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I am a bit disappointed in you. When I gave you my blessing to interfere in the affairs of the Seventeenth Shard, I did not expect you to stage a bloody Coup. Regardless, I hope you now have the manpower needed to stop Rayse. I have alerted the Shardholders, and I know at least 8 of them will be present to contain him, but that may just give him what he wants. You will have to be very careful in your pursuit of Vengeance this time. Trust no one. not even those who trust you. Rayse knows how to disguise himself, as do the rest of the shards. And remember, there's always another Secret.








All of the roles are shards with two abilities. The Ability to invest in a normal worldhopper, and a Shardic Ability. The Shard must use their Invest Ability the same cycle they use their Shardic ability. Some Shards also have a passive ability. The Investiture Power is a role given to a Worldhopper. The shard targets a player, and that player has the power for one cycle. If a shard attempts to Invest in another Shard, they are told Exactly: “Your Target cannot receive Investiture.” Multiple Shards may Invest in the Same Worldhopper. That Player may choose to use one ability per Turn.



A Shard may send a Message along with their Investment. This message will be anonymous. The Worldhopper cannot reply. If a Shard fails to invest two cycles in a row,or fails to post 3 turns in a row, the Shard will become a Fallen Shard, and Endowment gets to choose a new Shardholder. This shard is not shattered, and can still invest.  













ENDOWMENT: Shardic: When a Shard is shattered, Endowment picks up the pieces. They may use that Shard's Shardic Power once, then they must use their Investiture ability.



Investiture: Once per cycle, Endowment can Invest a Fallen Shard in a worldhopper. From this cycle on, the player is treated as being Invested by the relevant Shard, and may use the effect of it's Investiture for the remainder of the game. If this player dies, Endowment picks up the Shard again.



Passive: Endowment starts knowing who holds a shard. They cannot invest a shard with another shard. Endowment's Shard cannot be Shattered until the number of shards are equal to the number of players.



Notes: If Endowment is killed, their shard is picked up by a random Worldhopper.






CULTIVATION: Shardic: Once per day cycle, Cultivation can submit their vote to the Game Master as a Private Message. Cultivation may also begin PM Conversations between herself and any amount of others, or between any three people without being in it herself. These Conversations do not stop until Cultivation dies. Note that Cultivation cannot listen in on any PM’s that she isn’t in. I’m not doing Uber Tin again.



Investiture: Once per Night, Cultivation can invest in a worldhopper. That player can cast their vote during the next day turn in a Private message with the Game Master. This vote can be different from what they post in the thread, without needing to retract it. The Player may also start one Pm Conversation, with up to 3 other people. This Conversation ends once Cultivation takes her power back.






DOMINION: Shardic: Once during the cycle, Dominion can change a player's Target. If this happens during the day, their vote is changed. This can change a No Vote. If this happens during the night, The target's target is Changed. If the target is a Shard, their Investiture target is redirected first, their Shardic ability is only redirected if they did not invest that turn.



Investiture: Once per night, Dominion can invest in a worldhopper. That player can change another players vote during the next day cycle. Their own vote is canceled. The invested player cannot change Dominion's Vote.






HONOUR: Shardic: Once per night, Honour can target a player, and that player will be saved from death.



Investiture: During the Day, Honour can invest in a worldhopper. That player can Lash someone during the night phase of the same Cycle, saving them from death. He cannot Target himself.






PRESERVATION: Shardic: Preservation has a One time use of Ultimate Preservation. Once they activate their ability, all actions, investments, votes and retractions made after that point, are null, until that day/night ends.



Passive: Preservation can survive a single attack.



Investiture: Once per night, Preservation can invest in a worldhopper. That player can survive one attack until the next night cycle.






DEVOTION: Shardic: Once during the day cycle, Devotion can message the Game Master with the name of a player. This power may be exercised during the first 24 hours of the day. If the player Devotion saves has the most votes at the end of the day cycle, they survive and no one is killed.



Investiture: Once per night, Devotion can invest in a worldhopper. During the next day cycle, this player is exempt as a target for lynching. It is publicly acknowledged that they are immune to lynches. Cannot Invest the same Worldhopper Twice.






RUIN: Shardic: Once per Cycle, Ruin can target a player for death. He can target a Shard or a Worldhopper. If he attempts to kill Preservation, He loses his Shardic power, as does Preservation. This counts as them being Shattered.



Investiture: Once every day/night cycle, the invested player can target another player. During the day, a targeted player’s vote doesn’t count. During the night, a targeted player cannot use their ability. This does not stop a Shard from investing.






ODIUM: Shardic: Once per night, Odium can target a player for death. If that player is a Shard, they die, and their power is shattered.



Investiture: During the Day, Odium can invest in a worldhopper. That player can kill a non shardic player during the night phase of the same cycle.






ODIUM’S CHAMPIONS: Odium's Champions get a doc to conspire in. They have no special abilities, but Odium can Invest in them.






HOID: If Hoid is invested by a Shard, he gain’s a copy of that Shards ability for the remainder of the game. Hoid may use three of these powers per cycle.




    Honour: If Hoid is invested by Honour, he can Lash players once during the night cycle for the remainder of the game, saving they from death.


    Cultivation: If Hoid is invested by Cultivation, he can cast all his votes in Private Messages and communicate with any player at any time.


    Preservation: If Hoid is invested by Preservation, he can survive a single attack for the remainder of the game. These extra lives can stack


    Dominion: If Hoid is invested by Dominion, he can change one players vote during the day cycle.


    Devotion: If Hoid is invested by Devotion, he cannot be lynched the next day. Nothing else happens.


    Ruin: If Hoid is Invested by Ruin, he can prevent one player action during the night cycle.


    Endowment: Hoid does not keep the shard. He can choose to give it to someone else, or Splinter it, removing it from the game forever. Either way, he is still invested by that Shard.


    Odium: If Hoid is invested by Odium, once a night he can target a player for death.





NORMAL WORLDHOPPER: You aren't from this world. Perhaps you come from Yolen, Scadrial, Nalthis, Sel or Roshar. Maybe you were born on Threnody, or Ashyn. You might hail from Braize. Or are you one of those inhabitants of an unimportant Shardworld? Wherever it is, you have no abilities unless you're invested, but you can still vote during the day cycle.






INVESTED WORLDHOPPER: Minor roles are not safe Roles. Odium's Champions can start with any of these roles.






Awakener: It took a lot of Time and Money, but you got yourself 50 breaths, which allows you to see How invested a player is. Each Cycle You can send in orders to seek a player, and will be told that they have Normal Investiture (meaning an Uninvested Worldhopper or Odium’s champion), High Investiture (A Invested Worldhopper/Hoid or a Minor role), or Oh My God King Investiture (A Shard).






Bloodsealer: Your pets are ready to hunt. You have 2 skeletals., every Night, you may choose two people and put a bloodseal on them. If they attempt to perform a kill move, one of your skeletals will attack the killer. The Skeletal is destroyed in the process. The Target's attack is also canceled.






Poisoner: At any point in the game, you may choose 1 person to poison. That person will die when you die. If they die before you die, nothing happens. If They're protected the cycle you die, they lose a life. This role is meant to take hostages.






Voidbringer: You're stronger than the others. what would kill a human only wounds you, but will eventually kill you. If you get killed, you get to survive for one more cycle before dying. During that cycle you can send one PM to one person. that person cannot reply, though.






Lifeless Operator: You have one lifeless. you can send this lifeless to protect anyone you want, at any time you want. It’s default state is protecting you. If your target is attacked, the lifeless dies instead.






Witness: During the night, you may choose to witness a random killing, learning the identity of the killer in the process. The killer will also learn your identity.









PM's: There are two ways to use PM's. One is to be in one with Cultivation, or a follower of Cultivation. The other is to be on the same world as a player. In addition to any other night action a player may have, they may choose to go to a certain world. (The amount of Worlds is equal to 1/4 of the Original number of players, rounding up.) All players on that world will be put in a PM group for the duration of that cycle.






Order of Actions:






Devotion's Worldhopper is announced



Endowment makes a new Shard.



Normal Votes



Day Investments (Odium/Honour/Endowment/Ruin)



Dominion Targets



Ruin’s Kill



Both Devotion abilities



Dominions Vote Change



Ruin’s Vote Cancel












Endowment makes a new Shard



Night Investments (Dominion, Cultivation, Preservation, Devotion)



Dominion targets.






Ruin's kill



Devotion targets



Ruin's action cancel



Odium/Champion kill









Shards attacked by Odium’s champions who survive will be indistinguishable from Players who survive due to Honour’s Lashings or from players invested with Preservation or are Preservation. The identity of the survivor is revealed.






Only Devotion’s saves are singled out.



Ruins kill will be different than Odium’s kill






Victory Conditions:



Odium and his Champions win if they Outnumber the Worldhoppers and Shards.



The Worldhoppers and Shards win when they shatter Odium and slay his Champions.






All writeups will be posted at 10:00pm PST. If you're having trouble with Timezones, I recommend looking at this Xkcd Comic. It shows the times around the world right now.






The Day turn will be 48 hours long (2 days) The Night turn will be 24 hours long (1 Day).









Wilson is the Neutral Moderator for this game.






EDIT: For those of you who will ask for Clarifications, Go here. It's the Rules, but in much more detail.









Day 1     Night 1



Day 2     Night 2



Day 3     Night 3






Player List: As of Day 3








    Maw (Mailliw73)


    Second of Sky (Alvron)


    Aonar Izenry (Aonar Faileas)


    Gramps (GammaFiend)


    Jain (Lightsworn Panda)


    Bortin (Bort)


    Cleo and Kae(Winter Cloud)


    Lady Otrisce Maleris Tekil (ostrichofevil)


    Aranad Longbeard (Araris Valerian)


    Gerald Hobbes (Snoopy)


    Frank (Feligon)


    Derushe Tuskuntore (Unodus)


    Captain Qayshar Junglewood (swalji09)


    Martin (Antillar Maximus)


    Leif Erikson (Leiftinspace)


    Animus (Tulir)


    Peng (JasonPenguin))


    KaanDra (Ashiok)


    VineyerianDagar (Vineyarddawg)




    Raiki Morin (Twelthrootoftwo)


    dorin (Dowanx)


    Scree (Sarcomere)


    Cognition (Metacognition)


    Baron Von Piff (Pifferdoo)


    Lu (Luckat






    Satrams - A Normal Worldhopper mistaken for Hoid


    Clink - A Village Poisoner whose wares were too costly.


    Mek - A Normal Worldhopper who lost a swordfight.







Quick Links:


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Saved for Clarifications and Player list.



  1. Maw
  2. Second of Sky
  3. Aonar Izenry
  4. Gramps
  5. Jain
  6. Bort
  7. Cleo
  8. Lady Otrisce Maleris Tekiel
  9. Mek
  10. Aranad Longbeard
  11. Gerald Hobbes
  12. Frank
  13. Derushe Tuskuntore
  14. Captain Qayshar Junglewood 
  15. Martin
  16. Leif Erickson
  17. Animus
  18. Peng
  19. Satrams 
  20. KaanDra
  21. Vineyerian Dagar
  22. Eolkin
  23. Raiki Morin
  24. Clink
  25. Dorin
  26. Scree
  27. Cognition
  28. The Marquis de Piffletiff
  29. Lu
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The doorbell was ringing. Nilan Izenry waited, hoping against hope that whoever it was would go away. The bell continued to ring.


Slowly, he pushed himself out of his armchair. Whoever it was should know better than to disturb him at a time like this.


The rusting bell was still ringing. “I’m coming!” Nilan yelled. Mercifully, the bell stopped. He reached the door and pulled it open. “What do you want?”


The slight, well-dressed man who had so persistently rang the doorbell proffered something in his hands. “This is for you, sir.”


Confused, Nilan took it. The item appeared to be a thin, leather bound notebook, with ostentatious gold ornamentation.


“Good day, sir.” The man turned and left without another word.


That was… strange. He took the book back inside, and sat down again on his armchair. Intrigued, he flipped the book open, and began to read.




Have you ever wondered what it would be like? To move through time like a bird through the air, to live a thousand years, hundreds of lifetimes; to gain all that knowledge and experience? To be able to go back, to change anything, everything, you’ve ever done?


I didn’t have to wonder. The Shard offered me a chance few ever get. The power to change time.




It was raining in Elendel as Aonar Izenry contemplated murder. His prey knelt in the darkened alley, hands behind his head. A faint wisp of stormlight leaked from a bullet wound in his side. Aonar stood behind him, the barrel of his rifle almost touching the other man’s clasped hands. It would be by no means the first time he’d killed. With his skills, and his line of work, it was an activity he had been forced to do far more times than he would have liked.


But as Aonar stood, looking down at the man before him, his resolve wavered. He’d never met this man. He had no idea who he was, or why he’d done what he had. What does it matter? All the grief and pain he’s caused me, all the deaths he’s orchestrated… He deserves to be put down.


But why? Why has he devoted his life to this? What could I have possibly done? All the things he took from me… All my ancestors slaughtered, my father, Liah… What could have driven someone to that?


“Who are you?”


The other man began to laugh silently, his whole body trembling. “Me? Oh, you wouldn’t know me. I’ve never been particularly important. Never even left Kholinar before the Seventeenth Shard noticed me.”


“So you’re just another flunky then, sent to kill a ‘traitor?’ And you decided to go the extra mile to impress Khriss, right? Destroy my entire storming life while you’re at it? Ha.” Aonar cocked his rifle and steadied his aim. It was exactly as he’d thought. This man was nothing more than a dog to be put down.


“Danyn Relat.” The man spoke quietly, but to Aonar’s tin-enhanced ears, the two words seemed to hold a lifetime’s worth of sorrow.




“That was his name. My son. My only family. A darkeyed guard, trying to keep some order in Kholinar during the riots. He was just doing his job. But he never had a chance, did he?”


Aonar’s hands started to shake as he attempted to keep his gun straight. “…No. No he didn’t.”


“At first, I was tempted to forgive you. You were doing your job too, after all. But I never forgot. When you cropped up again, slaughtering other Sharders, my new family… Justice needed to be served.”


Relat dropped his hands, standing and turning towards Aonar. “You can kill me now. You’ve already taken everything from me. Now, I can finally rest, knowing that I’ve shown you at least some small part of what you’ve given me.”


His rifle fell, clattering against the asphalt. Aonar stood quietly for a moment; the rain soaking into his clothes. Carefully, he removed his metalminds and kicked them away. Shivering without the warmth of brass, near blind without the clarity of tin, and defenceless without gold’s healing, he turned his back and walked away, into the night.




Aonar Izenry is returning once again. His story is going to follow a slightly different track this time, however... (Actually kinda glad sign-ups were delayed. Now I can post my first RP with the sign ups for once! :P)


Joe: Shards don't necessarily have to be safe roles. Assuming an AU, it's quite possible that some of the Shardholders have personalities fairly closely aligned to Odium's. (If you felt like getting real technical, this probably wouldn't be true for all the Shards, as some would have contradictory Intents, but it works well enough.)

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Gramps had been around the Cosmere for a long time, and he had made it a habit of doing so. Some of those who knew him even liked to tease him and call him 'Ancient'. If those whippersnappers only had any idea....

Of course, he was getting ahead of himself. His mind was prone to wander in his own age.... not that he had to worry about aging and it's effects, per se, but once you lived for as long as he had, you just started to view yourself a certain way. And he knew enough that perception was enough to make a difference.

So he let out a groan, and bent over a little at the waist, putting most of his weight on his trusty walking stick, easing the burden on his back.

"Now listen up here, you rascals. Back in my day, we had to walk sixteen yolen-meters just to get to the nearest source of Investiture! And we sure didn't need all the flash and flair you youngsters need nowadays, with your metal and colors, and glowing auras! I tell you, the whole Cosmere is going to the Void these days."

If there was one thing Gramps had made a habit of, that was rambling and lecturing. In at least 6 or 7 languages. He may have forgotten one or two of them, but he still had vacation homes on any planet he desired to visit. A man his age deserved a good retirement every now and again. And he was Ancient, after all.

I AM FREEEEE! -Er, I mean, yay, Gamma is back and ready for action! And this time as an Old Man! ;)


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Pardon the double post, but I'd like to ask for clarification for some of the rules:


  • Can Shards Invest in themselves?
  • You wrote Domination in the Dominion rules.
  • Can Shards withdraw their powers from worldhoppers?
  • What does "exercised" mean from the Devotion rule set?
  • Does Odium know who his champions are, and vice versa?
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Mek. Dustbringer from Roshar.



Seven years. Most of the soldiers Mek had fought with were dead.


Seven years of running across plateaus to gather gemhearts. Seven years of watching Alethkar fall apart again. Seven years of facing death on a daily basis.


The only thing that had kept Mek going was his loyalty. He had respected the Blackthorn before his time on the Shattered Plains, but seeing Dalinar remain honorable while the other Highprinces had fallen had turned that respect into a single-minded devotion that transcended all else.


He had started seeing the Mlys two years after the War of Vengeance began. The spren had admonished him to stay loyal at all times. Morality is relative, but loyalty, the bond that holds nations together, is not. By now, Mek had sworn three oaths and was on track to become a full Dustbringer.


Now... now he was leaving. To other worlds. The King's Wit had approached him with a great mission: To fight gods in the name of the greater good. To kill Odium and his servants and save the cosmere. He had been given power... Great power, and now it was time to use it.


Mek smiled and stepped into the pool.

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Can Shards Invest in themselves?

You wrote Domination in the Dominion rules.

Can Shards withdraw their powers from worldhoppers?

What does "exercised" mean from the Devotion rule set?

Does Odium know who his champions are, and vice versa?


Shards cannot invest in themselves.


Yes, I originally thought Dominion was Domination. I thought I had corrected all of that.

No. Once the invest, the power stays in a Worldhopper for a whole cycle, then the shard can invest again.

Activated. Used.




I have a question.  Does everyone know who the Shardholders are?  Also, are the Worldhoppers allied with the non-Odium Shards, or are they a separate team?

No. Only Endowment knows who the Shardholders are. But she doesn't know which shard they hold. The Worldhoppers and The Shards are one team.

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Edit: Scratch that. Maw, an AU version(in case of death), will be signing up to avenge Aili's death from Hoid.

Second of the Sky is deeply sorry to hear about what happened to Aili. :ph34r:  He is willing to help you find out who the murderer is.  All he needs is for you to bring all your evidence and meet him in an empty, poorly lit basement with access to the sewers.



Also as Maw is a farmer it would be very fitting if he ends up as Cultivation.

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Another RP? :D I'm sure I have enough time...


Derushe Tuskuntore was an Elantrian scholar who was worldhopped accidentally to Nalthis via experimental teleportation Aons. Unable to draw upon the power of Dor (since he was too far from Elantris to use the amplifying Rao Aon of the four gates), he settled in Nalthis to study its own magic system. After gathering a large wealth of breath, and tattooing many Rao symbols into his back and skin- he managed to combine the two magicks to perfect his own form of Worldhopping. By using Biochromatic heightenings to increase his accuracy in drawing symbols, he invented a wide range of commands and aons that could interact with each other.

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This is an AU universe Cleo who wasn't Coinshotted to the face. She's now a world-hopper but she's still a smoker. Also, Kae was my character from QF Conversions. Yes, in this AU the evil team haven't killed him. Yes, one of my characters is hunting down the other. Deal with it.

Cleo sat on a stump. It was a strange wood. They didn't have it on Scadrial. They had little of these things on Scadrial. No mist, no ash. Such an odd world. Cleo burned copper, although she doubted there were any Inquisitors here. Or Seekers. Or Seeking Inquisitors. Well, technically Inquisitors were Seekers. So yeah. Cleo stood up, looking around. Worldhopping was always disorientating. At least now she was over the initial dizziness she sometimes got when she worldhopped. "Well, here I am." She said, clapping slowly. "Let the attacks by Kae, the worldhopping Inquisitor, commence." 

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