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  1. The way I understand Autonomy, she's very twisted. It's all ultimately meant to empower the Shard's own autonomy - many tiny pieces making avatars to gather more power.
  2. Another problem for TOdium is that Cultivation is absolutely stronger than Odium as a Shard right now because of the way Odium is invested into the system. If she wanted, she could destroy Odium right now albeit at great cost. She's drawn her entire deck into her hand while Odium is just beginning the game. Odium the Shard is still locked together in some kind of death grip with Honor's remnants.
  3. Okay, so this obviously introduces the idea: can you form a Nahel bond with Marsh? Have your very own Death spren? Form him into your very own Death Shardblade? I want to see it now.
  4. Vissy

    Did Kelsier Know?

    I think Kelsier's viewpoint makes the most sense from a human perspective, ironically considering he's a Cognitive Shadow now. (Though who knows if he'll get his body back in the future!). I just hope there will be some deep Kelsier content in the future of Cosmere books - from his own viewpoint.
  5. Vissy

    Did Kelsier Know?

    I'm mostly just interested in Kelsier's personal journey - it seems to me that regaining his powers is actually a huge thing for him on a personal level, hugely important. It was such a significant part of his identity in his life, and without those powers he'll probably always feel like he is missing something.
  6. Vissy

    Did Kelsier Know?

    Kelsier vs. Sazed seems to be a theme that is increasingly becoming relevant now and in the future. I don't like everything I'm seeing from Discord!Sazed (hiding things from Kelsier isn't a good idea, in my opinion) and it seems to me like there might be some conflict between the two in Era 3. I mean, there already is - because Sazed is actively obstructing Kelsier. Of course, the sad thing for Kelsier in any such conflict would be that there's no Vin or Sazed or even a Breeze around anymore to tell him different. I really just want more Kelsier chapters and his own introspection. He was so deeply touched by Vin especially.
  7. Vissy

    Did Kelsier Know?

    I'm curious when Kelsier will figure out how to give himself Allomantic powers again. I kind of felt bad for him because he misses his Allomancy a lot - it's a significant part of who he is! I think him getting that power back and displaying it is definitely a scene that can't be off-screened. With all of his powers, Kelsier is basically the third-most talented and accomplished Allomancer in Scadrial's history, behind Vin and the Lord Ruler.
  8. Vissy

    Did Kelsier Know?

    I can't see Kelsier taking it well when he realizes that Sazed lied to him multiple times - especially because he didn't catch him in the lies.
  9. Well hey, long time no posting here, but I just read The Lost Metal. As a huge Kelsier fan, I am naturally obsessed about Kelsier again. I'm mostly wondering about the ending sequence... did Kelsier know that Sazed lied to him about lerasium? If he did know, wouldn't it be pretty simple to put two and two together for him to figure out how to produce it? And if so, aren't we pretty darn close to Kelsier potentially achieving a major breakthrough for his ambitions?
  10. Navani and Raboniel is one of the more plausible and realistic ships, if anything, in RoW. They were very cute.
  11. I think that the encounter -did- go as Wit planned it, even though he lost some Breaths in exchange. (It's something he could quite easily figure out regardless after the fact, and that would once again tip him about a change in Odium.) He gained a lot of information, and presumably whatever else Design or somebody else was doing while Odium's full attention was on Wit.
  12. Cultivation! I feel like I would have the most fascinating conversations with her.
  13. Hoid knows something is off and he definitely gained something from that conversation, even if Odium did not literally give himself up to him instantly.
  14. I agree completely! 'Honor', in general, is not a good thing to rely on. It's not the equivalent of 'good'. Look at any number of 'honor systems' in the world that come with the unfortunate side-effects of endless blood feuds. In general, this is more just a weakness of Sanderson's writing. His characters don't tend to act like people would, and there is largely not a lot of contemplation of factors the actual people dealing with these issues would consider, but rather a focus on... 'the greater evil', more cosmic evils, 'true evil' as that Kaladin quote reads. Of course, all evil is true evil, whether it is a 'small-time' abuser destroying peoples' lives or a mass murderer like Dalinar (and yet these so-called small-time abusers and small-time evils are mostly what all of us encounter in our lives) Very little of it makes sense to me, but at the time of reading I just sort of swept it under the rug and didn't pay much attention to it save a fleeting annoyance.
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