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  1. Day 49: A-Bendalloy/F-Pewter (Bubble of accelerated time + store/tap muscle strength) Ok, this is a cool combo. Similar to what Wayne has in utility (trapping an opponent in your time bubble and then using your F-power to fight them) but different enough to be interesting. As we've seen from Wayne, A-Bendalloy is really useful for a lot of things (combat, quick disguise changes, secret conversations, way more). And F-Pewter is superstrength. Resonance: maybe reduced "diminishing returns" loss from tapping at high rates, due to the time-nature of bendalloy? Name: Suddensmash Rating: 8.5/10. This is a very powerful combo. Not quite up there with the strongest Compounder combinations (steel, gold, probably pewter and zinc) or A-Pewter/F-Steel, but nonetheless extremely strong. -- I probably will not be posting these daily for a while; I won't be on here much until I can read SP3.
  2. I think the issue in the False Desolation was that every singer alive (except the Listeners) was made into a Regal by BAM. So while the Radiants were ridiculously superior individually, they were probably outnumbered by a colossal margin - a couple thousand Radiants and maybe 10k squires against millions, maybe tens of millions, of Regals. And even then, I don't think the issue was that the Radiants were actually at risk of outright losing. I think it was that: - they couldn't protect everyone everywhere, being too outnumbered (though Oathgates and rapid flight would help a lot with that) - and more importantly, they couldnt use the Oathpact this time. So until Melishi came up with something, there seemed no way to end the war without killing all the Regals, which as far as they knew would have meant the entire singer species (I don't think they knew the Listeners existed). The epigraphs in WoR make it sound like they thought they were going to have to, until Melishi.
  3. Era 2 Mistborn is after first arc Stormlight. RoW spoilers:
  4. Oh, I agree most spren weren't bound during the long peace between Aharietiam and the False Desolation. But the real Desolations would have created just as much threat, and I still don't think the Fused ever fought hundreds of highly organized 4th Ideals, except maybe in those last two or three Desolations- and likely not then, since Radiants were probably dying quick and there wasn't time between Desolations to train everybody up or rebuild the organization of the Orders. Hmmm. I had figured since all the ones in that vision had Plate, that 4th ideal was basically standard in that era. Maybe not. But even if not, 3rd ideal likely came very quick, and a couple hundred 4th + 1500 or so 3rd + a couple hundred 1st/2nd + probably 10,000+ squires would be an insanely powerful force. And that's just one Order (admittedly, one of the most numerous ... but the Stonewards were major soldiers too, and back them up with Division artillery, Progression healing, etc...) I mean, how numerous are the Fused? I severely doubt there's more than a few thousand, and it might even be high triple digits (there are apparently 100 "important" ones, 30 of whom are available on Roshar early in RoW).
  5. Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if Feruchemy temporarily changes your Spiritweb "code" that defines a person - I don't think Pewter Feruchemy is literally storing muscles into metal, though that's the apparent effect. I'm still not sure if it would be stealable by Hemalurgy, though. I'd tend to think that Feruchemy boosts are too ephemeral to steal as permanent - at best, the charge would be trapped in the spike and then immediately run out (as the pewtermind is no longer being tapped).
  6. I think you are largely right in the big picture of her psychology and approach, but I disagree she intends to consolidate power herself - I think her comments to Dalinar about intending to be the last real Alethi monarch, and her respect for the Azish and Thaylen systems, are honest. I think she wants something like a 19th century British constitutional monarchy system, with a strong parliament/council/something more powerful than the actual monarch. I do think that consolidation of power is likely to be the real outcome, though, at least in the near- to medium-term. The basis of power of traditional feudal nobility system of the hereditary high lighteyes is IMO already essentially completely broken by the loss of Alethkar's land + the rise of Radiants in warfare above dead-Shardbearers as the ultimate force + transition to a hyper-urban life in Urithiru. I don't think abolishing slavery will make it much more so (as I think it's already completely doomed regardless); but I think consolidation of power in the Kholins is the natural result of the Queen of Alethkar and two Bondsmiths, and thus leadership of the Radiants and control of Urithiru, all being close family. The question is what will happen in the next generation...
  7. Re-Shephir may also be unwilling to confront Radiants (or at least any group of Radiants that might include a Lightweaver) now. The Unmade also are at risk now in a way they weren't in previous Desolations. Humans know how to imprison them now, and after Nightblood perma-killed a thunderclast at Thaylen Field, Odium might be being way more cautious with them. If Szeth had been in Kholinar, Ashertmarn would probably be gone. Yeah. Radiants are rare, but there are not that many actually functional Fused currently available either. Only about 30% have arrived as of RoW, and if say half are nonfunctional... Odium really only has 15% of the total Fused force actually available. And even the highly functional ones are not reliable for Odium. Leshwi outright betrayed him, Lezian ignored strategy to pursue a personal vendetta, Raboniel cared more about ending the war than which side won. The Skybreakers and some Dustbringers are probably going to be more valuable (especially for T-Odium) than the Fused. The execution of Lezian at the end of RoW might show that T-Odium has realized that the Fused are often more a liability than an asset. (Also, Raboniel's claims to Venli aside, 3rd+ Ideal Radiants are vastly more powerful than Fused on an individual basis. Two Surges + combination effects vs one; far more effective healing; inherent live Shardblade... at 4th ideal, Shardplate makes it ridiculously one sided.) The Radiants developed slowly over the Desolations; in Nohadon's time, they had Radiant-style Surgebinders but not full Radiants yet. Those early Surgebinders (IMO) probably lacked things like Shardplate and the other "cousinspren" based effects (like Kaladin splitting the storm). Full modern powered Radiants probably didn't appear until the Desolations were very close together; otherwise they would have made them far more one-sided than we see (and the Heralds basically obsolete). I'm pretty sure that the Fused never had to go up against a False Desolation-era setup with probably thousands of Radiants, mostly 4th ideal, plus more thousands of Squires, trained and organized into Orders. That would have been very one-sided; the Fused would just have been whack-a-moled upon respawn until the singers gave up seeing these laughable failures as gods (and thus giving up their bodies). A single 4th ideal Windrunner could probably kill a huge number of Heavenly Ones without anti-Light or similar; their Stormlight-drain fabrials wouldn't work through Shardplate, so the Windrunner is incredibly hard to hurt, while one hit to the gemheart and the Fused is dead (bypassing healing). Soulcasting Radiants in numbers would make mundane logistics essentially irrelevant for any center of power. Etc.
  8. Day 48: A-Aluminum/F-Nicrosil (Burn away own metals + store/tap Investiture) ...OK, wow, Aluminum Gnat with the Feruchemical ability to ... store the power to be an Aluminum Gnat. This is possibly the weakest combination there is. At least both metals are on the Spiritual/Enhancement quadrant, so it's easier to see possible Resonances. Resonance: This one's a bit of a stretch, but ... clearing self of metals/foreign Investiture plus storing Investiture... maybe increased Investiture soul-interference? So it would be harder than default to Push on metals inside this Twinborn's body? Name: Double Gnat? Or (if my resonance suggestion is valid) Soulblock? Rating: 0.5/10. This is probably the second-worst possible Twinborn*, unless F-Nicrosil does something other than store your Metallic Arts powers. *A-Duralumin/F-Nicrosil is arguably worse since it makes a much more desirable Hemalurgic victim.
  9. Day 47: A-Iron and F-Electrum (Pull metals + store/tap "determination") One good but probably not quite top tier power, one very niche/weak power. Not a ton of synergy either. Resonance: hard to see a sensible combination of pulling metals and determination. Suggestions? Name: I got nothing Rating: maybe 4/10, depending on Resonance or if there's a synergy I missed.
  10. Ok, yeah, F-Cadmium might have much broader utility than I'd thought. Electrum... I don't know, because
  11. I don't know if future children of Wax and Steris would have that much chance of being Mistborn. Spook's weren't, and he was probably a stronger Mistborn - also, Beldre was a Misting, Steris isn't.
  12. I am not sure if koloss-blooded have better muscles than default human (ie more strength per muscle mass/cross-sectional area), or just larger muscles. Apparently the difference in musculature isn't always blatant because Elizandra could hide her koloss-blooded nature.
  13. Day 46: A-Duralumin and F-Cadmium (useless without other Allomancy + store/tap oxygen or breath) A useless power plus a very niche power. Basically just a Gasper Ferring who gets the "badge of honor" of being a Twinborn. Even if you can use A-duralumin while tapping a metalmind to escape the diminishing returns of tapping at high rates (as discussed earlier on this thread), this isn't a Feruchemical attribute that would really be useful for - unlike something like speed or health, oxygen you'll likely want running over long time spans rather than one huge burst. Resonance: no idea Name: Deep Breath? (if duralumin does work with tapping metalminds) Rating: 1/10. Probably the third or fourth least useful combination out there, only above A-Aluminum / F-Electrum and such.
  14. That does make sense. The reason I'm not 100% convinced is the 'all Allomancy expands the mind to some degree' principle and the Spiritual nature of A-Electrum (theoretically, truly extreme strength in it could give the full Spiritual Realm vision, but this is probably not attainable in practice). I'm not sure if interpreting a cloud of electrum shadows in real time is something that is possible for the average human mind, without help from your soul being warped & mind expanded from the power. It totally could be! But I think both models (just practice is enough vs. it takes something special) are compatible with the extremely limited information we have (basically just the couple sentences in the AAs and a few WoBs, all we've seen it used for on-page is countering atium). Hopefully we'll see it in Era 3.
  15. Quite possible. My big question is whether getting that level of use out of A-Electrum is something that basically any Electrum Misting or Twinborn can achieve with just training/practice, or if it is more of a theoretical possibility / takes exceptional skill not available to default Allomancers of that type (like non-center-of-mass Steelpushing). We know it's possible, but not how feasible / generally available it is. Vin didn't know it could be used for anything except countering atium, despite truly exceptional levels of Allomantic intuition. But she did have 11 other metals to work with at that point. Hmmm. If that works, F-Cadmium would be way more useful / less niche than I thought. I had thought it was only useful for surviving underwater / buried / etc.
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