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  2. @Invocation I mean no offense here, but what you, or anyone else feels is a "curse" is irrelevant and that is even reflected in the text.
  3. Yep, and Warbreaker spoiler: Threnody spoilers:
  4. Its okay, I’ll gladly take it from you.
  5. Lizanne nodded. "Can you teach me how to get water out of the alcohol?" She asked and then thought about the food. "I know some things about farming, edible plants and all that. But farming is longterm. First we need to find something to eat, keep the seeds and plant them. It might be good to built some kind shelter for the plants, depending on the weather conditions." "If we find glasses or jars we could also cook preserves for winter. All based on the part where we are able to build a fire. Maybe we could keep some animals as well." Making an unwilling gesture she pushed it all aside. "For now we need to find anything, animals, fruits, vegetables. Survive the next days and then we can start thinking about winter."
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    @Blessing of Potency
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    Zokora followed closely behind the man, a satchel with different thin folders over her shoulder. She disliked leaving Oasis, but as it was, there had been no other choice. Inter-guild relations, these people were strange in her experience.
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  9. “The cellar is enough shelter,” Wilhelm said, turning back to her. “And all of that alcohol inside of it. we can separate it into water. The only question is food.” He looked to Arun, with the glass in her leg, then averted his gaze. No. They’d need to hunt some animals. That, or farm. Wilhelm knee nothing about farming.
  10. Lizanne froze. What got them here. Broken. Did she want to get back? If the way here was broken, then she was safe. That was good, as in really, really good? "Let's focus on more pressing matters." "I am repeating myself, but we need water, food, maybe some kind of shelter apart from the cellar." She gestured towards the sky, indicating the stormclouds "We'll be dead in a few days if we can't get our hands on a useful water supply. And I doubt that whatever was here is still intact." @kenod @ZincAboutIt @I think I am here. @Blessing of Potency
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    A group of people walked solemnly to the entrance of the Church. They wore suits and little badges that said ‘inter-guild relations’. One man was leading them. Walking to the main door he knocked.
  12. Wilhelm groaned, whatever it was, it was dead. Dead. “No,” he said. “Maybe it is what killed all of these people. And we have killed it.”
  13. Sorry, I just won
  14. "I think it was what got us here," she said softly. "And now that it is broken..." she paused, trying to avoid panicking.
  15. "What was it?" Lizanne asked alarmed by the way Lisa looked at the remains of the thing.
  16. If anyone wants to keep PM's open, combing crystal and smoke gives you an item that opens PM's for a turn. Secondly, Cadcom, I expect that essence to be returned to me ASAP Lastly, I'm pretty suspicious of Sart now. He went after Fifth pretty hard, and given that one of his arguments was about the lack of info-security, him readily outing Fith's claimed role and putting a high-spren in the spotlight reads as odd, to put it mildly. Start then backed off slightly from his suspicions after the lynch had been locked in and shifted blame to the bandwagon for the lynch, which seems typical for an elim knowing he's about to lynch a villager. In the same vein though: @Lumgol, why did you out cadcom as the highspren? as far as I can tell there was little indication that they where the highspren mentioned by Sart.
  17. Work? This enhancement builds the solid digestion dimension of your body and advances a sound weight reduction process. It guarantees you thin, trim body inside a submitted day
  18. worldbuilding

    Sounds interesting. How much of their original things are still around though? I'm guessing that they needed to have at least some form of civilization, so did that all get destroyed or are there still lost ruins in the world? Also, how many artifacts and hidden magical things would still be lying around?
  19. Lisa got onto her feet, still unsteady from the scream. She nodded to Lizanne. "Sorry about that," she said, "I expected it to be a bit more dangerous than just the noise." She looked towards the remnants of the orb, and the structure around it. "What was that thing anyway?" she asked. Looking at everything her face suddenly darkened as she started to realize what it had been. "Oh no," she muttered, sounding shocked, "this isn't good."
  20. Lilia nodded, still shaken from the attack. "For how long has that thing been here?" she asked.
  21. The man who had followed him, to judge his performance, facepalmed and then shook his head. He'd seen a lot of bad missions, some good ones that still failed but this, this one was unique. An explosion, alcohol and no success made in sum for a real bad impression. With a sigh he started working on his report, waited to see what the Underling would do next.
  22. Not only secondary characters, some of the main characters are going to die in the next episode, for example Bienne and Jaime were saying goodbye to each other and in a way to the fans too, mayhaps same with Theon and Sansa, Jorah and Dany, Arya (I'm not sure about her) ..... For practical reasons, I think that Tormund has more chances of staying alive than others "more important", because the death of a main character close a plot and therefore less minutes on the screen. Tormund can give a spark of humor when is needed to raise the spirits or simply to fill space. (And yes, I like him )
  23. "I only distracted them, Devaan blew them up." Her face stayed impassive, but she sent him a picture of herself smiling at his compliment, as she doubted he would be able to discern the small signs that gave her away in the eerie light. "This doesn't work like that. And we don't have the time for an hour-long search." Inhaling until her skin started to glow softly, she walked along the tunnel, until the end of the area they were searching. Grasping some of the water she turned it to stone, built a small damm, just high enough to stop the water from flowing into the tunnel. Kneeling down she reached out with her mind again, soulcast the stone, made a new pipe, one leading down in to the earth. It didn't take the water long to flow away, the tunnel drying.
  24. Neo was removing some slickness to the walls to make a hidden button easier to press. “Devaan, if there’s an underground base, shouldn’t it be under the sewer system? Tell me if you need some abrasion, I’m happy to help”. Maybe there would be an exit in the sewer water but no way Neo was going down there. @Nohadon
  25. Max searched with her, feeling the walls as he walked by them. Something sticked to his hand and he flicked it off. These walls were disgusting. But of course, they still had to search, Max wouldn’t let a little dirt and some cockroaches distract him. “Good job on rescuing the kid,” he said to Althea. @Sorana
  26. main plot

    Alask was about to suggest the Forge but it seemed Lena and the woman hadn’t begun their own conversation. Sighing he found a cheap folding chair and brought it to the stage, and sat down, scanning for Nekorb. “Why did you ask if she could remove me.” I didn’t ask that. “I at least know enough about people to tell when someone is implying something.” Alask sighed again. Forget about it.
  27. @galendo Amaram's public image after WOR is in tatters because Dalinar was going to put him on trial. The war took precedence but Dalinar was not going to just forget about him. IMO, his shoddy reputation is exactly why he got the job as Sadeas Highprince. Ialai knew that the appointment would stick in the craw of the man she felt was responsible for her husband's murder and had a fair chance of undermining his authority. You cannot imagine Ialai actually giving Amaram any power outside of a martial context. But even if his rep remained pristine after WOR he resented the fact that some people, powerful people, threw shade upon his actions. Nobody recognized that although some of his actions were shady, he was working towards the greatest good in his opinion and that he should be praised for his dedication instead of ridiculed. Plus he was dumped on the word of a former bridgeman. What an insult. Is Amaram petty enough to switch sides, to throw away everything he'd spent his life working towards over an insult like the one he endured? Judging from the fight with Kal at the end he is certainly that petty. Pettiness is the only thing that makes sense to me regarding Amaram considering how he had a golden opportunity to rehabilitate, restore at least some trust and cover himself in glory. As far as the Kaladin/Amaram parallel, the difference other than the severity of the betrayal is two-fold. One, Amaram betrayed someone who had earned his trust, someone he owed his miserable life to. Helaran would have surely cut his butt in half were it not for a well placed knife by Stormblessed. Meanwhile, the king was due protection through oath and position, but he never earned anything like Kaladin's loyalty. The man would have had him killed were it not for Dalinar's intervention for pete's sake. Obviously it would have been the wrong thing to do, but I don't know how much I could have really blamed Kal if he'd let Elkohar die. But that brings me to two. Amaram, lusting power, did the obviously wrong thing and felt guilty about it. Kaladin, broken and thinking his power lost, was willing to die to fix his mistake, to do the right thing. One does evil and makes excuses that show that he really was doing the right thing. The other puts his life on the line to address an issue he freely admits that he caused. He not only takes responsibility for his screw up, he actively tries to fix it no matter what it would have cost him. I agree that without that Amaram viewpoint we as readers are forced to guess at which point in the timeline that Amaram actually turned. Brandon didn't leave many breadcrumbs hinting that he's switching teams but plenty about his questionable character. But I think its a fair assessment that until the end of OB we didn't know Odium could turn anyone in the manner he turned Amaram and almost turned Dalinar. I'm sure I didn't know that was in Odium's toolbox of skills. Taravanginan had recruited himself. I guess that since we got to witness Odium's sales pitch to Dalinar and Moash that it'd be only fair to get Amaram as well. So was Amaram just a wasted character, someone full of potential who was snuffed out before he could make a truly momentus impact on the villian side? Or is the fandom putting too much emphasis on a guy who wasn't important enough to get so much as an interlude chapter, who could have never been radiant and had proven time and time again that he didn't have the will to resist being gobbled up by Yelig-Nar? Maybe the two statements are not mutually exclusive. For my two cents I think he was a perfect mid-tier antagonist, a good mini-boss for the middle book of a five book arc. Brandon is just so good that he wrote Amaram in such a way as to have him stretch the role he placed him in. It's the Adolin Principle.
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