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  1. Not to mention The Planets, Horizon Zero Dawn, Christopher Tin, Project Destati's Kingdom Hearts, Undertale, Sam Dillard, Zimmer, and somehow Muse got on there too I'm just happy to see Apocalypsis Noctis from FFXV.
  2. At the Legion release, Brandon mentioned that he was contractually obligated to remain silent.
  3. Something about this seems really off to me. It seems pretty certain to me that Joe is evil after what happened last night and his voting, so I think this shift over to Devotary is a play for the victory. (Assuming there were 4 eliminators, if they have a functional night kill [still uncertain lol] and kill a villager, they'll win immediately. ) Monster, that vote is the tipping point. [Joe]
  4. All the voting of the entire game, with alignment colors. So, last night with Joe... I'm not sure exactly what that was supposed to do. It would be incredibly damning if he was evil, so it wouldn't make sense in the first place to do that if he was an eliminator (because he'd already know Drought to be evil). Or maybe that's just what he wants us to think?? Tbh that move makes sense neither for a villager or eliminator. Joe. For that and for because you voted with Drought 50% of the time.
  5. I'm still very confused but at this point Shqueeves seems more trustworthy than Drought. Not that my vote matters *shrug
  6. Eärendil had had enough. He had sailed to the West, to the gods--or so he had believed--to seek help for his fallen people. But the gods were too busy fighting and murdering each other to pay him any heed. Then he realized with a shock that the only god he'd ever known was Morgoth. No. I refuse to believe that they're all like him. Everything I've ever been taught was that the gods are benevolent beings, not warmongers. But they hadn't saved Gondolin, had they? "That's enough." Eärendil finally spoke. "I will remain silent no longer. This has to end. Men, Elves...the Free Peoples are dying in Beleriand and all you can do is squabble about who to kill next. You're no better than he is." Finally, the gods listened. Finally, they moved towards him. And finally, he confronted the truth, as their eyes were filled towards murderous rage--towards him. "You never cared. Never. "But I do. As Fingolfin stood against the wrath of Morgoth, so I stand today against the wrath of the Valar combined. And this time, my hopes are not in some false gods on another continent. They are right here with me...and those I defend." As he spake, a swan cried overhead. --- Arinian. Voting on me by saying "this is how you've acted in previous games" is no justification at all. I could vote on literally anyone in this game (well, except a new player) and use that as an excuse. And with the mislynch last cycle, it seems that you're just trying to avoid suspicion. Devotary--as you can tell, it's getting to crunch time and we haven't killed any of the elims yet. So when I thought Lopen was acting eliminator-y, I voted. My playstyle isn't going to stay static throughout the game when I'm about to lose.
  7. @A Joe in the Bush I didn't read the rules carefully enough and forgot that we didn't have to vote on the first cycle.
  8. @Bort--er, what exactly are you referring to? I didn't post a defense of myself yesterday; I hadn't even been voted on yesterday the time I posted. The last-minute vote shift seems rather disconcerting, as does the fact that there's no kill. It says in the rules that there's a "factional killing power". @Drake Marshall, is the factional killing power just one kill every turn, or is it like an Arsonist-type thing and you're messing with us? This isn't a static vote but Lopen I'd like to hear more of your reasoning as to why you voted Len all of a sudden at the end other than just "the others seem less suspicious". It smells to me like the elims could have wanted a last-minute vote swing to save someone. If I missed an analysis post in the past just direct me to it; I've been regrettably short on time this game.
  9. I'm rather inclined to believe Shqueeves; I can attest to his vast PM network which has been testified of in-thread, and he sent one to me too even when I was barely active. So it's pretty likely that there's a captain supporting him and that he himself is not a captain. Knowing who I'm not suspicious of doesn't really help me know who to vote for ... as much as I hate to do so because you've been irl busy, BrightnessRadiant, your vote on Shqueeves strikes me as iffy, especially considering he already had a vote on him. Shqueeves (2): Drought, Brightness Radiant Devotary (1): Lopen Mac (2): Len, Monster Drought (2): Arinian, Coop BrightnessRadiant (1): Ecthelion III Elenion (1): Bort Joe (1): Devotary Arinian (3): Ripple, Shqueeves, Mac
  10. My time on here's been a bit limited with the end of the last term and the start of the new term today. I'll put a meaningless vote down on Elenion until I have time to look things over. Sorry!
  11. Haven. Eärendil knew that word, knew the false safety that it brought. He thought back to Sirion, that "haven" where his kinsman had been slaughtered by creatures of greed and malice. This new world was no safer than the one he had left. Merciful Iluvatar, he thought, I came to the land of the gods in search of a haven from the world. But this...this is no different. Have the Valar fallen as men have? ----- Eärendil seeks to do no harm. He chooses a random player with no votes--MonsterMetroid.
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