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JordanCon 10


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19 hours ago, yulerule said:

@Kaymyth Can you post a picture of your porgs?

@Jofwu ...And I'm not in the Calligrapher's Guild?

I had a lot of fun, but I don't have the patience to type up summaries or my impressions.

I am already thinking about the next JordanCon, though. :) Even if there will be no Brandon.

Ooops, sorry, fixed. I couldn't remember if you were in that one or not. It's all becoming a blur. :)

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All the audio from JordanCon has been transcribed. You can find it here: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/332-jordancon-2018/

Everything could use an extra set of ears on it, making sure it has been transcribed accurately. And it's all too common for typos to slip through. So, if you're going to check them out, please play the audio and suggest necessary changes.

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Returning here to add a few tidbits for Arcanum reference. :)

After I made it through the signing line, I went to go visit the folks at Sanderson Trivia to see how that was going. Afterwards, a couple of us went up and spoke to Karen while she had her wiki out. Seemed like a good opportunity to get some things I've been wondering. I'm going to list some tidbits here without much rhyme or reason.

  • Shallan and Jasnah left for the Shattered Plains on "day 6927" (her calendar), which comes to 1173-9-6-2. (she did note that her dates are subject to change if needed)
  • Highstorms apparently come more frequently around Midpeace. We know they come less often around the Weeping, but I don't recall anywhere in the books saying they are more frequent around the middle of the year. There are no storms during Midpeace itself, if I'm not mistaken, so I assume she means the weeks before and after.
  • This last bit came up as Karen revealed that... minor OB Spoilers:

The stormwardens found that their highstorm calculations were 4 months off after their return following the advent of the Everstorm. 

That is... We know that the Everstorm seemed to tamper with weather, and there were concerns expressed in Oathbringer Part 1 that they didn't know how it would affect the highstorm predictions. There's obviously no set, predetermined highstorm schedule. but in some way the time of the year factors in. After the Weeping ended and the highstorms returned, they apparently found that their calculations were 4 months off.

  • Highstorms move at about 370 miles per hour. The Everstorm moves at about 120 miles per hour. Those are somewhat variable of course; particularly for the highstorm.
  • Karen confirmed something Peter told me privately a few months ago: for their Everstorm timing calculations they used a cycle of 9.1 [Rosharan] days.
  • I also noticed that she had Roshar's circumference at 22110 miles, though I don't know how official that is meant to be OR whether that's technically "real miles" or "Rosharan miles". (If it's "real miles", that would give a circumference of 0.888 which is close--but not exactly--the 0.9 number that Khriss mentioned in Arcanum Unbounded.)

I may have a few other notes scrawled in notebook margins, but I think this is most of it. :)


Oh! Two more OB timeline points that she checked for me.

  • Karen mentioned in her blog post (Oathbringer Timeline) that "the last day" of Oathbringer was the 100th day of the year. She confirmed for me that this was referring to the day of Shallan and Adolin's wedding.
  • Venli only spent 5 days in Marat. This is something I had figured myself, but it seemed shorter than I expected. Apparently I was right. :)


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  • 3 weeks later...

A bit late piece of not super exciting news, but my friend Lightshaper_ sat down with Assistant Karen, maintainer of the Dragonsteel Wiki and a wielder of amazing rainbow hair, and had her pull up the colors the Alethi highprinces are usually associated with. This is all coming from the books, so I guess I didn't need to wait this long to share it, but I kept forgetting =\

Anyway. Here are Lightshaper_'s notes, make of them what you will:

  • Dalinar: blue & white
  • Sadeas: deep/forest green & white
  • Bathab: N/A
  • Hatham: green shirt with a darker green scarf?
  • Roion: green & gold
  • Aladar: black with maroon stripes
  • Ruthar: red & blue
  • Sebarial: deep gold on black
  • Thanadal: red & brown
  • Vamah: brown & gray

Good job, Sebarial, you got style. As expected.

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