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Taln is pretty strong.  Who knows how many books he broke before the Everstrom.  I'm more interested in knowing if he was really into breaking books?  If yes, was his violence towards books part of the argument for why reading was non-masculine, in addition to the other reasons already mentioned in WOB?  And, what is the thickest book he has ever broken?  Like, coould he break Oathbringer?


Oh.  Wait.


You guys are talking about him breaking under torture and its timeline relation to the Everstorm.


Yuup, I totally caught that.  And yes.  He broke at some point in WoK, though we became aware in the epilogue.  Everstorm was a WoR event.


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45 minutes ago, ccstat said:

Thanks for the correction on that R'Shara. You're right, those events were very separate. Not sure what I was thinking. I'll need to go back to my notes and see what the real question was before I did my rewording pass. 

I thought you were wondering if it was Taln's breaking that made the Everstorm possible.

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I'm probably late to the adding questions for people, but here's my list:
I missed my chance at Emerald City Comic-Con, because Brandon wasn't there on the Sunday that I had tickets for, so finally getting answers to some of these questions would be wonderful.



On narrowing down Shards (my obsession):

1. Would it be feasible to put the 16 Shards into groups of four?                                                                                                                                                                                                              -[If no] Are they more random, then, and we're just looking for Patterns where none exist?

2. The Intents/names of Shards have often appeared on-page without referencing the actual Shards themselves (for example, Ambition being a theme in Elantris long before we knew of Shards; Endow and Devotion being common words). Is this ever intentional?                                                                                                                                                                                    -[If yes] Have you done this (intentionally) with Shards we haven't yet seen?                                                                                                                                                                                -[RAFO-bait-but-maybe-I'll-get-lucky-or-at-least-a-grin] In Oathbringer, when Hoid says "he and wisdom are often at cross-purposes", is he referring to the Shard that just wants to hide and survive?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -In the same scene Hoid also mentions Kindness and Cynicism, are these possible synonyms for the names of other shards we don't know about yet?

3. As of writing the essays in Arcanum Unbounded, does Khriss know the Intents of all 16 Shards?

Autonomy/Trell Questions:

1. As of Sixth of the Dusk, has Autonomy abandoned First of the Sun?                                                                                                                                                                                              -Why doesn't Khriss recognize Autonomy's influence on First of the Sun in her Essays?

2. [assuming Trell is Autonomy, maybe I'll trick him] Is Trell an "avatar" of Autonomy (like the one she mentions in the Letter in Oathbringer) or is he an agent working with the Set?

3. Was Autonomy directly involved in killing Aona and Skai (as in present, working with Odium)?                                                                                                                                                    -[If yes] Could Odium have done it on his own?

Assorted Questions:

1. What does Endowment think of Nightblood?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -[RAFO bait] Did she directly interfere with or influence his creation?

2. [has been RAFO'd but might be good to ask again] Is Edgli a dragon?

3. You've mentioned that the Dor is like a "plasma storm" and is very dangerous to travelers. Yet, we've seen many Elantrians on other worlds (Galladon, Riino, the Ire). Do Elantrians have an inherent immunity to the Dor as practitioners?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -[if no] If the Ire had successfully taken up Preservation, would they have been able to restore the Dor, holding three Shards?

4. Was the infamous Worldhopping Kandra seen on-page in Oathbringer?

5. Can Shards have multiple Shardpools? For example, can Harmony have one in the basin and one on SoScad?                                                                                                                        -[If yes] Is this specific to Harmony as he holds two Shards, or could any Shard maintain multiple Shardpools?

Expanding List (hand out questions?)

1. How old is Silverlight, at the time of writing the Essays?

2. Do Cognitive cultural expectations affect a peoples' physical DNA? For example, Rosharans think of the Alethi as tall, dark-haired, lightly tanned. Does this make them more likely to grow to look that way?

3. What would happen if someone took a fabrialinto Shadesmar? Specifically, what would happen to the spren?

4. Would a spanreed in the Physical Realm be able to communicate with its conjoined spanreed in the Cognitive Realm?

5. What would happen if an Elsecaller tried to transition to the Physical Realm while holding a glass bead from Shadesmar?

6. Is the first planet in the Iriali Long Trail Yolen?



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1 hour ago, hyperman500 said:

One of my teachers is Mrs. Liang, who is Chairing the con, and she told me to post my list of questions here so you guys could help me "pester Brandon".

Let's see if this works

Fair warning, there are about nine pages of questions here.

If you enable comments on that google doc we can provide feedback on individual questions without cluttering up this thread too much.

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52 minutes ago, yulerule said:

@Jofwu I'm ... not opposed to the idea.

Sorry if I'm lukewarm. It ... might be interesting.

(Still new to the con thing, that's the only reason I'm a bit hesitant)

I've never been to a con myself. :D

No pressure, and not asking anybody to commit. Just wanted to put the idea out there, in time for people to see it. I figure we've all got to eat, and that it would be fun to put faces to some usernames.

I won't be there until later tonight, so I don't have a feel for what the best option is. I imagine it would be best to meet in the hotel lobby and go somewhere close, or just eat at the hotel. I'll either pick a restaurant or a spot in the lobby I guess and post it here by tomorrow morning? So if anybody is interested, they know when and where to meet.

If anybody wants to just stop to say hello and do their own thing for lunch that's totally fine.

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5 minutes ago, Jofwu said:

I've never been to a con myself. :D

No pressure, and not asking anybody to commit. Just wanted to put the idea out there, in time for people to see it. I figure we've all got to eat, and that it would be fun to put faces to some usernames.

I won't be there until later tonight, so I don't have a feel for what the best option is. I imagine it would be best to meet in the hotel lobby and go somewhere close, or just eat at the hotel. I'll either pick a restaurant or a spot in the lobby I guess and post it here by tomorrow morning? So if anybody is interested, they know when and where to meet.

If anybody wants to just stop to say hello and do their own thing for lunch that's totally fine.

I'm at the Con, now and getting more confident. So I think it's a nice idea.

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I am sorry I haven't been updating you guys on what's going on here at JordanCon, but I've been super busy running around, hanging out with people, and harassing Team Sanderson. I might post a more detailed write-up tomorrow, with some cosplayers I snapped photos of (you'll have to bear with me begin in virtually all of those photos, sorry), as well as a group photo of all (most?) of the Sharders we have here... but we'll see, it's 2 AM once again, so maybe I'll just want to sleep in. We'll see.

Until then I just wanted to drop by and share a conversation between me and Brandon that I intentionally did not record - mostly because he said that recording him would increase my chance of being RAFO'd. 

So, I've been telling people about this ghost WoB that I thought I had, that nobody - including me has been able to find. I thought that Brandon had told me once that the reason Odium dealt with the Selish Shards the way that he did - by stuffing them in the Cognitive Realm - was being they were the first Shards he had Splintered, and he was not yet experienced enough to know what he was doing; because his primary objective is to not only get rid of the current Vessels, right, he also wants to make sure that nobody else takes the power. And so playing off on the friction between the powers of Devotion and Dominion, one solution to the second part of his objective was to stick them in the Cognitive where this friction would make it nigh impossible for anyone to take on that power. And then, as he grew more experienced, we see Shards like Honor being Splintered in a much more permanent way, where the power itself is distributed between multiple minds, the spren, so gathering it all is much more difficult. 

So that was what I thought he had said to me once, and I gave him this rundown today, and asked him whether all of this sounds like it could've been something he had said to me. And he said yes. He also seemed to imply that maybe the Selish solution isn't as permanent as Odium would've liked, but that's very much my impression of the way he spoke, so let's not build too many theories on that.

So, it's not as hard evidence as we would all like, and I might still try to get him on record to confirm at least the inexperience part of all of this. But it is something. It mostly confirms to me that I did not, in fact, have a dream where I got a WoB, as @Pagerunner suggests. Or, if I did, I dreamed up actually canon. And I am not sure which one like better...

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I wish I was in Atlanta right now instead of being at the Ramen and Beer tasting in Portland, could be worse I guess.

If anyone has some time to ask questions, I think these are pretty interesting and stand a decent chance of not being RAFOed.

  • If a Dysian Aimian were an Elsecaller Knights Radiant, could they transition a singular Hordeling to Shadesmar?
  • Since Shadesmar is a 2 dimensional topological projection of the surface of Roshar, and given that a 3 dimensional surface when unwrapped would have a seam, if an Elsecaller knew enough about Shadesmar to know where this seam was on the surface of Roshar, could they transition at the point of the seam and be closer to another sub-astral? As a follow up, using this and flying ships, could Rosharans use this as a viable substitute for Faster than Light travel to get to other planets in the Cosmere?
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5 hours ago, ElephantEarwax said:

Is someone going to stream the Rafolympics on youtube if that is allowed?

Well, we didn't live stream it, but the audio is in Arcanum. It needs some transcription attention. (For anyone who is so inclined...)

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I am just gonna go ahead and double post here. Sue me.

A few tidbits from day 2 of JordanCon:

  • Pagerunner's recording of the RAFOlympics is now uploaded to Arcanum. It looks like it's fully snippeted and needs just transcriptions, so now is your time to show off your volunteer cred! This is where the meat of the JordanCon information is going to come from, though there wasn't anything like a new Shard or something. I haven't listened to the audio myself, but I also have a recording, if we need to cross reference stuff (though my recorder was right next to his, so maybe it won't be so useful). 
  • Behind the Scenes with Team Sanderson, a panel featuring Peter, Karen, Isaac, Kara, and Emily - pretty much everyone in Team Sanderson who is not a Sanderson, plus a Sanderson who is not Brandon - has been uploaded to Arcanum. Feel free to give it a listen. I wouldn't say there were any news in it, but it's certainly a fun panel.
  • I went to Isaac Stewart's Creating Stormlight Glyphs workshop and recorded the audio of it. There were some live demos on his iPad, and I've kind of got videos of those, but I can't share anything until the JordanCon organizers have approved it. I've also got all the materials from the workshop (which include the glyphs for "Happy Birthday", the translations of all the glyphs on this scroll, and a couple of other minor things), so I hope I can share those with you guys. May take a little bit of time though.
  • I've got a ton of photos of both random cosplayers I ran into (this time the photos include one of just the cosplayer and one with me in the photo as well, so you don't need to look at my happy face quite as much), as well as photos of all the contestants in the costume contest (though I didn't take one of all the winners collectively). The latter were taken from the audience, so a bit away from the stage, and with a few heads in the way (including Brandon's!), but it's kind of okay. I managed to get close-ups of some of the contestants after. I don't think I have time to share any of these quite yet, but I imagine I won't have much to do on Monday.

And some bits more directly relevant to the Cosmere:

  • Isaac mentioned that the Nalthis essay and star chart (similar to the ones Khriss put together for the other Shardworlds in Arcanum Unbounded) are happening (in fact, they may be already done, but he was coy about it), but they don't know when they'll release them. Warbreaker's 10th anniversary next year is a good candidate, but it may happen even earlier. 
  • He himself is outlining a Niki Savage story (I am not sure if he said short story or novella), but that's obviously a long way off if it ever happens. No details.
  • Also from the mouth of Isaac the Incredible, "spren fishing", mentioned in the Shadesmar map in Oathbringer is, and I paraphrase loosely, the act of forcefully attracting spren in Shadesmar for your own purposes. The example he gave is how Adolin's natural fear there attracts fearspren naturally, which is okay, but if someone else were to, I don't know, intentionally put themselves in situations that would provoke a fear response just so they can attract fearspren (so they can study them, for example), that would "fishing," Isaac briefly mentioned that it would be unethical to the spren because it would essentially be non-consensual. 
  • Peter offhandedly mentioned that the Sunmaker was about 500 years before the current Stormlight story, and the Hierocracy pretty much immediately before that. Recreance, about 2000 years ago. 
  • One thing I'll mention from the RAFOlympics is that Brandon confirmed we've seen the kandra worldhopper (whom he referred to as "she") in Oathbringer, on screen. So go nuts.

That's all I got for now. Reading and signing are today, so we'll probably get some juice there. Brandon played MTG until like 2:30 last night, and I confess I was hoping to ambush him on the way out, but he looked so tired, I just couldn't. Sorry, you guys, there is a heart in my chest after all, it's not just an endless void that can be filled only with WoBs.

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