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Are the Delvers and Calamity related?


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3 hours ago, FlowerGirl said:

I noticed that both the Delvers and Calamity were acting really similar, complaining about the noise and all that. Are they the same?

There are similarities, but no. These take place in different universes. I think there is a WOB on this if anyone wants to look for it.

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Unfortunately, there isn't a good place on the forums to discuss multiple non-Cosmere series, so I am going to move this the Skyward subforum and ask you to spoiler-tag Reckoners spoilers. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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Behold a WOB I've been looking for a chance to break out again!



Calamity from the Reckoners series–is there any connection between him and the delvers from Starsight?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes. Very, very loose connection, but there is a connection. 


Okay, because I was like, "They both come from the dark nowhere, quiet, they hate people and everything. There is a connection."

Brandon Sanderson

There is a connection. And Apocalypse Guard was kind of supposed to bridge between these things, but it didn't end up coming out, and it may not even be a bridge when we finally revise it because we have to make the book good, rather than worrying about that. But it was supposed to kind of do that. It's gonna work well if I can fix the ending. I've just gotta fix the ending.

LTUE 2020 (Feb. 15, 2020)
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