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Happy Ookla the mokovial! With more 2013 in it!


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Happy ookla the mokovial, everyone!


Another year has passed and it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the end of the year!


For all you new people:

Every year around here we celebrate "Ookla the mokovial"! A local holiday rife with its own traditions, practices, and holiday decorations!


More realistically, though, it's a holiday we made up to honor Peter Ahlstrom, Brandon's assistant (He used to go by the screen name Ookla the Mok on the TWG forums). It also happens to coincide with his birthday, which was totally on purpose and not an accident in any way!


To celebrate, we generally rename ourselves to "Ookla the ..." where you fill in the blank with whatever! And usually update our profiles to match. Sometimes its fun to try and guess who is who!

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Happy holiday! Is that you, Eeron Gal? Has been a while... I'll stay with my avatar, too. It is how I identify people on the forum, so when they change it gets quite confusing...


Yup, it's me :)


I've been around, more in a lurky spam-delety capacity. Been busy with work and other personal life changes (nothing bad), so I just haven't had much time to waste around here.

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I forgot about this tradition.


It's an ancient tradition mired rich history and folklore and scores of fanatics who go on about what a joyous time of year it is! (or we just made it up a couple years ago. Ya know, whichever!)


Happy birthday peter!

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Pardon me for being late, but happy birthday, Peter (slightly retroactively)!


How long do we traditionally stay with these names?


The plan is usually about a week or so, but generally lasts until everyone gets bored of it.



Happy birthday. Mr. Peter. Have a long e good life.


Ok I'm in =)


There is anything else that you must know too celebrate this important date ?


Nope! It's all just for fun, something we do around the holidays every year here.

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