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Haiku time!


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All right, my humans

You know what to do! Today

We shall make Haikus!


Use this form only:

Beats of five, seven and five

Haikus are the best!



You may only speak out of Haiku form while using quote boxes. If you speak normally without Haiku form, you will be sacrificed to Haikunas, the Shard of Haikus.

If you are confused how to make a Haiku, it is rather simple.

Haikus follow a simple form: 

The first line: five beats

The second line: seven beats

The third line: five beats.

The beats are syllables - you can count them by mouthing the words, holding your hand to your chin. The number of times your chin goes down, that is the number of syllables. Don't worry if it doesn't rhyme - haikus are more focused on the rhythm of the lines.

Have fun!


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45 minutes ago, Ookla the platypus said:

please kindly avoid

leaving thoughts to get cut off

by your newest line.


Your entire haiku was just one sentence in the form of a poem. If your poem is one continuous thought, then I feel justified in breaking protocol and using punctuation. Yes I knew that standard form doesn't like having a thought continue through lines. But I thought sharing the fact that I had, as of the last week, written 24 haikus for fun seemed relevant enough to bend the rules. I know its a cardinal sin it is fun to shake things up.

Expert at their trade

Honed skill from poem after poem

The Haiku Master

Edited by Ookla the Kobold
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Here is a poem

Of haikus I wrote before

I hope you enjoy



I ponder alone

At the brink of consciousness

Embracing the night


I contemplate life

Considering sanity

Rough reality


I think about words

Purest colors, warm and cool

Painted on voices


I listen, hearing

Sounds, strange and mysterious

Elegant and coarse


Grim thoughts invade my

Peace, surrounding me, snarling

At my weaknesses


I’m frightened, caught off

Balance. My demons laugh at

Me, my failures


I’m trapped in myself

Memories echo inside

It’s overwhelming


I clutch onto hope

Wrenching myself towards the light

Bright, pleasant and warm


I remember smiles

My friends laughing together

Jovial and free


My family’s love 

Unconditional support 

Helps heal the broken


I realize the truth

Life is either joy or gloom

We decide which one


Tomorrow is hope

It’s the sun rising once more

Bringing a new dawn


As my breath rises

And falls with every puff

I lie silently


Waiting for the night 

To take me upon its wings

Out of consciousness 


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22 hours ago, Ookla the Debonair said:

Here is a poem

Of haikus I wrote before

I hope you enjoy

Wow, Silho! That was

Amazing! It took me to

so many places.


All the emotions

Whirl around my brain, and I

Feel something deeper

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