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  1. Harmony's War This theory has two different levels. Broad consequences of the end of SA5 that may fit into a new theme in future-era cosmere Possibilities of specific events in SA5 that may allow those broader effects to come about For the most part, I am suggesting the broader level will come into play, since the events on the specific level are, well, specific, and I don't expect all of them to actually come about. Mostly, they are just to provide examples and possibilities. The Theory - The future cosmere era will largely explore a conflict between the Shards of Harmony and War. Of course, that would not be all taking place, but would provide a backdrop for many of the conflicts. Support for the theory comes from two sides: the Mistborn side and the Stormlight side. (All spoiler boxes - except the very last one - are just for length) Mistborn Trell is the most significant factor at play here. I agree with the common belief that Trell is an avatar of Autonomy. This is not my focus, so I won't dive deep into it, but Paalm's ideals in SoS, the existence of Trell the foreman in WS, and this WoB on Trell's identity all support that being the case. However, I am also arguing that Trell/Autonomy is being supported by Odium. This WoB implies that Rayse has worked with Autonomy in the past, and although Taravangian now holds the Shard, he is still aware of some of Rayse's past actions, and may see Autonomy as a potential ally. Here are some other possible supporting factors: Stormlight Tying directly into those points from Mistborn, lets look at Dalinar's final negotiation with Rayse. Now, Rayse may have been planning these things, but what about Taravangian? So it seems that a war is coming to the rest of the cosmere. But it might not be solely Odium's fault: But how does War the Shard come into play? Now into the specifics for how this may come about. Again, I'm not suggesting that all of these events will take place, but they are examples for how it might take place. The most essential part of those events would probably be Dalinar losing the battle of champions, and the others are less significant (aka I'm not trying to discuss the child champion theory in this thread). So what are we left with? The Shard of War is stuck on Roshar, but is sending out his agents throughout the cosmere, attempting to save everyone by freeing them from the other Shards. He gives some support to Trell in the form of faceless immortals as of Era 2, and across the next Era, almost the entirety of both Scadrial and Roshar are drawn into conflict against each other, until it comes to a head in Era 4. Here's an extra bit for you who like reading all of the preview content - spoilers to the excerpt from the sequel to Sixth of the Dusk:
  2. I interpreted that to be referring to the division between T's mind and the Intent of the Shard, but I suppose that explanation works as well.
  3. I'm very interested to see how other people rank the books, especially with how divisive some parts of them are. My personal rankings for them are: 1. The Way of Kings This was my introduction to the cosmere, and it blew me away. Meeting all of these characters and being introduced to the epic world of Roshar immediately made this book become my all time favorite. This book might have an unfair advantage in my mind being the first in the series, but it has it's own epic moments too: see the entirety of Part 5. 2. Rhythm of War I liked the reveals and twists in this book the best, considering all the Ishar stuff, Taravangian's ascension, and cosmere references galore. However, the Kaladin plot in Part 3 got a little repetitive/slow, so that holds it from first place. 3. Oathbringer I think this book felt the slowest out of the 4, but a couple things keep it from dropping to fourth place. One: Szeth's plot. Szeth was my favorite of the four "main characters" in WoK, and Skybreakers are my favorite order, so it was great learning about them. Two: The Girl Who Stood Up. This is probably my favorite chapter in Stormlight; enough said. 4. Words of Radiance In my mind, there's no such thing as a bad Stormlight book, but something has to take last place. It didn't have my favorite reveal, favorite scene, or mindblowing introduction, like RoW, OB, and WoK, respectively, but it is still my fourth favorite book overall. Stormlight over non-Stormlight any day.
  4. Oh wow, wasn't expecting the Skybreakers to be winning this poll. I agree with that result, of course. In my opinion, they have the best surges, the coolest aesthetic (especially with the highspren), and the most interesting Ideals. What they're doing right now is off, but that's even pointed out in world by Szeth in OB. Nale's explanation of the Skybreakers in that scene is great.
  5. It's mostly accurate, but I think the letters with the double lines should be the medium height instead of the biggest.
  6. Note that Rosharan hours are also a different length than our own, and the year ends up being 1.10 Earth years.
  7. The answer is that there is no answer. Or, not an official one at least. So any theory you have that can resolve the inconsistencies may very well be correct. The theory I like is that mass changes, but Wax is not impervious to bullets because the mass change doesn't affect interactions among things internal to him, which would end up including the bullet.
  8. Wax never says that - in the scene you are thinking of, he says that it doesn't change density, which does imply a constant mass, but Wax is simply incorrect in that scene. As shown by Wax's talk with Khriss, he has never even heard of conservation of momentum, so he is not a reliable source for physics-related info. In that scene, he refers to how he does not not become bullet resistant to claim he doesn't change density. With only that information, a constant mass would be a valid explanation. However, like I showed in my post you quoted, other information invalidates it, so some other explanation must be the true one (such as the mass change not affecting things internal to the user). Here is Brandon's explanation: Essentially, he doesn't have an explanation. So any explanation we come up with that fits all the evidence could very well be true. But, simply saying it changes weight without changing mass does not fit all of the evidence, so it can't be true.
  9. It is explicitly pointed out in the books to be mass. Once when Wax says it doesn't change free-fall speed, and again when Khriss talks about conservation off momentum. Neither of those would be true if it was changing weight without changing mass. As for things like why he doesn't get bullet resistance, there are multiple theories for why, the one that I like being that the mass change doesn't affect the interactions between things internal to the user, so when a bullet enters them, it isn't affected.
  10. Yeah, that was two different answers. The first paragraph was my reply to Frustration, and the second was more just an answer to OP. So for the first question, yes. You speed up when storing and slow down when tapping. For the second question, even with no friction or air resistance, f-iron affects your speed. That's because it conserves your momentum relative to... whatever the perceived reference frame is - usually the ground. So a if person taps iron while moving, their mass increases, so their speed goes down. It's like running into a bunch of stuff that's sitting still. Air resistance does affect how fast things fall. The higher the air resistance, the lower terminal velocity is. Sazed was floating like feather. If Sazed changed his mass midair to be really light... that's similar to getting recoil. Yes, the recoil pushes you forwards (down in this case) initially, but if it also makes you lose mass, your terminal velocity lowers, and that slows you back down.
  11. F-iron changes mass, not weight. That's why Wax mentions that storing doesn't change his free-fall speed. Sazed is only able to fall like a feather because of air resistance. But, the speed change Khriss asked Wax about is just a perception-influenced conservation of momentum. It doesn't have anything to do with friction. An abrasion user would speed up if they stored f-iron, and slow down if they tapped.
  12. I don't disagree that the spren get something out of the highstorm, I just don't agree that it's vital in the Physical Realm, even if it might be vital in the Cognitive, since spren in the Physical don't seem to experience that effect from the storm. Using spren instead of a perfect gemstone may indeed be a better way to do this process. It's possible though that the Investiture released by spren is different than that released from Stormlight, Intent-wise, which might make it work a different way.
  13. I don't see that as an indication of the spren constantly losing Investiture. For one, that only happened in the Cognitive Realm, and Phendorana was not in the Cognitive Realm when Moash detected her. Also, even in the Cognitive Realm, they don't seem to need whatever they get from the storm - it just seems to be good for them, so it's probably not actually a "recharge". As for whether the shanay-im require Voidlight to fly... I suppose it's possible they don't, but I would find that strange, personally.
  14. I'm not sure when exactly it was revealed, but if you haven't read RoW, I strongly recommend not looking at the RoW board, which this is in, since spoilers abound here.
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