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A- Atium v Atium Compounding


A-Atium vs F-Atium  

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  1. 1. Scadrial Atium

    • Atium Misting + Atium supply
    • Atium Ferring* + Atium Supply
  2. 2. Earth Atium

    • Atium Misting + Atium supply
    • Atium Ferring* + Atium Supply

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I’ve touched on Era 1 Atium in past would you rathers, but was mainly focused on lerasium them. So here’s an exclusive Atium would you rather

In both options, you have a lifetime supply of Era 1 Atium. Lifetime means exactly what it says: as long as you shall live

Option 1: You are an Atium Misting with a lifetime supply of Atium

Option 2: You are an Atium Compounder, but you can only burn Atium to Compound, not for future sight. Effectively an Atium Ferring who can draw Compounded amounts of youth

I also have two versions of the question. One is that you’re living on Scadrial.  One is living your life on Earth (w/Atium)

And there it is. Future sight vs eternal youth. Which will you pick?

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It's easy on Scadrial, I take future sight, and I will become an almost undefeatable fighter. There is lot's of fighting happening on Scadrial. Era 1 or 2, it's always useful.

On Earth, well, I don't fight here, so Atium Allomancy isn't so useful here. Unless I became a professional boxer or sportsman, Atium's future vision isn't that useful in daily life, so I will take compounding. While I don’t want to live 1000 years, being always young, and being able to chose the age I want to be can be a handy tool.

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I'd choose Allomantic Atium if on Scadrial since I would be really powerful in combat and I could use that power to help find other Investitures that could extend my lifespan.

Many skill-related tasks would also likely become a total breeze, which is tempting.

Plus, it helps with learning Hemalurgic Bindpoints...so yeah, I obviously find that aspect really cool.


#NookTalks Twitter Q&A with Barnes & Noble - Arcanum (coppermind.net)


Atium is the best metal to use for Hemalurgy. Does *burning* atium help you figure out where to put the spikes?

Brandon Sanderson

Anything that gets you a glimpse of the Spiritual Realm could help with placing spikes.


Would flaring iron and steel also help?

Brandon Sanderson

No, not without additional help.

If I were on Earth, with no other Investiture sources available, it's a bit tougher of a decision. I'd probably take Atium youth though, as keeping a healthy, peak performance body for about a century (I might want to live longer depending on technological advancements and such) seems like a better deal. Plus, as with @alder24 I don't really fight IRL, so Atium's application Allomantically would be more limited (though I suppose the precognitive skill-boost would be missed).

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I am extremely reticent to pick immortality of any kind, and Atium Compounding does run into an eventual limit. Thus, I'd rather live a short life, in both cases, but be effectively unkillable.

Also, I can frustrate all Cosmerenauts with my mere existence as an Atium misting ;)

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