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  1. That is where I would put Hail Mary was way way better than Artemis (one of the most disappointing books from an author I really like).
  2. I really liked this book. This will date myself (even though there is a current re-make) but it gave me serious Quantum Leap vibes. In the endnotes Brandon says this book was written as a gift to the fans and that was pretty clear with all the cosmere tidbits and a main character we already know. Interestingly though this one felt like a lot less of a Cosmere info dump as some of the other more recent books. I think because a lot of the information we receive just leads to more questions. It also helped the story was pretty fast pace which to be honest I felt was really lacking specifically in YatNP. I'll be honest Sigzil has never been the most interesting Bridge 4 character to me but man this book changed my opinion dramatically.
  3. I was pretty hyped for this one after the preview chapters. It took a lot longer for me to really get in to this one compared to most of Brandon’s books. Just felt like after the first few chapters it was really slow. I think it wasn’t until chapter 29 that I was really invested. That being said the rest of the book was great. The worlds were really interesting to me loved the Asian influence. A few fun little Cosmere tidbits but never felt like they overtook the main story as some of the more recent books have. I loved Design and her noodle shop. Hoid’s narration was better in this one than Tress more low key. I liked Yumi and Painter and felt like the love story was well done. Great twist in this books that all caught me off guard. For sure Brandon had AI on his mind I liked the analogies and recognition of the importance of human creativity. I was happy when he mentioned FFX in the postscript as that was the exact vibe I was getting and one of my favorite games as well. I didn’t get the rest of the influences as I’m not really in to the other stuff. I think I still like Tress a little more mainly because I think the pacing was better and I liked a lot of the non-main characters but this was a fun read and better than Frugal Wizard for me.
  4. Yes I really liked them. There is a second trilogy that is in the same world that I actually liked more than the first.
  5. I have the first book of the Cradle series and need to get to it. Haven't heard of a couple of those I'll check them out thanks! I have read Art of Adept series and I think I am like the only person who actually liked the last book haha.
  6. The Licanius Trilogy for sure has a WoT vibe to it. Books are decently long but only 3. Looking for a good progression fantasy series that I have never heard of.
  7. Seems like Cultivation would have a secret society of minions as well.
  8. Blasphemy! Just kidding. Glad you enjoyed it! This was weird for me there are a lot of aspects I liked it just never came together for me. Which is odd because I liked Perfect State and Snap Shot which are in a similar vein as this one. I did not hate it but cannot say I really liked it either. As many books as Brandon writes this is bound to happen from time to time. I feel the same way about Skyward just could not get in to it after the second book.
  9. @The Last Fæ Make time for civilization, for civilization won't make time.
  10. Just finished The Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee. I did not think I would like this as much as I did because I am not really in to Urban Fantasy. By the third book I was completely invested and I really liked how she ended the series. Overall a really good series if you are ok with some R rated content (it is not crazy but there is a lot of language and some fairly explicit sex in it).
  11. Inquisitors who were a Misting or Mistborn essentially doubled their powers with the spikes so there is that advantage. They also were frequently granted Feruchemy abilities like healing and speed and of course compounding.
  12. Brandon's non-cosmere books can be a little hit or miss for me and unfortunately this one fell into the miss category. I liked the premise a lot actually. A society at a technology level that alternative dimensions are up for grabs was interesting. I think though there was just too much whimsy in this book or something else that was distracting. The pacing seemed off but maybe that was because it was a relatively short book. I never really felt any tension and never really got in to any of the characters. The whole book kind of felt like an infomercial to me. The WB was good the characters and some of the plot just didn't land for me. The illustrations were awesome. I do feel like I need to read it again a little bit down the road and maybe my opinion will change.
  13. Some clues in the Sixth of Dusk sequel chapter here This is far future Cosmere compared to "current" timeline. If you want the cliff-notes version here is the exact clue but I'd read the entire chapter
  14. I remembered this as well and found this WoB form a live stream back in August. So clearly "few months" was optimistic. I was sure we would see something in the State of Sanderson. Hopefully "soon".
  15. I'd read Warbreaker (very underated in my opinion) and then maybe finish up with MB era 2. All of Brandon's short stories are really good and add some to the Cosmere. Elantris is my least favorite book but The Emperors Soul set on the same world is one of my favorite books.
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