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  1. Agreed on the point of scale for Odium's Unmaking vs Sja-anats Enlightening. But this WOB makes me suspect that she may just be a little gentler of mindset (and/or have better PR), and has personally chosen to get some level of consent first. Consent or lack of it can make an identical process wildly more or less brutal and damaging. The fact that it would be so Dire for an active Bond makes me think it is (or at least can be) just as destructive. I dont think Id call Unmaking a Subtractive Process so much as a wildly Transformative one, and that it's simply a transformation she fears to undergo (at all or maybe just at Odium Rayse's hands). When she says he'd loose a useful too I think she just means the intelligence and cunning etc. that she personally brings to the table, not that actual Investiture would be lost/destroyed in the process; the resulting remade UnMade could have all the same investiture but be another mindless mass of power like several of them are.
  2. I kinda think what she does and what UnMaking seems to be (at least with the Sibling in RoW) are essentially the same thing.
  3. Not immediately or automatically. WOB says that generally the properties of the Godmetal dont immediately change when the Vessel Changes hands. It was way more dramatic with harmonium because of the two shards getting combined. I expect the same to generally hold for the Perpendicularities in that they wouldnt move without effort on the part of the new Vessel (be that rearranging the geography en masse like in era1 or just literally willing it to manifest elsewhere).
  4. Maybe, but there are some hip orientation limits for humans that can become issues. Ive seen folks try to make quadruped running suits with long arms to even them out with the legs, but the best they can generally do still resemble a gorilla/great ape swinging stride rather than a true quadruped. Centaur-style should be fine though. Heavy will generally be better until the strength of the Awakening begins to falter and cant keep up with the demands (but you almost certainly wont be in stone statue ranges so you should be fine). Too light and you cant maintain momentum through a jump or in a headwind, etc.
  5. Go Go Gadget LEGS! It should work in general. There comes a point where the legs are launching you more than stepping where a single-leg stride stops working and you'll be better off doing a double foot bunny hop in a taller arc (kind of like astronauts in low gravity.
  6. Pretty much, yes, though in that case with Kelsier the Orb would only work in the limited window that the Shard wasnt actively Held by anyone. So you probably could not use mortal magics like Bondsmith Connections or Feruchemy Compounding to wrest control from an active/healthy/sane Vessel, but it would likely be the path to claiming an unheld and/or Shattered Shard (like Honor, D&D, etc).
  7. I think it does all of that, but not Just all of that. Per WOB it lets you make changes to your spiritweb, and I think Lerasium will let you make diverse, permanent changes to your spiritweb without the temporal "likelihood" limitation (or the complex language) of Forgery symbols. I think the nuance and the control will come through the alloying the metal with Godmetals, Mundane metals, and maybe even Charged metals (metalminds, awakenings, etc) to fine tune the sample's Investiture Frequency (akin to how metal combinations make colors in Spectroscopy, LEDs, etc). All that to say it can forge permanent, Powerful Sprirtweb changes, but I think it would be able to make lots of changes, both internal and external.
  8. And they are also Shard-made slivers designed for specific purposes, like Divine Breaths, rather than anything emergent like the Godmetals or the magic systems themselves. Both of those examples give you effects that are similar to the emergent magic system, but notably different in several powerful ways. I dont think it's "Drawing the Magic" so much as it's Connecting you to the Shard in a way that (for Allomancy and Sand Mastery) is the primary vehicle of the magics system. But it most likely wouldnt be able to grant radiance or Heightenings, for example. To the OP, I like to think that Atium is about Breaking Realmic Boundaries, to bring it more into a Ruin theme. We have two different examples of Aitum Alloys from two different ratios of Atium-Gold-Silver. In both cases, the Temporal/Cognitive Effect is inverted across an axis of effect. Atium/Electrum provides the effect of Electrum but for everything External to the allomancer rather than aimed Internally at themselves. Malatium (which is Atium/Electrum plus more Gold) takes the effect of Gold and moves it to the Past as well as being External. I suspect that is it's main power, to break Realmic boundaries, and the alloying elements are used as complex modifiers.
  9. The official answer is that nobody would stand a chance against Lan in a fair fight (and being immortal makes it unfair) but that Adolin is the closest. Kaladin is a soldier, a surgeon, and a Leader; Dalinar is likewise a general and tactician as well as a fighter. Adolin is a dedicated Duelist, it's literally his religion. In a fair fight like a formal duel of Swords and Plate and No Surges, Adolin will beat any mortal we've met; but by definition a lot of folks would have to be holding back for those circumstances. Kaladin would win as soon as he took to the sky and left Adolin swinging and swearing from below. But on his home turf the odds will always be in Adolin's favor; strange things happen and anyone can lose to lesser skills plus luck, but he'll be the most likely victor most of the time.
  10. I need more context, sorry. There were stormlight scout-style badges in the last kickstarter, is that what you mean?
  11. I believe these are two different circumstances. Metallic Arts are sDNA based, but Breaths are more exclusively about being born/Connected. However the WOB I thought confirmed it is an RAFO. These hypothetical singers wouldnt have Nalthian sDNA but would be Native in the same way that lets you access the various Selish magics, for example. As far as I can see only the Metallic Arts would survive with the bloodline off-world regardless of the generational gap.
  12. Oh, yes in that case he'd dance circles around her. He's probably middle of the pack for the actual fighters, with WOB placing Adolin as roughly the top rung of the mortal swordfighters, and the immortals like the heralds generally a tier above what can be reached by anyone in one lifetime.
  13. You know how Lifeless used to take something like 50 breaths to be made until they discovered a new Command that only took one? I've always suspected that the former method was animating the corpse on a physical level (basic organic matter with magic puppet strings) whereas the latter was an innovation to replace the animating Spiritwebon a Spiritual Level. If that's true, I suspect a Shardbalde would have treated the former type as an Object while the latter/modern type would be a living being as in the WOB.
  14. In a fair fight he's probably win, but if she find herself in a fair fight she's already lost the battle she prefers and he barely know is being played. If she wanted him dead she'd soulcast his food (or blood) into poison or something, it wouldnt be a contest of Blades and Plate.
  15. Welcome to the Shard! Kaladin is phenomenal but I'd be hard pressed to choose a Best even just among the Cosmere or even just in Stormlight, I like too many of them. Im very much enjoying Zahel's story, personally. Jasnah's too, and I think she'd eat Kaladin for breakfast if it came to violence (just because he'd foolishly expect a fair fight from her).
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