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The People Who Have Too Many Hobbies Society

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- flute (both solo & in my school's concert band, jazz band, and pep band)

- writing (in my free time & for my school's newspaper and yearbook)

- editing other peoples' writing (for my school's newspaper and yearbook)

- reading

- running

edit: does this site count as a hobby?

edit 2: and also constructing crosswords

and biking

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And now, it's time for 103 things That I do that I consider to (technically) be hobbies.

  1. froggy things
  2. drawing
    1. paper
    2. self
    3. digitally
    4. illegally
  3. coloring
  4. painting
  5. collecting froggy things (will hopefully post a pic of all of it once i find everything lol)
  6. swimming
  7. Bee & PuppyCat
  8. obsessing over Skyward to the point where people stop listening to me (sad)
  9. PENS!!!!!!
  10. journaling
  11. archery
  12. gaming
  13. being a plant mother
  14. skrunkling my kitties
  15. making stuff with clay
  16. knitting
  17. collecting pins
  18. collecting pop tabs
  19. messing around with cardboard
  20. causing chaos
  21. having random spazzy-ish cravings to organize stuff
  22. avoiding my English teacher
  23. avoiding tests
  24. being a chaotic gremlin
  25. food things
  26. baking
  27. asking questions
  28. being confused by answers
  29. saying "*boing**
  30. collecting quotes
  31. quoting people
  32. breaking stuff
  33. mispronouncing words just to confuse people
  34. sewing
  35. arson
  36. reading
  37. writing
  38. freg. *ribbit*
  39. doodling Mr. Peepers the monster dood
  40. doodling in general
  41. developing a new art style every 5-10 business days
  42. making stuff with beads
  43. wearing chunky bracelets
  44. wearing chunky rings
  45. screeching
  46. illegal things
  47. owning multiple bags
  48. being good at carrying 10+ large things at once (many without any handles)
  49. riding my scooter down a hill one-handed
  50. laying in grass
  51. laying in snow
  52. dying my hair
  53. shaving my hair
  54. growing it out again
  55. wanting a change to my appearance
  56. being upset that i'm going to lose two years worth of hair growth just because I want to shave it off
  57. getting sugar drunk
  58. losing my shoes at church dances
  59. running away from my friends at church dances because they want me to look for my shoes
  60. falling over
  61. getting mad at walls
  62. walking into things (walls, doors, tables, entrances to the underworld, etc.)
  63. hoarding all the nutella (nobody else even wants it)
  64. being the only person in my family who likes creamed corn
  65. asking "is it canned" every time we eat corn for dinner
  66. omnomming the margarine butter stuff
  67. summoning people
  68. walking on my knees while sitting in an inverse cris-cros-bapplesos (i like spelling things weird) position
  69. crying because I can't buy a frog
  70. crying because I'm not allowed to own a snake
  71. crying because my fishies died
  72. getting excited about my new job
  73. saying something along the lines of "I'm gonna can your toes"
  74. saying something along the lines of "get your dogs away from me. they're a bad influence."
  75. asking people for rides to stuff because I don't know how to drive
  76. existing
  77. searching for ditches
  78. wearing an exsessive amount of makeup even though I won't be going anywhere
  79. scaring my brother because i did my makeup to look like a clown/doll
  80. getting excited because I see tiny kitchenware/supplies
  81. collecting tiny bowls
  82. sitting on the floor
  83. biting a hole in the middle of a peice of bread and putting it around my cat's face
  84. holding my cat like a baby because she likes it
  85. thinking about whether or not vegans can eat animal crackers
  86. telling people that the ocean is a soup because it has a liquid, meat, vegetables, and salt
  87. singing
  88. being loud
  89. being emotional
  90. having tons of books just.. existing in my room
  91. jumping on a trampoline
  92. walking weird
  93. saying/doing something that is genuinely vine-worthy
  94. being outside
  95. climping trees
  96. getting stuck in trees
  97. falling from trees
  98. getting sap all over me
  99. climbing stuff
  100. sitting weird
  101. laying diagonally on the stairs
  102. smelling like fire
  103. calling my cat a bread loaf
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On 5/24/2023 at 3:41 PM, YeomanoftheBowman said:

This society is for everyone who has more hobbies than their free time allows for! Feel free to share about your favorite hobbies, and discuss various successes and failures you may have had in them. 

Wait wait wait define free time. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing.

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My hobbies tend to come and go cyclically, so I'll spend a couple weeks on one thing, then move on to the next.  Sewing, drawing, piano/composition, and so on.  Occasionally, I'll have a month long recurrence of my oldest interests: vulcanology and astronomy, where I'll find whatever books I can on those subjects, and tear through them.

Drawing is probably the most difficult, because it's the hardest for me to practice.  But Im' working on it, so my proportions are getting better.

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No one's posted on this in a while but I too have way too many hobbies 


1. Worldbuilding

2. Reading (like literally everything)

3. Making Magic Systems

4. Writing

5. Playing violin (in school, in All-County/Regional orchestras, for private lessons...)

6. Playing piano (a lot)

7. Composing music (not that's its good, mind you, but still)

8. Insisting I'm dead (it's an old joke me and my siblings have)

9. Saying "Huzzah"

10. Making chainmail

11. Reading history textbooks (yes I know I'm weird)

12. Geeking out over fandoms

13. Geeking out over histories (both real and otherwise)

14. Having weird conversations with my siblings (...surprisingly often...)

15. Collecting bookmarks

16. Trying to convince my parents to let me get pet goats

17. Saying "Je ne sais pas" instead of "I don't know" because that's more interesting

18. Going on 17th Shard way too often

19. Collecting memes (I'm at almost 800 memes right now)

20. Doing family history!

21. Being an absolute nerd

22. Being socially awkward

I think that's it?

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Imma try to list mine since I've never seen this before. I feel like I don't have many hobbies I can do, but I have a lot of stuff I want to do.


1. Writing

a. Creating magic systems

b. Worldbuilding

c. Learning about how to write

2. Eating food

3. Playing card/board games

4. Running

5. Working out

6. Daydreaming stories

7. Guns

8. Watching random YT vids

9. Politics when I feel like it

10. Exploring

11. Hiking

12. Hunting

13. Listening to podcasts

14. Reading

15. Listening to music

16. Eventually showing up on the Shard


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