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Mid-Range Game 16: War of the (Cosmere) Worlds


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Sign-ups:  Obligatory Introduction Phase

You and a group of others have been mysteriously transported to some city ruins.  None of the others look familiar but strangely you feel a connection with some of them.

You can see cameras flying around watching your every move.  There also seems to be some kind of cheering in the distance.

A voice booms over hidden loudspeakers.  “Welcome Contestants.  You are here to compete to the death in order to see which of your respective worlds is the best.  To the winning team/competitor goes the glory and prestige.”

“Introduce yourselves to the watching audience and your fellow rivals/allies.  We shall begin soon”

General Rules apply apart from the following exceptions.
Day cycles only and will last 47 hours.  Cycles will end at 4:00pm NZT – 5:00am BST – 0:00am EDT.  This will be followed by a one hour gap so I can work out what the Chull happened before I post the next cycle. I think I got the conversions right
First cycle is a meet and greet.  24 hours long.  No votes or kills allowed.  Other abilities can be used.
Write ups will reveal deaths only not failed attacks.  Death will reveal factions but not roles.  All deaths will be anonymous.
No one will know who their allies are at start.  You’re going to have to find out as you go.

Anyone who doesn't post at least once every second cycle will be killed!
There are no docs apart from the dead/spec one.
PMs are open and unrestricted.  You don't have to include the GM if you don't want to.
Action Equation is: Votes + Lottery - Void Sphere - Vote Manipulations + Role Blocks - Protections + Seekings - Deaths = Fun.
Last team/player standing wins.



Inquisitor:  You were snatched from your world right as you were becoming an Inquisitor.  As such you don’t have the telltale Spikes jutting from your eyes.  However you did get other Spikes before you were taken.  Once per cycle you may use any of the following abilities however you cannot use the same ability twice in a row.
Allomantic Brass: Allows you to cancel another player’s vote.
Allomantic Steel: Attacks your target in the hopes of killing them.
Feruchemical Steel: Speeds you up allowing you to protect your target from one attack.
Allomantic Cadmium: Slows down time so your target is unable to take any actions during the turn it’s activated.

Koloss-Blooded:  The blood of a Koloss runs strongly in your veins and with it comes certain benefits.  You are able to survive one attack or lynch without dying.

Constable:  A life fighting crime has given you heightened senses for when something is about to happen.  Once per cycle you can protect either yourself or another from one kill attempt.

Outlaw:  Ever since you were a kid living on the streets you knew that all you needed was fast feet and good aim.  With your trusty six shooter at your side you feel invincible.  Once per cycle you can attempt to kill another player.

Seeker:  Normally you can only tell when someone is burning metals but you noticed something different. It seems you can now distinguish between different types of Investiture.  Once per cycle you can target someone to learn their planet of origin.

Politician: A silver tongue and honeyed words are your weapons of choice.  Once per cycle you can persuade another player to vote for who you want them to.



Elantian:  The Dor flows through your veins allowing you to use Aons.  Once per cycle you may use any of the following abilities however you cannot use the same ability twice in a row.
Aon Ashe: Blinds your target stopping them from taking any actions that turn.
Aon Ate: Steals a player’s voice and rendering them unable to vote in the lynch.
Aon Daa:  Attacks your target in the hopes of killing them.
Aon Ien: Protects your target from one attack that cycle.

ChayShan Practitioner:  You have spent years practicing the art of ChayShan and have reached a level that allows you to deflect blows directed at you or another.  Once per cycle you can protect either yourself or another from one attack.

Soldier: A soldier's life is a hard life and your life is no different.  Years in the army hard turned you into thick muscle and ropy tendons.  As such you can survive one attack or lynch without dying.

Bloodsealer: Skeletals are your specialty and the living your enemy.  Once per cycle you can send your skeletals out to attack one player.

Seon User: You have had you faithful Seon Opa even since your mother gave her to you.  Once per cycle you may send Opa to spy on another player and learn what planet they are from.

Diplomat: A silver tongue and honeyed words are your weapons of choice.  Once per cycle you can persuade another player to vote for who you want them to.



God King:  You are the God King of Nathis.  You have enough Breath to Awaken any object you wish.  Once per cycle you may use any of the following abilities however you cannot use the same ability twice in a row.
Awaken Rope:  Awaken and throw this at another player to stop them from taking any actions for the cycle.
Create Lifeless:  Create a Lifeless to protect a player from one attack.
Awaken Scarf: Awaken another player's scarf to stop them from voting in the lynch.
Power Overwhelming: Sends the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh to attack another player.

Lifeless:  You are a lifeless from Nalthis and are very strong.  Unfortunately no one here knows your commands.  However your body is resistant to damage and can survive one attack or lynch before falling apart.

Bodyguard:  The life of a Bodyguard isn’t easy nor is it glamorous but it’s a living albeit a short one.  Once per cycle you can protect a player from one attack.

Mercenary:  You life as a Mercenary has taught you one hard and fast rule; when in doubt, stab.  Once per cycle you can attack another player in the hopes of killing them.

Awakener:  You have reached the first Heightening level and can tell the different types of Investiture others have.  Once per cycle you can attempt to learn what planet another player is.

High Priest:  Years spent preaching your faith has given you a unique insight into how to change the volume and pitch of your voice to capture your audience's attention.  Once per cycle you can persuade another player into voting for who you want them to.



Knight Radiant:  You are a Knight Radiant of the Windrunner Order.  Once per cycle you may use any of the following abilities however you cannot use the same ability twice in a row.
Full Lashing:  Prevents your target from taking any actions that cycle.
Basic Lashing:  Protects your target from one attack.
Shardblade:  Attacks your target in the hopes of killing them.
Intimidation:  Cancels another player's vote.

Shardplate Wearer:  You have Shardplate.  Sadly your spheres are almost drained meaning your Plate can only protect you from one more attack before it completely locks up.  You will survive the first attack or lynch on you.

Bridge Four Member:  You are one of the elite members of Bridge Four.  Like the other members of Bridge Four Kaladin is your role model and you have started seeing his ideals as your own.  Once per cycle you can protect a player from one attack.

Ghostblood:  The Diagram spoke of this.  A mighty clash between worlds that can greatly change the balance of power in the Cosmere.  It is your duty to insure that your side emerges victorious even if you don’t survive.  Once per cycle you can attack another player hopefully killing them.

Ardent:  Information is what’s important to you and information is what you are good at discovering.  Once per cycle you can try and discover what planet another player is from.

Highprince:  Your word is law, or at least it used to be.  In this place your presence is just enough to persuade another to your way of thinking.  Once per cycle you can change another’s vote.

Independent: (May or may not be included depending on GM’s mood.)


Serial Killer:  You are a sociopath who enjoys inflicting pain and killing others. As such you have two abilities. You can attack once per cycle, or you may instead stalk up to two people a cycle and find out their role, but must attack one of them during the following cycles before you can attack/stalk anyone else.  To help you in your undertaking you have been given body armour capable of saving you from one kill attempt including lynchings.  Win condition: Kill everyone.

Hoid:  You have no idea how you got here but you can’t pass up the chance for a bit of fun.  You can change anyones actions to target another player.  Additionally should anyone try to learn what faction you belong to they will be told that you are the same as them.  Win condition: Survive until another team emerges victorious.

Demolitionist:  You love to see things go boom.  You enjoy it so much that you no longer care if anyone is killed by your explosions.  Once per cycle you can either give someone a tiny explosive device or detonate all the explosives you have given away.  Your targets will not be told they have been given an explosive.  Win condition: Kill everyone.

Paranoid Arms Dealer:  You have no idea how you got caught up in all this.  One moment you were selling weapons to Nightwielder and the next you’re in a fight for your life on some strange planet.  Thankfully you still have your lucky sidearm.  Three times during the game you may choose to Hunker Down.  While hunkered down you will attack anyone that targets you with any action.  Win condition: Survive until another team emerges victorious.

Every even numbered cycle there will be a lottery that anyone can enter.
To enter the lottery, players must send in the order via their role PMs.
Those that enter the lottery forfeit taking an action that cycle.  Votes will still count.
If you enter the lottery and have a passive ability or item (like an extra life) then they will not be active.
Items will be given to randomly chosen players that enter the lottery.
Winning players will not be revealed
These items cannot be passed to another.
The items will be revealed at the start of the cycle it is drawn for.



Detonator Glass:  If you are killed while holding this item then your attacker shall be blown up into teeny tiny pieces unless they have some protection.  Doesn’t work on lynchings.  Inactive if entering Lottery

Hemalurgicly Charged Spike:  This spike contains one charge of Allomantic Pewter allowing the one it’s impaled in to survive one attack or lynching.  Can be impaled into yourself or another.

Jumper Cables:  These cables and portable battery can be used to protect someone from death by shocking them back to life.  However should the one protected not be attacked then they shall die instead.  Battery has one charge.

Reviver:  This handy device can bring back one player from Deaths Door.  In order for this device to work the player targeted must have died during the prior cycle.  Any longer than that and they would’ve passed through to the other side.

Flash Bang Grenade:  This one use grenade can be used to cancel the vote and action of one player.

Double-barrel Shotgun:  This handy shotgun can be used to either attack two players at once or to attack one player twice.

Syphon:  This diabolical device can be used to drain one life from another player and add it to your own.  If the player targeted only has one life then this will kill that player.  (Contains one charge.)

Void Sphere:  This item allows the holder to enter a void space which protects from all actions and votes for the cycle it is used on. (Removes name from lynching poll causing the next highest voted player to be lynched instead.)  Users vote is also cancelled.  Can only be used on holder.

Cuddles:  An Awakened sword found in a dusty cupboard.  This one of a kind item can be used to kill another player once per cycle and remains in the game.  If the attack fails to kill the target then the one that was attacked gets Cuddles.  If the one holding Cuddles is killed then Cuddles goes to the killer.  If they are Lynched then Cuddles goes back into the Lottery.  See LG4 for the story of Cuddles’ birth.  Should the one holding Cuddles be on the winning team then that player gets to keep Cuddles*.
*The Sennti Gaming Corporation does in no way take responsibility for any and all deaths that may occur as a result of this weapon falling into the wrong hands.  Continued use of Cuddles may cause, but are not limited to, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Nausea, Sudden loss of Limbs and/or death.  The SGC reserves the right to reclaim their property should the owner disappear for a period of six months or more.

For those interested this is a great game for RPing.  Check out MR5 for ideas.

Quick Links:

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Reserved for Player List and Rule Clarifications.

Rule Clarifications:
Will Al Vron be commentating?
Of course.  Can't have a Sennti game without Al Vron.

Are there any secret roles or alignments?
As far as I'm aware, no.

Is voting considered an action?

Can I spectate this one?
Sure.  Once I get a Spec Doc done that is.

1. Elentari - Elbereth
2. Keisha - Little Wilson
3. Mandos - Elenion
4. NCL - The Young Bard
5. Parth - Conquestor
6. Serenity - Burnt Spagetti
7. Rynth - I_am_a_Stick
8. Lamron - Mark IV
9. Ryth - Silverblade
10. TBD - Ecthelion III
11. Star Thief - TheSilverDragon
12. Ialla - Nyali
13. Hadrian Penrod - Araris Valerian
14. Dunquaivel - Daniyah
15. Volke - TheMightyLopen
16. Straw - Straw
17. Leyton - Stink
18. Bob - Bugsy6912
19. Guilty - Master Elodin
20. The Healer - Doctor12
21. Magestar - Magestar
22. Jonly - The Only Joe

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Heh. I was just reading through MR5... You've even got the lottery. And the jumper cables, which I loved the idea of when I first read it... Will Al Vron be commentating?

Sign me up.

LG24 has made me paranoid now... Are there any secret roles or alignments?

I'll RP as a librarian that, after a knock to head, has forgotten how to read... I'll think of a name later...

3 hours ago, Elenion said:

I'll join as Mandos; a strange being who has a habit of talking to the dead.

Good. Wilson can RP about 30 different characters with you... :P

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I'll join as Parth. Parth likes to think and invent different items to help him. He was in the middle of combining a stormlit gem and a hemalurgic spike to see what it does.

"Well that should be it . . . where the storms am I" Party says to no one in particular. "I must have lost my mind, but I might as well as talk to one of the other people here" he says to himself. He walks over to some random person and says "Hi there, I'm Parth"

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Ooh... I can't resist this one. 

I'll join in as Lamron. A seemingly normal person living a seeming normal life, doing seeming normal things. Each day he lives is seemingly normal. 

And, on another seemingly normal day, he suddenly got teleported to a seemingly normal competition,  where death was the price. Ah... Lamron loved his seemingly normal existence. 

Just so you know, this is a seemingly normal post. :ph34r:


@Daniyah, don't worry. I was an elim, my first game. Everyone was kind enough to let me live on till the end. :P

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Autocorrect has its seemingly normal uses. And seemingly normal defects too.
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