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YOUR type IV BioChromatic entity.


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If you had the Breaths to make a Sentient Inanimate BioChromatic being, what object and command would you choose?



Notebook: infiltrate Brandon's workspace and write what you find out.

Glasses: find things

Stick: Be a stick

I may eventually add some if I think of some, but what would you do?

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So there are some good ideas in here, but I think many of the responses overlook the greater potential of Type IV entities.  When Nightblood was created it was an attempt to imitate a shardblade, he is by no means a perfect replica but he does imitate the blades in a particular way.  The scholars knew the shardblades cut through the spiritual and Nightblood has this ability as well, although in a twisted way, and objects imbued with breath can not normally damage things on a spiritual level.  He also has the ability to perform some kind of emotional alomancy type manipulation.  What does this mean?  It means that Type IV entities can imitate the powers and abilities of OTHER MAGIC SYSTEMS! (I say 'other' in the loosest sense, we know these magic systems are all linked)   This is huge, it opens up so many possibilities.  Taking that into consideration here are some of the things I have thought of.

Copper Cloak of Patji
Cloak - "Shield my allies and I from detection" (Visualizing interference like allomantic copper and Kokerlii)
This would allow you to have a constant AOE smoker cloud/aviar

Steelsoul Boots
Boots - "Provide speed to your wearer" (Visualizing Feruchemical Steel tapping abilities)

Skyrunners Loop
Belt - "Take me where I want" (Visualizing Gravitation abilities)

Spectacles of Foresight
Glasses - "Show me what may happen" (Visualizing Allomantic Atium)

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For me, the most important thing is creating something that would be genuinely useful to many people at once. Now, I’m usually a selfish person, but Nightblood was created with the intent of doing good for the, well, greater good, so using a thousand Breaths for something wasteful or dumb seems like a bad choice, financially as well as morally. 

Tie: Give your wearer persuasive ideas that would mutually benefit both parties involved. 

Star Trek t-shirt: Give your wearer excellent relationship advice. (You have to admit that this would benefit mankind greatly.)

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DishSponge: "Gather Investiture, and release it as I Command." 


Nightblood can gather any type of Investure few things (larkin, maybe dragons) but there's no way to get that Investiture back out and make any real use of it. The image behind this command would eat investiture and release it in discrete chunks more or less like artificial Breaths. 

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In all seriousness why not a general command "heal people?" Think of the benefits to society (and possibly the destruction of an entire religion and government).

A couch "Make comfortable"

A doll "be nice/freindly"

A desk "govern wisely"




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