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Explain Your Username!

S. Stormy

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Hey y'all!

So, there are quite a few of you whose usernames I don't understand and have been wondering about... so, here's a place you can explain them to a poor lost circus performer confused young child!

If they're obvious, like mine, then you don't really have much of a reason to post, unless, of course, you want to!

*cough cough* @WindjoggerTriggerhappy

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2 hours ago, WindjoggerTriggerhappy said:

Also your username is...implying something ...

Weeeell, I am a Shalladin(kinda retired cause Adolin and Shallan are good together, mostly I just want someone to be with Kaladin) fan, but also since married women don't take their husband's surname in Roshar, I just combined the two names. Cause why not?

Also I didn't know that there was already a thread for this... oops!

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Adding info
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I... think Wit is amazing, and Symphonian is a word he created, so... I'm using it. In case you didn't know, it means beautiful. And obviously I'm a bookworm, so I am the SymphonianBookworm. It also just sounds cool. :D

So, @Shallan Stormblessed, you like Shallan?

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15 hours ago, Morningtide said:

I just really like Morningtide from Skyward

Yeah, she's cool. Or should I say


was cool... :(:(:(:(. Sorry. That was depressing. It's really random what I put in spoilers and what I don't... huh.


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On 7/5/2022 at 6:07 PM, Shallan Stormblessed said:



And I'm not ashamed. At all.

M-my friend. I-

I have a very different opinion from you. Shallan..........

You probably don’t want to know what I think, but if you do, you can find some of my posts on the “Shallan Sucks” thread...

You’re entitled to your opinion, though. I can see how some would like her. 

Just not me. 

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I was stumped on a username and got frustrated and decided one random guy 

that was unsurprisingly taken. So I then decided on rg and that surprisingly was taken. 
so I then pressed random numbers and I didn’t like the results so I then pressed numbers I liked together and got my username 

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I got my current username because my old one was “llstml” (points if you can guess the acronym) and I didn’t think that worked very well for TLT, where, for those of you not well-versed in that thread, it is traditional to have a ‘Narrator’ character that shares one’s own username. I didn’t think ‘Narrator Llstml’ had a very good ring to it, so I eventually decided on ‘Nameless’ instead.

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