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  1. Today has been kind of crazy. A coworker was admitted to the er today, and nobody would cover her shift. We were eventually able to get a manager to come in. It was bad enough that when he arrived, I ended up shouting out 'rescue!' Currently, we only have three people for closing.
  2. That moment, when you're five minutes to close, and then someone comes in, and it's a dine in
  3. The only real advice I can offer is determining what you enjoy, and just focusing on that. Perhaps doing things in a group might help with distancing yourself romantically while still maintaining the friendship.
  4. For the One Power
  5. So, after making a few edits, I've found this song really uplifting for the situation I mentioned a few posts up. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_YvZYBb8lf0
  6. That's because it's your eye lid that's stuck.
  7. Alas, the best we can do is search for our own Honor. In the mean time, we shall join in jolly cooperation.
  8. Cheddar make it better !
  9. I have a problem. For the past month, I've been in a state where I've only been half awake. This has made it easier to slip into certain tendencies. Normally, things come easily to me. However, when I hit a stumbling block, I fall hard. I back away, go do something easy, and familiar. My grades are slipping, but I'm finding it hard to care. My physics teacher is threatenting to throw me out of the class next semester. I'm relying on finals to carry me thorough on Chem. And I've completely given up on Stats. I'm currently living one of my greatest fears, which is being a failure, and knowing it's entirely my fault. These work habits have been with me for years now. This is a repeat of problems that have happened again and again and again with no change. I have no idea what to do. I've been accepted by a college, one I've been actively considering. They'll likely change their minds when they see my post-senior transcript. I have absolutely no clue to fix myself, and that terrifies me.
  10. The problem is, high doses of snark and sarcasm are the norm here.
  11. Currently reading The Last Dog on Earth
  12. Some might see what follows as immature. Oh well. I need to vent, and I'm past caring, so I'm going to say it anyways. Normally, I work well with my coworkers. We communicate clearly, joke around and laugh, and everything is fine. There is this one coworker however, where this is not the case. For sake of identification, we shall refer to her as Lily. When I work with Lily, I tend to be relegated to the most basic of tasks. When I try to do anything else, she'll either act like I'm not there, or go "it's OK, I've got this" even when she clearly doesn't, and shoo me back to where I was previously. It's disrespectful, and it's patronizing. She treats me as if I'm a new hire, even though I've worked there four months longer than she has. I suspect this is because she sees herself as a good responsible adult, and me as a teenager with no clue what's going on. I can't talk to the manager about her because she's a long time friend of hers. I can't talk to her about it because I'll be called out for fighting with coworkers instead of getting work done. TL;DR: Patronizing coworker makes me feel intimidated and powerless.
  13. I'm starting to experience this issue. It started when I changed my profile name. Running Chrome on laptop and safari on mobile @Chaos
  14. Yes Mestiv. You may commence the trolling.
  15. Finally, at long last, I, AM, FREE!!!!!!