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Mac floats in the middle of Mediators pantheon, ready to make a big announcement.

"It has come to my attention that this age of people is woefully ignorant about the most glorious of garb, the most amazing of apparel, the most radiant regalia. Robes.

Robes have fallen out of fashion, and with them, the sign of an educated and civilized age. Today I make the announcement that I am starting the ARM. The Alleyverse Robe Movement. Our goal is to raise awareness of the coolest of clothes, and bring them back into fashion. 

Some of you may be wondering about how this can be, how can an unbiased make a guild if he is to remain unbiased? The answer is that this is not a guild, it is a movement. This movement has supporters and admirers, but it doesn't exist as an organized entity. I am not violating the oaths that I took to remain unbiased. Thank you." 

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Are you trying to launch a revival of the tAiT? Not cool Mac. But I guess we should have seen this coming, considering you were one of them. :P

On 10/10/2017 at 8:54 PM, MacThorstenson said:

I will be colorful instead of dull

I will advise against any and all baked goods 

I will greet all newcomers and not provoke guild war

The Assassins in Technicolor Clothing must rise again


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The problem is, cloaks and robes are two very different things. They don't serve the same purpose and aren't equal in magesticness. Also, the fact that you guys all love cloaks and some people even came in looking to buy them is a testament to the fact that they are still in style.

This is to bring back robes, which have nearly completely left the fashion scene.

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