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  1. A break. He has definitely earned a vacation.
  2. Sounds like you're not enjoying it right now, so may be leave it for when you are in a more suitable mood. The right rime to read it is when you feel like reading it
  3. I was considering re-reading the books, sounds like more fun when you can discuss them with someone.
  4. I find it difficult to believe Nale didn't know until now the so-called secret. Ash used the word 'adonalsium', the Heralds should know humanity came later to Roshar. The Skybreakers are supposed to already know this since it was learned by all Orders at least once and become one of the reasons for Recreanse. Did no one write it down? Did Nale swing by a couple of centuries after that and remain oblivious? The Nale and SB plot twist was unbelievable, it just doesn't work for me. I get that Nale is crazy and twist what the law is, but I don't buy this was somehow news for him and also made him switch sides. I agree it undermined his arc in ED.
  5. Apologies for jumping in the middle of the chain, I hope you won't mind. You are right Adolin is presented in the manner that people like him a lot. But that's only on the surface. Women break up so often with Adolin it's become a source of jokes, his peers abandoned him once the reputation of his house is not up to their standards. Adolin fails to connect to people on a deeper level. Sure, he's liked by his subordinates and that is important, but those are basically the only people who genuinely like him outside of his family. Adolin didn't have a single friend to even anonymously tip him off about what was planned for him in the 4vs1 duel. Adolin sounds like he's a people's person, but in reality has fewer friends than even Dalinar.
  6. I was surprised by the squire to radiant path, I didn't expect it and at first I thought that was just cheating. But Urithiru wasn't a mental facility, our main cast has particularly dark and troubled stories, which I don't expect to repeat. I'd find it weird if all Radiants were similarly broken to the extreme. About people deserving to be Radiants, it's up for the spren to decide based on what they see from squires. Now I think it's a good enough method to swiftly build the numbers for each Order, what our main cast needed to overcome shouldn't repeat for most Radiants. I think part of the issue you have and I did, too, is that we are used to more foreshadowing for major things like this, so it felt too sudden. We fell for the myth and legends about the Radiants and the reality was far more mundane.
  7. You make a good point, however I doubt Brandon would approach pregnancy as if it's a disease or a wound - he didn't with mental illness. Sure, stormlight works based on one's perception, but I have difficulty imagining it as contraceptive, because what you say about women can flipped to men thus one's sperm becomes infertile because he doesn't see himself as father and that would be really weird to me. I think it would be more like for Brandon to have a baby, even when just a bunch of cells, have all aspects - cognitive and spiritual included - and have a rule they can't be overwritten by stormlight. I just don't see a religious person treating abortion as an enhanced healing perk.
  8. Just because we have a WS doesn't mean there won't be another, it's reasonable to expect orders will slowly regain their numbers. Being something of an inventor may not fit the Order, we know they like new things, but there's nothing on actually creating them. The few sentences on DB and Malata's little screen time also aren't enough to conclude Navani is a likely candidate, but in my opinion if I had to chose between Orders for Navani, DB may not be a bad match. I sincerely doubt we'll have another Kholin become Bondsmith, it sounds terrible both for meta and in-world reasons - too much power in a single family, too much alethi influence on high Radiant positions making the newly refound KR too akin to an elite alethi battle group than an actual international organization.
  9. I overall like this, however I'm not a fan of the Ash-becomes-Dustbringer theory, I think people subscribe to it because they want to match the Order focus of a book with the flashback character, but Brandon never said they would match. Ash may not even be the main present day focus of the book despite having flashbacks. This is the first time I see someone mentioning her as a DB, too (or I've forgotten it), however if you consider we were told they like figuring out what makes something tick, it has a certain level of compatibility with Navani's personality. I don't think the attributes of brave and obedient should be taken as face value - LW aren't what we'd usually describe as honest...
  10. I'm not sure why you added two from MB, they feel out of place. Least favorite as in least interesting? If so, then Tanalan, I didn't care about him at all. Amaram had the least interesting motivation and became a plot devise mutant, so overall boring. Nalan made an incredibly dumb choice after learning something he has no excuse not knowing already, his plot twist felt more like a plot hole. May be Nale and Amaram are a tie for me... Although Nale was overall more interesting, but the ending of OB killed my previous enjoyment of his character. I hate Moash, such a petty little cremling, but well-written overall, so it's a good and intended kind of hate. It's too soon to say anything about Ishar, he hasn't even made an appearance yet.
  11. That's an oversimplification. Following the law above all else is merely the first specific Ideal they have. It's not a bad starting point, most pass it rather quickly from what little we know. SB are only susceptible to corrupt leadership if they chose a bad leader for their Dedication Ideal, which actually doesn't even need to be a person. One could dedicate themselves to the teaching of Nohadon or basically anything else they judge as greater truth and not what somebody else has decides is the truth. SB also chose their own quests, so how is that authoritarian? You can call it bad, but just consider how Kal swore to defend even those he hate so long as it is right - and his guide as to what is right is basically himself. Every WR deciding individually what right is sounds like a recipe for civil war. You can argue people have done horrible things through history under the excuse of 'just following orders', but they've typically done so under the authority of someone certain of their own righteousness and moral superiority, which has some WR ring to it. Many wars have been lead under the pretext of 'defending'. Besides, following an authority figure doesn't seem to be mandatory for SB anyway, the problem seems to be that many were stupid enough to choose Nale as their Dedication despite his expressed concerns, but expecting differently might be akin to expecting a monotheist who met an archangel to not consider said archangel as reliable guide.
  12. I'd rephrase this to it's evidence for what they managed to preserve and can still use. They didn't have to choose just one type to keep how like they have both Blades and Plates instead of choosing between Shards. There has been a discussion why so many Shards seems to have gotten lost, but it's not like a whole category of Shards disappeared.
  13. You are right. Although it brings the question why such a poetic term when transforming would have worked fine, however renaming soulcasters to transformers would be awkward Fabrial with regrowth sound vital for survival, too. Where did all of them go? I think saying modern day rosharians have knowledge of how soulcaters work is pushing it - they know how to use them, but not how to make them. They can repair existing ones, but not create new ones. Preserving surge fibrials seems like something vital for post-Recreanse society, yet the only fabrial with regrowth we saw was in Nale's hands. May be there are more ancient surge fabrials we haven't seen yet. My point was I understand why transportation based ones were forgoten, but something you can carry in your pocket and it heals you? That's easy to use and keep. It's odd there aren't any of those around, Nale's aside.
  14. Soulcaster is the name of the surge and thus became the byword for the fabrials with soulcasting. Now, why those are the only radiant fabrials left in circulation is a mystery to me.
  15. As Szeth himself pointed, Nale only cared about proto radiants breaking laws, so he could execute them in the name of the greater good, hence a guy with a Honorblade was whatever. I wouldn't count the time from murdering Gavilar to present WoK day as being of any particular interest for the SB, Szeth didn't do anything noteworthy and wasn't actively being the assassin in white. There hasn't been that much time between Szeth going on a killing spree under Vargo's orders in WoK and Nale recruiting him at the end of OB. It's just a few months. They did in OB when apparently all but Szeth decided to follow Nale's insane move to join Odium despite technically already being the only Order who knew the Recreanse secret and brushed it off aside anyway. It made very little sense even with Nale's madness. He should have already known. The SB should have already known or at least be confident enough to remain at humanities side like their predecessors did. An outsider to a certain belief system sees it very differently and can have many takes on it that those who hold the said belief system see as unfounded. If you believe Heralds are messengers of God and saviors of humanity, you can easily believe a regular person cannot understand them and their reasoning is beyond mortals' comprehension, so anything that would have sounded loony from the average human, is perceived as wisdom from a herald. For example Rock in OB was confused by something Syl said and replied she was wise, yet his internal monologue noted he doesn't understand how that was wise. But he worships spren, so it must have been wise. In WoK she made him go to a pile of poo, yet Rock didn't see it as a childish prank like Kal did. Humans are very good at reasoning away things that contradict accepted truths.
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