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  1. Eeee was so fun!!! There definitely will be a dragon steel at 2025, I will get better security, but don't worry I will be signing all my books at the TSA 10 release party later today as well.
  2. Is blue text for outside of game stuff? I don't know I want to differentiate this from the me that is playing the game. I apologize kasimir, I know it doesn't really help but an apology is the best I have. I'm going to refrain from posting after this since I see that the way I play, especially loosing games, hurts you.
  3. Hehe thanks for caring, I will really go sleep now, and no I was not staying up to see what my BS claim gets up to don't worry Nighty guys Edit: I am half asleep and I thought I wrote something else beyond answering a good night message, but no. And that's fair there isn't much for me to say. Kas you are my hero, you really managed to gain village trust by exing your sleepy teammates huh. Good on you, I really love plays like these
  4. I'm not tired cause it's just so funny to see you grasping at straws, and it somehow working! You really have a silver tongue, something I sadly lack. Man what a gutsy play You deserve this win
  5. Look at this point I give up I'm getting exed today, my best hope is that you all exe kas tomorrow. Kas if you are the SK PLEASE why are you doing this? You will loose if you die tomorrow, do you hope the Elim will side with you tomorrow? Anyways that's just in case you are SK if you are Elim don't read that. If you are Elim you doomed yourself and I win, good job village!! This just doesn't make sense to me
  6. No it's alright kas is doing amazing one liners right now I'm having a blast Edit: the reason I panicked this morning was because of the four hours of sleep I had, and probably the two fernet with coke I had yesterday I'm pretty well rested now
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