai's internal dialog, showing how she is always 3 steps ahead of her opponent is the best. its amusing to see a huge trap being sprung that we knew was coming from literally 3 chapters before.
  6. Ivory - my favorite spren, his speech pattern is interesting. it's as though the world is black and white to him, things are or are-not.
  7. Nazrilof - you almost have to include a world-hopper in this list, because lets be honest how can you not. Nazh is funny, interesting, and I want to see so much more of him. Also he's from Threnody, so that's a win,win,win.
  8. Axies - Amusing, witty, mysterious, knowledgeable, and slightly self-destructive. What's not to love about him? he's almost like Hoid but not as in your face about it.
  9. Sazed - After becoming Harmony I like seeing him progress beyond and show human emotions for a Deity. He gives the Shards a more humanized appearance to me.
  10. Ashravan - I genuinely want to see how he does and see him progress after the book ends. his conversations at the end were some of the most fascinating parts of the story to me.
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I will made two lists: 10 best cosmere characters and 10 favorite characters (i know it's strange but in my mind the lists are different).

10 best characters:
1) Dalinar
2) Vin
3) Kaladin
4) Wan Shai Lu
5) Lift
6) Taravangian
7) Shallan
8) Silence Montane
9) Lirin
10) Marsh

10 favorite characters:
1) Kelsier
2) Vasher
3) Marsh
4) Kaladin
5) Wax
6) Wan Shai Lu
7) Vin
8) Dalinar
9) Sazed
10) Hrathen

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  1. DalinarAlways liked him in WoK (he was only one of four PoVs, Shallan is was too boring and Adolin too classist). Then he bonded the Stormfather and became the reasonable kind-of-king Roshar needed. And after OB he has got first spot.
  2. Pattern: Before he was around I really disliked Shallan's chapters. Now that he's around she's actually interesting. For me, Pattern saved WoR. 
  3. Harmony/Sazed: ...because there just isn't anything unlikable about him. Nothing at all. Even his lack of unlikable-ness isn't unlikable. That is something that only side-characters have usually.
  4. Vasher and/or TenSoon. Can't decide right now
  5. Lift: I never found her annoying, actually. I do find Lopen annoying, but never Lift. For a lot of people it seems to be the other way around...?
  6. Nale: I really didn't expect an insane herald to be so sane. I really liked how Szeth basically declared war on his order and Nale just said: "Sure, you can do that. Good luck." For a "villain" that was strangely friendly. 
  7. Bleeder: I think she's still the most effective and smart cosmere villain we have seen so far.  
  8. Ruin: I don't know why I like him so much. Maybe I just like the evil characters? 
  9. Steris: One of the funniest characters in the Cosmere without being one-dimensional.
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1 Kaladin

2 Shai

3 Vin & Elend (tie)

4 Leras & Kelsier (tie)

5 Dalinar

6 Sazed

6 Adolin & Renarin (as of OB)

7 Dusk and Vathi, also Marasi (triple tie!)

8 Breeze & Ham, plus Shallan (triple tie again)

9 Rysn & Ishikk & Axies (I know, just Interlude characters) Alendi too (I would love a Classical Era Scadrial novel or novella)

10 Lift (post-Edgedancer, also the tight-butt comment/observation)

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1 Dalinar Kholin: Awesome charachter

2 Marsh: I really liked him during the first era of mistborn

3 Szeth: I have never felt sso many emotions with one character

4 Taravangian: incredible concept

5 Hoid. mistery

6 Wayne, he's just wayne

7 Wax, incredible guy

8 Hrathen, a goood introspection 

9 Pattern, cute af

10: Sixth

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1. Hoid

2. Pattern

3. Taravangian

4. Sazed

5. Breeze

6. Nightblood

7. Steris

8. Vasher

9. Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor

10. The funnies(Wayne, Lift, etc.)



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1. Hoid (if you couldn’t tell by my Username;))

2. Kaladin

3. Vin

4. Nightblood

5. Syl

6. Pattern

7. Siri

8. Lightsong

9. Kelsier

10. How dare you make me stop at 10! Therefore... I will pick Kelsier’s Crew, Bridge 4, Shallan, Vivenna, Vasher, Raoden, And every goddamn Kholin!!! :P

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