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  1. That's actually not true, friction is not the only source of drag. Even with zero surface friction there is inertial drag from the mass of air that is getting compressed and/or shoved out of the way, and these forces become far more significant when you reach the speed of sounds of whatever atmosphere you are in. For the math, it will be fundamentally different and more complicated on Roshar where gravity and the atmosphere are both non-standard for earth, so assume Scadrial for ease. It's not an easy calculation without a lot of assumptions because the math all starts at the chemical energy released by the gunpowder mix, and then it will depend on the bullet size and shape. Also, a frictionless bullet is not going to react to barrel rifling, so you'll have to find some other way to impart spin on the bullet, or it might prove no more effective than a musket-ball.
  2. We always talk about Lift becoming a Bendalloy compounder but consider making one aetherbound. They'd have nigh-infinite water.
  3. Let me chase this line a bit more with some hypothetical examples, tell me if I have it right: Per WOB a Radiant with Breaths could fuel surges by using up those Breaths; this would Not be Compounding. Given the malleable nature of Breaths and the way they will adopt the Identity of their target when gifted, I strongly suspect they could be Commanded to enter an existing (ie Charged) metalmind and Charge it up by converting one Breath's worth of Investiture into whatever the metalmind was tuned to. This would be Compounding because it required Awakening and not just the possession of Breaths. If an Allomancer were to gain the ability to breath Stormlight (became a Squire, maybe), they should logically be able to fuel Allomancy with their own held Stormlight just like Purified Dor, but this would not be not Compounding. If an Elantrian Allomancer were able to fuel their Allomancy with Dor simply because of their Nature it's not Compounding, but if they did anything with actual AonDor it would be. So fueling one magic system with another Investiture because you already have it in your physical body is not Compounding, but if the process requires specific steps involving some Magic system makes it compounding. Yes?
  4. I have a very random theory: I think Color, or perhaps cognitive Vibrance, is a form of minute Investiture granted to objects that have been Observed. I believe that a specific example of this is seen in how most Shadesmar crystal plants are black but the occasional one comes in vibrant colors, I think those are the ones that have been Observed, and (just like spren) transformed in part by it. I think that same basic Vibrance Investiture is what Heightenings augment in an aura affect and what Awakening uses to initiate the movement of Investiture without depleting the Breaths themselves. If that theory has any validity, then the closest Feruchemical storage route would be Nicrosil for a form of raw Investiture.
  5. In that order: F-Steel, A-Gold, A-Chromium. The first to would round each of them out with one of the most powerful Compounding combo's, and Leeching plays well into Marasi being a magic countermeasure that leans into the use of Ettmetal Grenades.
  6. Fwiwi: Hoid is "not exactly 100% human anymore" and his spiritweb is "Weirder than a Savant".
  7. It certainly could be, or at least be a Symbol for Adonalsium itself (if not a Godmetal per say). It doesnt actually go so far as a 1/16 motif to indicate the Shattering, so the quadrant theme could just be representative of Adonalsium's Dawnshards. And arguably it could be all of the above, I dont think the idea conflict with each other.
  8. That might line up pretty well with the Words of Radiance Kickstarter going live.
  9. Honestly, I dont think it will be in the cards for Hemalurgy at a fundamental level, and I think making a more powerful spike is just going to make a bigger crack. The idea of Investiture being used to fill the cracks in the spiritweb is a metaphor based on the Kintsigu idea of using Gold to repair broken pottery, and I think you just cant fill cracks in delicate pottery with the chisel you used to make them.
  10. Fair warning that I cant do it well because I havent gotten around to reading The Sunlit Man, and Im given to understand it included a lot of juicy Dawnshard content. So I can explain my reasoning but just understand I am missing a big chunk of the data. A Dawnshard, like a Shard, is both the power and the title of the one holding it. There are 4 of them, per WOB one of them is different from the rest (but we dont know how), Hoid used to be one and it's the reason he cannot so much as consider eating meat or causing physical harm to himself or others without becoming incapacitated (so for example he had to get somebody else to knock his tooth out for him). He can cause Cognitive harm, and can punch a ghost in shadesmar (to his surprise). He has no particular philosophic problem with causing Harm (or letting others do it for him), it's a limit imposed on him by the Dawnshard. The Limit is relative to his perception, so he could be tricked into eating meat, and could probably rationalize lab-grown meat slurry. The Dawnshard Mural strongly implied the four can be categorized with the Shards into 4 quadrants similar to the Metallic Arts Charts. WOB (and spoilers from TSM I've seen) say it's called a Torment and that it takes being a Dawnshard for a long time to develop (sounds like a form of Savantism to me). For Lirin, WOB confirms he's A) Kaladin's biological Father, b) Not A Worldhopper, and c) philosophically a Pacifist to the extent that he'd let more people die to keep it from being his Fault than act to kill one and save Many (in the context of the Trolley Problem. https://wob.coppermind.net/adv_search/?query=&date_from=&date_to=2024-02-21&speaker=&tags=lirin&ordering=rank
  11. I dont think so, from what you describe. Spikes arent metalminds even if they are occupying the same chunk of metal, so you could Compound all you want into storage but unless you are actively tapping those reserves your spiritweb doesnt get any more invested. If you managed to Store in existing Charged spikes then those spike would be more resistant to things like supercharged steel pushing, but it wont interface with or augment the part that is plugged into your spiritweb. It would be Way easier to just wear an aluminum hat, thought for pure investiture its Breaths/Heightening's.
  12. Not really. If he's a Dawnshard, he hasnt been one (or the right one) long enough to develop the same inhibitions as Hoid, since he is capable of physical harm. His stance is a relatively common one for both Doctors and the downtroden (both by caste and enemy occupation). Most of the focus on kaladin's lineage that Ive seen has been on the hints that his mother was part of one of the noble houses.
  13. There are (fairly old) WOB's that claim all Investiture in the Cosmere is From Adonalsium (or was it Of Adonalsium). If we take that to still be true then it means the Aethers simply believe they are separate from Adonalsium. But if we assume they have good reason for their beliefs, I have a theory to reconcile it: Theory: The Aethers were Investiture that was left alone too long and gained Sentience on it's own. Their Investiture is technically still of the Cosmere and of Adonalsium, but they are not a creation of Adonalsium and they probably just consider Adonalsium a bigger example of themselves (Investiture-gone-Sapient). Corollary Theory: Adonalsium created Roshar specifically to be a pressure relief system to prevent the circumstances of stagnant Investiture that allowed the Aethers to form and gain sentience. from happening again. Support (Tenuous) : One of the few things about Adonalsium we know from WOB is that they would have prevented pre-shattering Spren from gaining sapience even though it would have been possible.
  14. No, as far as we know. Nothing is impossible, especially with Shards, a) but Hemalurgy requires the user to know what they are trying to do, and b) Nightblood is too invested to take new Hemalurgic Investiture (per WOB).
  15. I like it. At this point (and assuming the older WOB's dont just prove to be outdated to his plans), I think every Shard is going to have an associated Frequency, which with manifest as a Color, a Tone, Both, or Neither (in the sense of not being perceivable by the the normal range of 5 senses, the visible light part of the EM spectrum, etc). A lot of the rest is a give person and/or magic system trying to make cognitive sense of the information. Your point about the Metal lines appearing Blue is interesting, it makes me curious if somebody with Heightening and Perfect Color would perceive them any differently. Or perhaps glean more information from them? WOB does say they can be used to identify different metals (without savantism).
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