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  1. Items are either entirely within or entirely outside of time bubbles. --- You can search for x2.1 and x2.2 of this thread for some more details on bubble occupancy and "jostling".
  2. Go to Nalthis. Buy enough Breaths to reach the Fifth Heightening. #ThatWasEasy
  3. Scadrial is the cosmere's Earth-analogue, so it's going to have basically our flora and fauna.
  4. To my knowledge the Obligator doesn't do anything to stop card effects, it just enforces verbal deals that go past the current interval. Unless it explicitly says otherwise, yes. I don't believe there's anything in the rules that would forbid this, so sure go nuts. Correct, you can only do the 2->1 conversion with your own resources. So if a problem requires exactly 1 skaa, and you and another player have exactly 1 of some other resource each then there's no way for you to combine your 2 into a skaa. I've always assumed the first, but don't know either way. I believe so. Probably not, though that's just my gut. Yes. The Smoker's annoying like that.
  5. We’re in the gym clustered a few rows from the front on the right side.
  6. FYI looking at the event page it starts at 6:00 now rather than 7:00.
  7. Sorry, you're a bit over 7 years too late to join the super-cat hype train.
  8. Brandon has answered this specific question, as it turns out. Edit: Ninja'd
  9. Fair enough, I guess I'm just worried about how I'd manage to actually get to 0 and whether other players would tweak on what was happening and mess me up with some spare Disgrace or something. But I guess an "I win" card should take some work to use, so that's a fair set of challenges.
  10. Nope, wasn't me and I don't know who's it was. Great card, flavor-wise, though. Not sure as to its actual utility.
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