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  1. Another option for articles that need to be updated: “Sometimes a hypocrite is nothing more than a[n article which] is in the process of changing.” - Dalinar, (OB ch. 28)
  2. This may not have been the most focused Shardcast, but it was definitely one of the most fun. Aluminum foil hat: ‘They’ll come from the origin, with light in their pockets.’ What light? Thirdlight. Maybe the sailors Puuli is watching for will have Cultivation’s light? Slightly less aluminum foil hat: Honor may have saw that he would die, or maybe Cultivation saw for him, so he placed as much of his own investiture in the physical realm as possible without causing more problems, where it could be used against Odium. This could possibly explain why Stormlight would be pure Honor, and why Cultivation seems to be less visibly invested on Roshar. Unnecessary amounts of aluminum foil hat (this is a joke): The black sphere is filled with Thirdlight, not voidlight, and Cultivation’s vessel is named Vax. Also, I did not expect my Who’s That Cosmere Character to be guessed on clue #1. That was impressive.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Sorry about the misunderstanding there.
  4. Batman* isn’t allowed to have parents. More seriously, it might not be terribly relevant. I haven’t read the MB era 2 in a while, but I don’t think Wax’s parents were around while he lived in the Village. Note that I may be incorrect here. If this is the case, it’s likely an event Wax has come to terms with over the years, and more a filler than a plot point.
  5. Thanks, @whattheHoid! Happy birthday in ten days! I’m not a stalker, I promise, I just checked your profile.
  6. These are all amazing, Firerust. You compose just as well as you write, which is a huge compliment in my book. I can’t wait to hear more.
  7. @Reckless Reader that’s a shame, I was hoping we could run into each other or something. Regardless, sounds fun.
  8. This year it’s Playing with Fire. Mamma Mia sounds fun. Do you go to any competitions?
  9. Yeah, we do one ten minute show which we rehearse all marching season. We generally compete nationally, so it takes a lot of practice. You?
  10. When you start headcanoning characters in non-Brandon books as Hoid. When you debate the best way to convince your band director to base next year's marching show off of the Kaladin soundtrack. When you find yourself attributing random phenomena to Vax or the black sphere. (or both!)
  11. I think you meant to say voidlight, but now I really want hoidlight to be a thing.
  12. The black sphere writes these words in steel, because anything not set in metal cannot be trusted. The black sphere contains a skaze. The black sphere is a topaz. The black sphere is the First Gem. The black sphere contains the Night of Sorrows. The black sphere is the people that will come from the origin, with light in their pockets. The black sphere is actually an trapped chasmfiend- Gavilar mistook them for Listener gods when he claimed to have imprisoned one. The black sphere is the Sibling. The black sphere is the Evil. The black sphere is Adonalsium’s opposition. The black sphere is the shadesmar bead for the black sphere which is the shadesmar bead for the black sphere which is the shadesmar bead for the black sphere which is the shadesmar bead for the black sphere which is the shadesmar bead for the black sphere... The black sphere is the drug all the Sons of Honor are high on 20/10. The black sphere is not related to Aurum... sorry @AonEne. The black sphere is Waxillium’s steel savantism. The black sphere rained from the sky.
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