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  1. You don’t have to use quotes for that. Lol. This is just a forum about the church not solely for members. All are welcome.
  2. Correct. Lol. Members of the church of Jesus Christ kinda works, but idk.
  3. Well everyone. I’m leaving for my mission next week. So I’m not gonna be on for two years or so. It’s been fun and maybe I’ll see y’all later. 

  4. Bruh. I think five minutes is a record for me. Lol. Just kidding, I will win eventually.
  5. You almost won for a whole day. I'm here to stop you.
  6. Lol ya. I've limited my notifications because of that.
  7. I feel like it should have snowed where I live already. It snowed like two inches then it all melted.
  8. Ya same. I like certain parts of snow, but I don't really like skiing. I love to run so snow kinda ruins that a bit, but it also makes for fun times. Like sliding around on your feet as you run and stuff.
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