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    Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    My humble Stormlight Archive drawings in 2023-2024
  2. From the album: Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    A couple of days ago I celebrated my birthday! It was one of the best days in recent years, despite all the difficult life situations and unstable mental state (I can relate to Kaladin so damn much, love him). But it’s always so nice to come back to these two, so I did another sketch with Kal and Syl where they sit and look at each other (like always lol) So this little sketch is my birthday gift for myself p.s. I hope you noticed the cameo of the wooden horse from Tien and Wit's flute
  3. Hyoukane


    From the album: Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    I always miss them, so I made a quick sketch! Somewhere in Shinovar (kinda lol)
  4. Hyoukane


    Thanks so much for your kind words!!
  5. Hyoukane


    Thanks a lot! I imagined that Syl called Kal to show him something funny to cheer him up (and took his hand)
  6. Hyoukane


    From the album: Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    Just a small sketch for the mood
  7. Thank you so much! Yes exactly, its Tower in WOK! Kinda happy that's recognizable on my messy artwork
  8. You are too sweet, thank you
  9. From the album: Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    Happy Valentine's Day! And since my real name is Valentina, I wish you all happiness & love. Let there be people nearby who supports you, real friends like Syl to Kal! Don't forget that love begins with love for yourself So, post Book 4. This scene takes place, perhaps, in Shinovar? I hope you enjoy this little illustration with a gentle vibe. I wonder where Kaladin is looking?
  10. From the album: Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    I'm starting this year of Stormlight fanarts with Kaladin and Syl, my interpretation of the scene where Kaladin sees her full size, learns about her essence, and make one incredible decision in his life. Since the long-awaited fifth book is coming out in December, I want to present one big fanart every month that depicts different scenes from the books (not only with Kal & Syl, but no promises). I hope you enjoy this first piece, which arrived a little later than I wanted lol See you very soon p.s. I really wanted to draw Kal with a bare torso someday, and the time has finally come! And also to depict scars. But he ends up looking like a barbarian (I need to play less Baldur's Gate 3 pfff)
  11. I really enjoyed their relationship and bonding in RoW, can't wait to see their journey in SA5!! Thank you very much, your comment warmed my heart! Let's root together for some hugs in SA5 Thank you very much, I am very pleased! Happy holidays & thank you!
  12. Since SA5 chapter previews screaming for me that Kaladin wants to hug Syl, I couldn’t help but draw something for hehe~. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked it!! Hoping for them to embrace each other in SA5 Thank YOU!! Merry Christmas
  13. From the album: Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    Merry Christmas This is the last Kaladin and Syl doodle for this year! Thanks to everyone who was with me all this time, who supports & love my little artworks. Since the long-awaited release of the fifth book, “Wind and Truth,” will take place next year, I have a lot of plans and ideas that I hope to realize. So see you soon! And on this festive evening I wish you to spend it with your loved ones, take care of yourself~!! And I wish Kaladin to find peace and be able to hug Syl like this (a reference photo was used for the drawing, Syl is sitting in Kaladin’s lap and they are hugging each other cutely)
  14. Thank you very much! I'm sure that SA5 will have a lot of trials & difficult moments for Kal & Syl, so I hope that there will be something dorky, like dancing and playing the flute. Thank you for your comment, I am very glad that you liked it!!
  15. From the album: Stormlight artworks 2023-2024

    Dancing Kaladin & Syl 90% of SA5 progress!! This is so amazing! Congrats everyone. So little sketch to celebrate. And congrats with Dragonsteel 2023! Syl outfit inspired by the announcement of the leatherbound edition for WOR (Syl plushie) Also, Kaladin playing the flute... yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to more of that in SA5
  16. Hyoukane

    Beeing here

    Thanks a bunch! Thank you a lot. I am so happy to hear it, cuz its so messy! Thanks. I completely agree with you. Even the plot twists, despite the fact that I know what moment will happen, it’s like I’m experiencing these emotions again. The 4th Kaladins Ideal is definitely one of the most touching and incredible scenes for me.
  17. I miss SA discussions 🍃  Does anyone have any interesting theories for Book 5? What are you looking forward to seeing most? 🤔

    1. justice magician

      justice magician

      I think the stick will take out taravangian and take up oduim . . .


      All jokes aside, I also miss SA ever since I finished RoW ^_^ 

      It's a good thing we're getting SA 5 soon!


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