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[OB] Oathbringer chapters 25-27


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Hey everyone! Guess what? It's Tuesday again, so like usual, I'm gonna spoil all the fun of racing each other in creation of OB chapters topic and do it earlier than everyone else ;) 

The chapters will be available here: https://www.tor.com/2017/10/24/oathbringer-by-brandon-sanderson-chapters-25-27/

As always, the chapters will be available at 9 AM EDT, and that's when this thread will unlock itself.


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Seriously, "I killed someone who loved me dearly". That could mean shallan, of course. It could mean Dalinar, we still don't know what happened with his wife. It could mean kaladin, he feels responsible for the death of tien; also killing his spren could count, even if she got better. It could mean jasnah: if she hadn't called her father and distracted him during the fight, he may have prevailed against szeth. and it could of course mean taravangian.

really, how many main characters who killed someone who loved them dearly can one write into a book? It's like brandon actually wants us to keep guessing by giving us equivocal information. And it doesn't make it any better that it is actually the case.

So that's it. Enough is enough. I'm gonna stop playing the epigraphs game. I don't care who wrote them until we'lll be told for certain.

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It might be Jasnah still. Or dalinar. 

Wow. That flashback was... intense. Very intense. 

Shallan knows now. Her budding love for kaladin? Probably crushed right there. Also the murders are being done by a voidspren, and we FINALLY see Bridge 4. Poor rock, getting his hand stabbed.

The appearance of the Ryshadium fascinated me. Why music spren? 

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"At cern, we smash particles together to figure out what theure made of."

Fail to see how that's of Honor, but hey. Let them be them. 

Given that the dustbringers spren name is spark, I'm going more solidly with the "advanced form of fire spren" idea. 

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Maybe the epigraphs are written by a KR after the recreance? Maybe even the one who started it. They murdered their Spren, who loved them. 

“A hundred shades of wrongness.” It sounds like a bad romance novel set on Nalthis. 

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